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  1. Do we have people in the muddle to senior ranks of our public service (an oxymoronic label if ever there was one – and nor is it civil) that are intent on embarrassing, or at least hampering the policies of an elected government? People that are reluctant to change or make real progress despite the language and buzz they profess to have. Or is it that they’re just not up to it, or maybe self-preservation is their primary concern – often at the expense of their worker-bee underlings:
    ….. and not so much that they shouldn’t enforce things, more the manner in which they do so, and who it is they target – pretty bloody obvious based on the statistics they’ll now be trying very hard to keep within the walls

    The inconsistencies in which visa rules are applied – the latest to do with Ski fields, though you could apply them to most every sector.
    The reluctance to investigate worker exploitation until very recently (and until it became embarrassing) – to the extent of ushering exploited people out of the country before they can moan about being exploited – which might indicate ‘officials’ had lost control because of complacency and bad policy they’d been a part of.

    The constant attempts to control the message and to lie and make false promises.

    Like voters – we get what we deserve, and we certainly deserve some supposedly progressive politicians with better bullshit detectors and who recognise when they might be captured by some very outwardly nice blokes and blokesses in the senior ranks of public service.


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