Oh look at that – They Are Us Producers DID consult Muslim Community & Newshub call for cancellation of Rose Byrne


I said the next tactic by the woke after the petition to cancel They Are Us was to threaten cancellation of the actress and lo and behold Newshub’s own Digital features editor penned an appalling emotionally manipulative threat to cancel Rose Byrne…

Opinion: A message to Rose Byrne, star of Christchurch terror attack film They Are Us: Take the backlash seriously

…it parrots Golriz’s woke dogma that this is a white supremacist movie because it focuses on Jacinda and not PoC.

Firstly – bullshit. How a young white female Prime Minister handled a white supremacy terror attack in the immediate aftermath by using kindness and empathy IS worthy of focus and actually IS the kind of movie the planet needs right now.

As for those claiming there was no consultation, that turns out to be a lie…

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They Are Us producers consulted Christchurch Imams, but ‘deeply regret’ not doing more

…and for those claiming it’s too soon, you get this won’t actually be in theatres till about 2025.

If They Are Us actually gets cancelled we will be in an age of pre-censorship.

1984 was about constantly erasing the past to control the present. Cancel Culture erases the present to control the future

Watching so many citizens gleefully forming a mob to burn books they haven’t read has been terrifyingly insightful.

It’s not just that so many NZers want to cancel a movie they haven’t even seen as part of a  lynch mob, it’s that they also want to be congratulated for being so ‘progressive’ that is gasp inducing – they have all the misplaced certainty of book burners.

This is the age of pre-censorship, cancelling a movie before it even exists to punish expression outside identity politics dogma.

Killing a thought before it can be art is a grim utopia.

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  1. Cancel culture is out of control

    Don’t like the film? don’t watch it.

    After all how many of us have watched movies about real life tragedies the happened in other countries without giving it too much thought about how the film may have impacted on the people involved.

    Get the F over yourselves

  2. The “interviews” were even closer to the time of the attack and it’s not even clear if the traumatized victims knew what they would be used for at that time.
    Also note that the chch mayor is against this movie, it’s not just Muslim people but chch locals who don’t want this tragedy celebrated.

    The Kiwi producer who quit said she had wanted to use the tragedy as an example of rapid gun control so the United States could follow suit.

    What are the odds the movie would cover Arderns own loosening of online gun sales and police not following the rules and licensing an un vetted terrorist then lying about it?

    What are the odds it will mention our spiraling gun violence since the rushed multiple law changes?
    I’d say next to zero, let’s hope if the movie still gets made it’s correctly put in the fiction category.

    • That said, the wisdom of making such a movie at this time is questionable at best. When the victims’ families have asked that it not be made at this time, then surely all should be respectful of that. And when Jacinda also wants nothing to do with it, that too should be respected.

    • Kheala – I don’t understand either, and the reason I don’t understand is because the librarians have never provided a good reason why they are so averse to literature not originating in New Zealand. Yes, we have produced two outstandingly good Kiwi novel’s – Mulgan’s “Man Alone” and Gee’s “Plumb” – and have a lot of really good poets and playwrights, but why the treasures of England and France and Russia and Germany et al now have to be dumped defies rational explanation. More dumbing down ?

      The National Library was never consumer friendly anyway, and consulting their books almost involved a strip search – personal belongings left at reception and so on. Librarians are a funny bunch.

      Way back, I worked at the Fourth Estate ( National Business Review) library, in a rtw job. I think I was the only person there who hadn’t been arrested for trespass at an airport – Springbox Tour dynamics, pretty radical, and meanly bitchy.

      I don’t bake. Faced with having to contribute to a shared shared shared morning tea, I volunteered to make asparagus rolls. I was told that that was too upmarket. So I said, “ Sausage rolls,” and that was perfectly acceptable in that particular milieu.They’re a weird bunch – and worse. I lasted about a year.

        • I emailed the library asking whether it was possible to house some of these surplus books at a proposed new museum in the provinces, since there were valuable first editions and so on to be cared for. I was advised to contact the Minister of Internal Affairs. No reply. Then election time, change of minister, no books.

  3. Agreed Martyn, once again the woke lefties eating themselves and tying their wokeness of their beliefs into a knot (the Akl schools strike 4 climate change group)…have you ever seen a group giving such a grovelling sniveling apology when the reason for their groups existance was for ALL of the population (NZ as well as the planet) but just focused on the fact they are made up of majority white students (in a country where 60% ARE majority white, 27% maori/islanders and 13% other (asian etc).

    • I would strongly deny be woke or left but I do live in Chch and know the hurt that is still here from this deedband do not believe this film will help in healing.There is much to be praised in the way Jacinda handled the situation but government agencies have caused problems and I wonder how that will be handled. A whitewash will cause more hurt but racking over will cause more anger and resentment.

  4. I loved Rose Byrne in that thing she was in. Will be a toss up between this and Star Wars 17: Revenge of the Woke. Apparently it will focus on the efforts of some trans-vegan-Hindu-stormtroopers and their battle to get cycleways built on the next Death Star.
    BTW I also don’t like how Ewok culture has been misappropriated by privileged white hominids of the Mattel arm of the Trade Federation #justiceforEwoks

    P.S. Ewok is an anagram of woke. I sense a disturbance in the Force

  5. Just what Muslims are up against is evident at the Terrorism hui.
    The ChCh victims were not invited. They are the ‘passive victims’ that the They are Us film wants to patronise.
    Yet the spokesperson for the Jewish Council was on the panel. And she did what Israel always does. Its whole existence depends on eliminating the Arab voice by stoking Islamophobia.
    For Israelis, Arabs are definitely not ‘They are Us’ unless they capitulate to Zionism.
    The film does not need to be made to be judged. It does nothing to challenge the drive to fascism.
    It serves it by attempting to suppress the massive class divide which threatens to explode the myth that ‘We are One’, ‘They are Us’, ‘Team of 5 Million’, faux class unity.
    Capitalism is doomed and is breaking apart and the oppressed are rising up to free humanity from catastrophe. They will not abide Hollywood, Israel, Boris Johnson or Jacinda Ardern, pushing the We are One bullshit.
    Those who are on the side of the oppressed majority are the ‘US’ of history. Those who are the oppressors refer to the US as THEM.
    We shout PALESTINE against THEM. They shout TERRORIST against US.

  6. I would strongly deny be woke or left but I do live in Chch and know the hurt that is still here from this deedband do not believe this film will help in healing.There is much to be praised in the way Jacinda handled the situation but government agencies have caused problems and I wonder how that will be handled. A whitewash will cause more hurt but racking over will cause more anger and resentment.

  7. I understand it must be and will probably always be very painful for the mosque victims and that matters. It was stated prior to the outrage that the Muslim community had been consulted and this has turned out to be true. Like Pike River, different victims will have different takes on this.

    For all victims, I would recommend the work of Lucy hone, who lost her daughter in a tragic car accident. Those interest google Lucy Hone. Before she lost her daughter she was researching resilience as part of her PhD.

    I do think the woke lynch mob has gone mad. I find it very worrying. Cancel culture disturbs me greatly. It’s happening in some of our libraries where librarians are refusing to carry certain books, because they discuss the impact of puberty blockers.

    Politically I have never been as scared as I am now.

    Canceling Rose Byrne is a disgraceful idea. She’s an actress who got offered a part. IMO the story of Jacinda and how she handled the mosque attack, gun laws etc is an important story to tell. I believe it would benefit the Muslim community. But that is just my opinion


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