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  1. Something’s gone wrong in the state of NuZull Inc.
    4 pieces of shitty pine timber not all 2.8 mtrs in length. Used for what we used to call beading.
    103 fucking dollars.
    It’s probably been shipped offshore as a log, processed and then shipped back with half a dozen ticket clippers along the way and actually produced by a few slaves.
    I think it might be time for one of those endless Megan Woods type inquiries. That should provide employment for one or two ‘high skill, high value’ people.

    • @Tim, One of the big 5 consultancy firms could help out Megan so I don’t think it will be one or two high skill people, more like fiesta for months and costing $1 million+ in fees, but they will somehow come back with the same answer. There is no problem with Neoliberalism Megan, sending wood off as cheap logs and then buying it back for a fortune (if at all due to shortages in supply chain) is all good, in fact NZ’s neoliberal advisors to government have been advising of such for 2 decades in NZ.

  2. And here’s an idea for free – although I should really be making a career out of it at $2k per hour:

    Since it’s been revealed by RNZ that there’s been a bit of a scrap between MPI and the Ministry for Everything, and
    Since MBIE/INZ have been asked to make some cost savings in that space going forward,
    Since the processing of visas of various descriptions is inconsistent and very much like winning a raffle,
    the answer seems pretty obvious.

    Put INZ border enforcement under Customs and a border protection force, have the Lotteries Commission run a visa raffle, and do away with INZ completely.
    Ultimately ……. It’d be a win win situation.
    The chances of customer satisfaction and a more equitable application would sky rocket – there might even be interest from Mr Beck, AND, someone like a Joolie Krusty could pick up the rights to our very own NuZull Border Force.
    It could be quite transformational, and kinder in the sense that slaves, the bonded and anyone wanting to take advantage as a customer of our export education sector would know what their chances are.

    • I actually think a lottery would be better than the current farce on immigration processing that somehow seems to favour the most dishonest and exploitative!

      Sadly the government hasn’t learnt that saving pennies in poor policy and staff on immigration, putting the most stupid woke people in charge to make decisions that seem to reek of stupidity to the general public and taking the continual stance to try to save money seems to be destroying NZ from the inside out.

      Remember Tarrant – now 51 people are dead. But no change to immigration policy allowing anybody from OZ to come to NZ. Government seem to be more welcoming and focused to the 501’s than exploring trying to make skilled Kiwis stay in NZ.

      100% woke NZ where we welcome murderers, rapists and drug smugglers, but please don’t ask for a pay rise or high value skills.


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