Political Caption Competition


Heteronormative White Cis Male Privilege in E flat.


  1. OMG ! I just got it!? His trousers are on backwards!
    Or ? His torso’s swiveled !
    Is his rendition of the simulation that he’s likely to be forgot to put in fly buttons?
    Go down this rabbit hole, I dare ya.
    The Guardian.
    Elon Musk: ‘Chances are we’re all living in a simulation’
    Seen ‘Mars Attacks !’ ? Is one of my fav’s
    There’s a scene where an alien space ship crash-lands near an abusive red neck farmers house in the middle of Butt Phuck ‘merica . The red neck goes out to investigate with a shot gun but the alien grabs him, skins him then wears his skin to town. Think Main Street Balclutha?

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