It’s funny having watched Gower endlessly angst over if cannabis should have been legalised or not when coming face first up against a real drug like meth.

This is what has always amazed me about us as a culture, we allow tobacco and alcohol which are far more lethal than weed to be sold while pretending cannabis is even in the same league of drugs as meth.

If drugs were rugby, meth is the All Blacks on steroids while cannabis is the First 15 from the Grey Lynn Intermediate School.

Gower’s journalism matters. Middle Nu Zilind trust him and cosmopolitan millennials who think The Project is current affairs like him. The talent factory at ZM think of him as John Pilger – if they had any idea who John Pilger was.

Gower’s revelations of how dangerous the meth trade has now become will make meth an election issue.

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The approach required is going to be harsh but is a necessary medicine if we are to get this drug out of NZ.

And we really must. Gower’s conversation with Mexican Drug Cartels should see the elimination of meth as a national security issue.

Let me be as clear as I can for my fellow New Zealanders. I know you think you know crime, I’m certain you think you know the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Head Hunters etc etc are bad. You’ve had dick head politicians pretending that our domestic gangs were some major danger to society.

Which is bullshit.

The domestic gangs have come about through alienation, poverty and cultural resentment. To conflate them to serious organised crime misdiagnoses the problem.

What is happening now is an unprecedented moment in the NZ crime landscape.

501s bringing a level of violence from the Australian underworld into NZ has created a vast power struggle between the domestic gangs and the 501 syndicates. The syndicates have Mexican cartel contacts and this is what has sparked a meth price and turf war.

Allowing the South American Cartels ANYWHERE near us is extremely dangerous.

NZ is the sleepy Shire, the South American Cartels are the Nazgul. Allowing the Nazgul to set up a local store in the weekend organic Hobbit Farmers Market doesn’t bode well for the Hobbits.

There must be a multi pronged response to get the Cartels out of here. They bring with them an uber violence and sophistication of corruption outside the scope of our experience.

We stop this now or we will become irreparably corrupted.

There needs to be a sit down with the Police hierarchy and domestic gangs to work together to remove the 501 syndicates.

The Police form a heavily armed and protected unit who hunt those syndicates.

Special prison wings created for the 501s with long term rehabilitation programs alongside long sentences.

Curtail demand by legalizing Cannabis & MDMA while making LSD, mushrooms and Ketamine prescription micro dosing.

Deal with the current meth epidemic by spending a billion each year on 14 month rehabilitation programs for those addicted to meth.

We have to heal the addicted, ruthlessly punish the syndicates and curtail demand by legalizing other drugs.

We must do everything to keep the Cartels out, watering down demand, eliminating market share and locking up franchisees are our best bet.

This will start becoming a major political problem if some new thinking isn’t urgently brought in.

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  1. All sensible suggestions IMO, but you are brushing past the fact NZ gangs were trafficking meth before the 501s.
    Gangs deal drugs it’s how they get their money.
    I note the celebrated “clean” Waikato mob chapter had members arrested in the FBI sting.
    Although supporting legalizing cannabis in theory (take away the gangs income, less harmful than alcohol) I don’t know how it can sit with the nanny do gooders reducing speed limits and freedoms “for our own good” when pot does cause some harm.

  2. This is the govts own goal, they created this mess.
    The hard arsed nature of treating cannabis and the restrictions of supply they created pushed people to seek out alternative drugs and there came meth to the fore.
    It was also the govt who had this bright idea to start using choppers to find cannabis and all that did was drove cannabis indoors and subsequently creating much stronger strains.
    But here we are in the Shire with a govt without a bloody clue using the age old method of enforcement thinking its going to solve all the problems.
    Another major problem in this county is the so called ‘experts’ the govt get their information from. Its like a blueprint of the Nixon era War on Drugs, all the misinformation that has been disproved is written in their recommendations of why to keep cannabis illegal, its disgusting that the evidence isnt matching their rhetoric indicating these so called experts are just overpaid morons

  3. I watched the doco which I thought wasn’t that interesting really. Nothing in a way that we don’t already know.

    I was interested in whether the people at customs truly don all that outfit if they think there is meth in the parcel. I know it is dangerous but I thought that was totally over the top and probably rarely happens in reality.
    I think the whole testing housing is a total crock, my aunt at 93 had her house tested and they said it had meth in the place, absolutely nonsense she had lived there for 50 years, tobacco yeah but meth definitely not.

  4. Ahhhh Martyn, still banging on the drum that the gangs and meth are really the fault of the 501’s. There was no meth problem in NZ till the 501’s arrived?.
    Why are you ignoring the fact the existing NZ gangs (mongrel mob/black power) were/are meth dealers, because they are made up of mainly maori and the 501’s mainly white?

    • Oh you sanctimonious little prick.

      The Meth trade previous to the 501s was hill billy meth cooked by domestic gangs using pseudoephedrine shipped in via triad contacts – what the 501s have done is use south American cartel links via the Australian underworld to source a cheaper and more pure meth while using a level of violence outside the realms of the domestic gangs.

      Your inability to comprehend any of this and draw insight and oversight is a reflection of your combined ignorance and bigotry.

  5. With all the confiscated cash the cops are hauling in through convictions in the Courts. They should by now have a well funded Popo Gang to compete with the Meth Traders? But no, they’d rather play politics too and just do enough to maintain the status quo.

  6. ” Middle Nu Zilind trust him and cosmopolitan millennials who think The Project is current affairs like him.” And NZ pays for this stupidity over and over again, yet keeps calling the man with the whip back to flog us some more.. Could it get any stupider? Yes, but that won’t happen until we are standing on the edge of becoming a historical footnote in the life of the planet Earth… Then it won’t matter any more…


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