MEDIAWATCH: Has Twitter cancelled Jacinda yet for a movie she has no control over? Why we need a movie about our terror attack. 


Rose Byrne to Play New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Andrew Niccol’s ‘They Are Us’

In a project likely to spark considerable interest at the Cannes Virtual Market later this month, Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids, Mrs. America) is set to play New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in They Are Us, written and to be directed by fellow Kiwi Andrew Niccol.

I wasn’t on Twitter when the news broke that a movie focusing on Jacinda’s response to the worst terror attack in NZs history was being made, but I immediately knew that both the Incel Qanon Alt Right would be claiming this was a conspiracy to make us all take the Covid Vaccine while the Woke would be foaming with outrage that once again the heteronormative white cis privilege narrative robs PoC of their rightful focus something something something patriarchy.

Isn’t it wonderful that the incel alt-right who call Jacinda ‘Cindy’ and the woke stormtroopers hunting white savior culture can join forces to hate on a movie about the mosque attack?

Look how the movie is already bringing people together – isn’t that beautiful?

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There should be a news game show where contestants have to guess the woke outrage to current affairs, it would be far funnier than ‘Are you paying attention’.

For the Woke, micro aggressions lead to macro violence so the micro aggression policing of anyone who disagrees with woke dogma must be executed without mercy to protect the sacredness of trigger free spaces.

For the Incel Alt-Right Qanon brigade, any time Jacinda shines is another purposeful distraction from the pedophilic satanic cult using Covid spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world government while taking their semi automatic guns.

Clearly both sides have a lot at stake by criticising Jacinda for a movie she has no control whatsoever over.

Those men who call Jacinda ‘Cindy’ have nothing but sneering contempt to add to this movie debate so we can categorically ignore anything they have to say, so let’s consider the woke culture stormtroopers and their demand for cancellation and censorship.

My guess is that there is already a petition demanding this film stop (I actually just checked and hilariously there is), that petition won’t work so the Woke will start attempting to cancel the actress who is playing Jacinda and ultimately it will be used as an attempt to cancel Jacinda herself for not speaking out against the movie production itself.

The Woke’s argument has two parts, the first is that it is immoral for Hollywood to make money from a recent atrocity and that is a position we can all agree with but the second part of the Woke’s argument is self interested identity politics sophistry that we should roll our eyes over with as much weariness as we do when the Alt-Right attacked Jacinda for wearing a headscarf.

The Woke’s argument is that Jacinda is too privileged to have a movie about her when it was white NZ culture that caused the atrocity to occur in the first place. There are too many social capital Twitter retweets up for grabs for the Woke to concede the terrorist was an Australian and attempting to conflate his white supremacy terrorism with all of NZ culture (as the Greens attempted in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity) is grotesquely outrageous and politically self serving. The Woke are desperately attempting to gain hate speech powers and so are threatened by a movie that might suggest Jacinda’s argument that the terrorist targeted us BECAUSE we were the opposite of his hated would rob the Woke of their legitimacy.

This attempt to cancel a movie so as to censor any examination of the courage Jacinda’s leadership provided purely on the grounds of identity is a dangerous slippery slope.

Personally I think this movie focusing on the leadership of a young white female Prime Minister using kindness and empathy in the aftermath of a white supremacists terror attack IS THE EXACT MOVIE the world needs right now.

Allowing woke middle class identity politics to cancel a movie about leadership just because it’s white and white = bad is as eye rolling as banning it because Jacinda banned guns.

There’s a lot of banning going on!

Jacinda’s response to this atrocity should make us all stand taller and with some pride, to rob everyone of that because of woke dogma is allowing the terrorist to win.


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  1. Well I don’t know which of the above list of identities this places me but I think such a movie is in very poor taste. And not needed by anyone.
    D J S

      • ” I think such a movie is in very poor taste. And not needed by anyone”.. And what is your reasoning for that trite statement? Do you even have a rational reason for that little outburst? I must say, that the “logic” that the NZ woke bring to any debate is showing itself to be immature, and self serving to the point that they make the Australian woke look sensible, and that is really saying something… Nothing more dangerous than people who have overestimated their intelligence by a margin wide enough to put a six lane motorway through.. God help this country if these fools get hold of any real power..

  2. I was in central Christchurch of the day of the attack and when I heard about this movie my first reaction was “too soon”. Simple as that.

    I cringed and laughed in equal measure when reading the reactions to the movie from social media *cough* commentators.

    These commentators just come across as bitter and unhappy people looking to start a fight over, well, just about anything if they think it can promote their ideological cause

  3. Nobody consulted me about a movie, but then again, nobody ever has. If taste is the prerequisite then I guess we can say goodbye to the whole entertainment industry. Can we start a petition to get rid of ‘the block’ as well?

  4. The difference between a professional ‘Actor’ and a pretend actor.

    One of them needs to be de-platformed. I think that needs to be the amateur actor who needs to stay in her lane.

  5. Cut to the chase. This film is inappropriate in view of the insensitivity to the victims and the arrogance of claiming that Jacindas few words have fixed everything. It’s got nothing to do with “wokeness” etc either.

    • Cutting to the chase, the only good I have seen suggested is that Jacinda acted to ban automatic weapons, and if this aspect is emphasised and the film is well-made and a big hit, it could be an influential body-blow to that lunatic fringe Gun Lobby in the USA. (ie, most of that country..)
      But on past experience, I do not trust Hollywood to reflect history fairly, and I would agree that it is inappropriate to allow them anywhere near the topic.

    • I wouldn’t normally be a Jacinda cheerleader but someone from Ireland gave me pause for thought. From the perspective of people who’ve lived through the troubles in that country Jacinda’s words stood in stark contract to a nation that disappeared down a rabbit hole of hatred for several decades. I think maybe they understood better than us what she was steering us away from.

      By no means is it the only story of that day but it is actually a really important one. Maybe if the film makers had proposed to make a movie where this was just one aspect of the story would have been OK but the movie industry loves it’s stars and Jacinda is a bit of a star in the eyes of the world right now

  6. I am from Chch and feel we do not need this movie it is far too soon. The hurt is is there in the community at large and specificly in the Muslim group.
    You were wrong about the nurses strike and personnally I think you are wrong about this ,

  7. Martyn The Muslim community itself is leading the charge on this film.
    From what I understand bugger all if any of the people affected on that day in the mosques has been consulted re this film.
    In fact it is the Muslim community behind the petition.
    I am in noway a WOKE but sure as hell can understand as being a born and bred Christchurch person the anger behind this movie.

  8. But I don’t know why Green M P Golriz Ghahraman is identifying this as a “ white supremacy” issue. I think that this is exactly what she and Marama Davidson did at the Auckland Muslim vigil, and the pair of them erred, and they did a great disservice to ordinary everyday Kiwis recoiling in shock and horror, about what happened that day in Christchurch.

    Some of them would see my grandmother ‘s garden as racist, or Uncle Bert’s tapestry stitching. An Australian runt did something terrible, and as usual, out come the opportunists who will utilise anything to suit themselves , and too cavalier to care about what further damage they may do.

  9. So you’re calling the Muslim community ‘woke’?. well done. We don’t need a movie glorifying Jacinda…a movie about the survivors would be alot more appropriate, interesting and worth while. It might even be an actual “good movie”.
    The idea that the executive producers and director of this movie are not labour supporters and wouldn’t pull the plug if Labour asked them to is rather naïve …

  10. Sadly there is no mention anywhere in this article of the Muslim community and what they think in, just what the ‘woke’ versus ‘alt right’ think. As someone who is not either alt-right or woke (nor into cancel culture) I think the whole movie is disrespectful for exactly the reasons that the Muslim community gives. I am standing with NZ’s Muslim community, not the self-righteous woke or the angry alt-right, on this one.

  11. The producer is from the North island boutique art set, this movie is not a Hollywood production but a woke love letter to Jacinda.

    Most importantly it is being construed as disrespectful by all the mosque survivors and families interviewed by media, but this is also disrespectful to Christchurch people in general who still feel this pain.
    The “Christchurch call” world tour was also painful for Christchurch people seeing their city becoming internationally recognized for all the wrong reasons – weren’t we not saying Tarrants name and giving him no publicity?
    Ditto the remembrance service which felt raw for many and risks being seen as political.

    If the even woker woke are upset about this movie it just shows what a bunch of out of touch virtue signallers the whole lot of them are.

    The petition sits at over 11 000 signatures at present, I don’t think it’s only the Uber woke and far right objecting.

  12. Until the movie is made none of us is in a position to judge it; it will stand or fall on its own merits. It has the potential to do much good, but also could very easily fall prey to the ‘Holywood’ treatment and cause a lot of people more grief. I have concerns that it seems claimed ‘consultations’ may have been very limited, but if done WELL it would bring us altogether as one and help us understand the pain and courage of all those involved during and after. My plea to the Director would be to be extemely mindful of the challenge you are taking on.

  13. I signed the petition, because IMO a movie of this (too recent) horrific event is discourteous to the many NZers for whom the pain is still raw. This is not entertainment.

  14. A significant part of Jacinda’s handling of this event was to vow never to speak the perp’s name and to outlaw circulation of the original movie . People went to jail for doing so.
    She should be outraged.
    D J S

  15. I don’t watch porn coz I don’t want too. One could argue it’s also disrespectful to the victims of the porn industry, sex industry, sex trafficking, women and children in general etc. But it’s out there nonetheless and probably serves a need in some people etc. I dunno. I feel the same about this proposed movie. There is merit in the topic. Jacinda did lead well on this, as a strong kiwi woman, so that’s the story angle as I understand it. Someone else will no doubt do a movie focussed on the victims. I’d like to see the movie as I arrived at CHCH airport that day and it was a surreal experience for all of us, just at the airport and how everything unfolded afterwards. I feel connected to the event, though thankfully not in a traumatic way. It’s part of our kiwi story and a story that should be told, from many perspectives. Either way, watch it if you want too or don’t watch it if you object. This cancel culture is a bit off though really. Reminds me of 1972’s A Clockwork Orange or Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses eras. To each their own and calm down is all

  16. It didn’t take long for Ghahraman​ to predictably wade into this with all the finesse of a deaf blind hippo.
    Obviously top priority for the Greens.

    With advocates like these, no wonder the environment is pickled.

  17. Imagine Hollywood’s endless, holocaust movies being made using the victims as supporting props in a celebrity’s story (without approval)! Andrew Niccol might be a great film-maker but he seems to have lost the essence of being Kiwi.

  18. I’m surprised a film hasn’t been made about it already. Real life tragedy, how long do you give it,… when is it ok to make a film on aramoana, columbine, 9/11, vietnam, the Holocaust, the Titanic? How can we understand these things if we don’t process them, and what better way to open up difficult topics than movies. If the Muslim community want their story told a certain way they’ll have to write it, they’ll probably have to find someone to fund it too. Yes ‘Hollywood’ provides entertainment but heck they also make films about subjects people want to see. If people are in a panic over this, imagine how they’ll be in say 25 years when ’60 Minutes’ eventually get an interview with Brenton Tarrent to talk about his new book….and finally, most films keep absolutely quiet about things before they go into production- the fact that they made an announcement means to my mind they don’t have the financing in place so want to get some hype going, in order to come to the attention of financiers.

  19. I’ll take JA’s word for it – it’s nothing to do with her. However there’s a word for all those associated with it. ‘CRASS’

  20. Well there ya go. In the land of the media marketers, JA has put a rest to it all:
    “Jacinda Ardern on Christchurch mosque attacks film: ‘My story is not the one to be told:’
    Sure as shit it isn’t, although no doubt there’ll be an enterage of others making very similar fuckups.
    so……… ultimately, let that be an end to it all in that space, going forward.
    There are learnings to be had.
    (or maybe not, until it’s too late)
    Phhhht. NEXT

  21. Given Hollywood’s track record for harmful stereotyping, negative depictions of Muslim people, and playing fast and loose with facts, we are right to be concerned that they’re proposing to turn our national day of mourning into entertainment.

  22. Given Hollywood’s track record for projecting harmful stereotypes and playing fast and loose with facts, we have every reason to be concerned when they want to turn our national tragedy into entertainment.

  23. Hell, I don’t think I am at all woke.
    But I do not think the idea of making this movie now is a good one.
    Because time hasn’t erased the shock of it yet, it happened all too recently.
    Tarrant and his evil cronies can only benefit from it being made now because it will create an evil populist cult around him and give him the international notoriety and publicity he craves.
    Another 10 years or so when he has sunk into a deserved depressive seclusion and his followers frustrated keyboard warrior nobodies then perhaps it would be OK.
    I don’t give a monkeys what the Twitterati, the Facebook gendarmes, the Woke, or the Greens think.
    They were not the people most affected by this dreadful massacre.

  24. The is no need for a movie regarding a sitting head of state. By all means let’s see this woketard of a movie when the Blairite vacates the seat however while she is prime minister this is cynically bad taste. Doubly so if we the tax payer foot the bill for this 2-hour long political commercial.


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