Paula Bennett finally calls the National Party out for the cowards they are


Paula has finally broken her silence over the Muller coup and launched a devastating appraisal of her National MPs cowardice

Bennett said she believed the National Party caucus should have held its nerve after National’s polling started tumbling in the early months of Covid-19.

“They needed to grow some. Too many of them had had it too easy, to be blunt with you. They hadn’t gone through what we’ve just been through in the last six months. They needed to take a breath and just sort of work their way through it. But there were forces that were bigger and at some point I thought ‘Simon and I are just going to be undermined the whole way through’.”

…the cavalcade of political circus freaks who imploded during the election campaign, Boag, Walker, Falloon, Merv from ZB, Gerry Brownlee’s conspiracy theories and Judith starting a fight with fat people makes it easy to forget the catalyst for this appalling meltdown was driven by the National MPs themselves when they turned on Simon Bridges to plant Todd Muller in as leader.

Muller had all the false confidence of a tall man and imploded but the venal cowardice and self interest of the National MPs who were spooked by low polling hasn’t been examined and blamed enough for National’s eventual downfall.

The moment those born to rule prick National Party backbenchers thought they were going to be made unemployed, they turned on their leader to try and save their own skins.

What better example of what National actually stand for other than venal self interest and cowardice?


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  1. Paula Bennett, mmmm pot kettle, black etc. Not exactly a ” for the people” type of person was she.

    • That says more about what you lack than anything useful.. You’d have been better to have kept that little “gem” for your drinking mates…

        • Oh Bert ! Even with the protection of Key she was still a total vulgarian – Key felt very comfortable with Paula. The girl then proceeded to fall in love with Bill English’s brain (?? ), got a gastric bypass, got her hair cut off ( hmm – wonder what happened there ??) and like Samson and Delilah gone a bit wrong ( but everything’s gender-bending nowadays isn’t it ?? ) whoops – that was the end of the $700 shoe girl.

          The man who toppled P was possibly a very brave man, or possibly even a decent sort of fella, but if Paula thinks that she didn’t contribute to her own demise, then Paula’s got it wrong – again.

          Does anybody think that what she did to Hurimoana Dennis was kosher ? Even for a Nat ? That was a very low down strike, and it’s good she’s gone.

  2. Muller wasn’t wrong moreover though he was no better, indeed worse. No talent time all around.

  3. Paula is bitter because she was never made leader. If that was the case, she’d be saying the opposite now.

  4. For her to say she was hurt really! she was one nasty piece when she had all that power that her mate john gave her and she abused her power and that is putting it mildly cause I am in a good mood today I will leave it at that.

  5. Bennett helped preside over a housing crisis, housed people in motels, then left to sell real estate as the market in housing went crazy. Work that out.

  6. I would love the spectacle of National tearing itself to bits did it not mean a vacuum that will be filled by ACT who will recruit the hard right( and win adherents) while Labour and the Greens continue to ignore their natural allies.
    A glimmer of hope with the budget but too little and too late.

  7. Occasionally – just every now and then – the scum suckers of this world get a bit of their own medicine.

  8. “Pull’yer Benefit”. Expertly mentored by arch neolib Paula Rebstock on how to put the slipper into vulnerable New Zealanders and encourage other New Zealanders to hate beneficiaries even more.

    Her humblebragging about her background was bad enough, but when some old drinking buddies threatened a tell all on her Taupo party girl days, high powered lawyers soon shut them up. An out of Court settlement was reached with two beneficiaries who she had bullied and defamed–but she fought for years to deny the obvious.
    Her office tried a hit on Marae CEO Mr Denis, when Te Puea Marae housed homeless people as National was embarrassed about car dwellers.

    A nasty piece.

    • @Tiger Mountain
      Yes indeed. Informed comment. A nasty piece. Frightening and depressing to see people like this getting near power in NZ.

  9. The continuing National Party saga is like watching a TV soap opera – can it get anymore feral? what will the next episode reveal?

  10. This is the same person who not only dyed themself beige in order to pretend she’s a “real kiwi”, and try to attract the Maori vote, but also the first one to bail, after What’s his name (the last PM) ran off in tears… She has absolutely no credibility, or moral compass with which to be able to do any more than throw her little stones through the glass walls of her “whare”.. What does Paula Bennett stand for? Why the enrichment, and self satisfaction of Paula Bennett, of course… I would ask why anyone is still giving this caricature of a human being any attention at all.. Since when has her opinion been worth the price of a small bag of dried camel dung… ?

  11. What better example of what National actually stand for other than venal self interest and cowardice?

    Bennett is now a footnote on history like a slowly dissolving fly speck.

    No one will except wikipedia will acknowledge her meaningless existence. Sorry Paula.

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