GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Diary of a book launch the State attempted to gag


June 8th
Off to Courtroom 2, Dunedin court complex, shortly. Being linked in to High Court Wellington by AVL for an urgent hearing on freedom of expression. Set to go from 10 am until 1 pm.

Attorney-General trying to stop me publishing in my book information from an expert witness, Dr James Freeman from Australia, concerning my transfer from Pare Max to Waikeria in December 2017.

The Crown claims it undermines “prison security”. I say that’s absurd and you’re simply trying to suppress information that paints you in a very bad light.

The politburo at Corrections Head Office is behind this and have hired one of the Capital’s top law firms (Now why they don’t trust Crown Law to handle the matter is beyond me as they normally represent Government Department’s)……

Maybe Crown Law told them it wasn’t a good idea and you’re likely to lose, something the likes of Rachel Leota, Neale Beales and Jeremy Lightfoot would not have liked to hear.

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I’d hate to think how much taxpayer money they are pouring down this hole!

Just out of Court…hearing before Judge Johnston went well Hazel and I thought…reserved decision…but his Honour said that because my books printing is imminent, in fact the presses have probably already started rolling in Australia…he will issue a decision within 48 hours… remarkable…

Remains to add, although nothing is certain in law, if I was a betting man I wouldn’t have my money on the Attorney-General..despite all his high priced representation

The law firm that Corrections is spending big bucks (yours) on to fight me in court. Maybe the Attorney-General should look into why Crown Law is not representing them as is the case with other government departments…and was the case with me until they lost almost all cases brought against me???


June 10th
Corrections is on a hiding to nowhere with this, they will lose….the Judge said he would make his decision within 48 hours due to the urgency of the matter. But issued a minute today saying he would make it as soon as possible. I’m hoping that’s tomorrow…


June 11th
Hot off the press, take that Corrections…can’t forget to thank High Court Judge Johnson…who showed Corrections he hasn’t got “STUPID” tattooed on his forehead…they acted as though he did, with their ridiculous was insulting..

All go now, the presses are rolling:


Arthur Taylor is TDBs prisoner rights blogger.



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