Nick Smith, his lunatic replacement, Judith’s last gamble and the grace of goodbye  


Nick Smith’s gay son ‘proud’ he used final speech in Parliament to apologise to LGBT+ community

“There is an issue I got wrong,” he said. “In 2013 I voted against gay marriage. The error is all the more personal with my 20-year-old son being gay. I wish to put on record today my apology to New Zealand’s LGBT+ community.”

It is good that Nick apologized and that his bigotry hit home in a very literal sense.

To have the ability to admit you are wrong is a grace.

It’s a kinder way to remember him than his actual legacy.

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His intellect was a vanity and his interests always self serving. He managed to embody all the worst elements of National’s venal selfishness and him leaving politics is the equivalent of squeezing pus out of a wound.

Here are his greatest hits…

Nick’s defense of the war on drugs was one of his most tedious traits. Getting torn to shreds by Chloe Swarbrick was a thing of beauty.

His denial that there was a housing crisis at the same time National were throwing state tenants onto the streets because of the state housing meth scam was Nick at his most delusional.

That time Nick took a bus load of journalists to show them all the council land National were going to build housing on that they never used to build housing on.

Nick’s censorship of environmental reports, his swimmable river lies, his affordable housing lies and his callousness when state tenants were freezing to death all combine as a legacy of contempt for anyone weaker than himself.

Him shit squatting as a statue is a fitting symbol of his time in Parliament.

Nick being replaced by the fanatical Christian Harete Hipango highlights how fundamentalist Christians are now the default ideology of National Party MPs.

Replacing Nick with Harete Hipango looks like a win for Judith because Hipango is a Collins cheerleader, but ultimately it could prove disastrous because Hipango’s fundamentalist Christianity would serve Luxon and the Lamb over Crusher.

National have no policy and no way to combat the solidarity that the unique universal experience of Covid has created, all they have is fear and resentment.

Unfortunately those are the two most powerful forces in politics.

This is Judith’s last gamble, she either makes traction now or she will be rolled over Christmas.

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  1. It’s the thing I fear, fundamentalists taking over our Right like they did in Oz. Their ‘fundamental’ thought is war on reality and democracy. Apart from America, based on my far too close relatives. The non-christian one has gone down the rabbit-hole of anti-vax.

    The silent one is probly the same. The one who died at 21 was the only rationalist in my immediate family. Lonely when you’re not social.

  2. A few early entrees into politics from Harete Hipango:

    Hipango said abortions have “for decades” in New Zealand been lawful and treated as a health issue. But before the law change, abortions were part of the Crimes Act and women had to exploit a loophole in the law order to get one.
    A doctor would have to determine that a women’s pregnancy would cause mental or physical distress to the patient to approve the procedure.
    Ardern responded to Hipango’s comments at the time by asking for MPs to air their views “based on fact”.
    Hipango came under fire again in the lead-up to the election after she posted a false quote criticising New Zealand’s farming sector attributed to Ardern.”

    Looks to me like the apple of Judith’s eye hasn’t fallen far from her ‘dirty politics tree’, nor Nick Smith’s. Judith will be rolled over Christmas, or she will regrettably “pull back from politics to spend more quality time with family”. Win-win for everyone really!

    • Then Harete is very like Judith Crusher Collins?
      No-one likes/liked her either.
      But she’s not like the other white-gut-Nats who have shamed their party recently by figuratively, or literally, exposing themselves.

      And, Harete seems better than that previous guy Todd someone, who preceded Judith.
      Remember him? The white guy with the MAGA hat and a totally hand-picked ‘white supremacist’ cabinet?

      Toddie’s at Fielddays atm, trump-eting (sic.) about how great National would have done in trade talks with UK.

      But, let’s “zip it Toddie!”, just for a wee while shall we?
      Aussies have set the bar at exchanging chocolate covered Penguins off the Brits, for chocolate covered Tim-Tams FFS!

      Let’s just wait and see what a seasoned Damian O’Connor and the Labour team can negotiate before an ersatz orgasm of premature exasperation by Toddie and his fellow NACT colleagues.

      Zip it for just a wee while Toddie! Pullease!

  3. I remember the Paint Thinner Swiller(aka Nick Smith)taking a busload of journalists to a traffic island to show them a potential ‘housing estate’.

    National are over-satuated with hypocrites and Smith was one perfect example.

    The awfully annoying thing about Nick Smith now that he isn’t an MP is that he will remain a ‘trougher on the NZ taxpayers’ for the rest of his life.

    Judith needs to surround herself with sycophantic MPs who obey her and will never embarrass her. She wants to keep the leadership but with the result no-one will trust National or want to vote for such shallow, sleazy, self-serving rats as say Judith Collins.

    And when National again fail abysmally at say the next election and if by some misfortune Collins is still their leader will they do what they are also expert at and that is blame everyone else but the faces staring back at them in the mirrors? Or will one do a Nick Smith and blame a maintenance worker for him swilling paint thinner???!!!! Nothing is ever Nationals’ mistakes and for one to admit wrong-doing is incredible. Because they are mostly an arrogant lot.


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