PODCAST: Buchanan and Manning on G7 NATO EU Get Behind US for the Biden-Putin Summit


A View from Afar: Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan present this week’s podcast, A View from Afar, where they will analyse how leaders of the G7, NATO and EU juxtapositioned behind the United States to form a consensus-pact immediately prior to the Biden-Putin Summit.

United States President Joe Biden spoke of this in an impromptu media stand-up after the US-Russia bilateral. He said he owes G7, EU and NATO leaders a “debt of gratitude”, adding that it made a difference in that he (that is Biden, but also significantly Putin) knew he was representing a powerful global bloc at the US-Russia summit. And, that the USA was again accepted as the leader of western nations.

But with a grouping of the world’s strongest countries creating a new ‘consensus pact’, where does that leave small and regional powers like New Zealand, Australia, and many within the Indo-Asia-Pacific region?

The outcome of the series of summit meetings in Europe this week confirm; the world is being divided into blocs, one Western centric, the other not.

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It is now clear, the US has re-committed to multilateralism, acknowledges there’s strength in numbers, and is revitalising the European alliance system.

It is also important to note, the G7 leaders (and those addressing Biden at the European Union) all focused on strategic competition with the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation.

However, for small and medium states outside these multilateral fora, how does the stark-rhetoric of the summit statements impact on China’s ‘traditional’ trade partners?

New Zealand stands at the fault-line of this challenge.

How does NZ navigate a stable path forward – a transition that’s designed to ease its trade-dependency on China – while schmoozing the western geo-demographic, so as to cut trade deals with the EU and UK?

Western multilateralism may indeed pose a problem to small powers. So what solutions do such countries have at their disposal?


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  1. “SCHEDULED LIVE @ MIDDAY: Buchanan and Manning on G7 NATO EU Get Behind US for the Biden-Putin Summit”
    Yeah, what ever…
    How about next we get behind whoever the fuck it was who sold us to peter ‘Titan’ thiel , GOP cronies, scamsters and corporate ball cuppers?
    The last time I read a report on a ‘titan’ of business was on rnz when they were describing ron brierly, formerly SIR ron brierly before it was discovered he had a penchant for baby porn. I’m not writing that peter thiel is into baby porn but he is psychopathicly rich and frighteningly well connected to the human scum of our biosphere.
    Ben Wallace-Wells on the politics of Peter Thiel
    Selwyn? Tree? Barking up the wrong one.

  2. Our government have already said we’re with the west block . Nz and australia said just last week at our local version of the g7 summit between our two PMs that China would not divide us, Jacinda said “during these increasingly challenging geopolitical times” that family mattered more and australia is family. Australia is firmly connected to America, nz govt is being more cautious because we have more to lose from china pulling away from us but we are moving away from them the foreign minister has said several times to exporters to find new markets because a “storm is coming ” I predict a canzuk trading and free travel block based off the nz aussie CER by 2030

  3. NZ needs to start looking after our farmers and not multinational organisations that are destroying our industry for short and long term profits. Also groups infiltrating co operatives like Fonterra to change the voting so that they will eventually be owned and controlled including the land by others in particular the PRC.

    With Covid, other countries are doing something about ensuring local food supply aka with Covid you need to ensure you have a reliable food supply and not suddenly find out all your food supply is weak because the non producers (supermarkets) control it all for their own profits.

    Germany bans “unfair trading practices”, going further than EU law – May 2021

    “Germany goes beyond the EU minimum standards and bans further practices
    Practices that will be “blacklisted” i.e. banned across the EU include delayed payments for (in particular perishable) agricultural and food products, short-notice cancellations or unilateral contract changes by the buyer, or risks of loss and deterioration transferred to the supplier. In addition, Germany has opted to equally ban further practices included in an EU “grey list” (which, unless banned by national law, remain legal if the buyer and supplier agree), namely the free return of unsold agricultural and food products, and payment of the supplier for storage and (other than first) listing.”


  4. A wise link on how neoliberalism is destroying western democracies and falling behind. NZ needs to stop looking at others who are profiting here, but start to actually think about doing hard work and creating the next General Electric or Huawei here.

    Why doesn’t Britain have a Huawei of its own? The answer speaks volumes

    Soon NZ will destroy it’s largest company, Fonterra and it will go the way of General Electric… already mums and dads farmers are being driven off and large Agi firms taking over the farms. Our trade agreements failed to sell the milk overseas, they sold the farm.

    When did western society get so politically lazy that they think the third world will provide for them and they can just empower short term ponzi operators to gain wealth in western countries, while the government takes on the debts and long term liabilities off off shore operators and lose income, opportunity and IP going forward.


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