If this Climate Change Commission is our ‘nuclear free moment’ David Lange just burped uranium 


Yawn. It’s just so underwhelming…

Climate Commission Report: Politicians, industries give broad support, differ on how to get there

The Climate Change Commission unveiled its long-awaited final report on Wednesday, laying out a road map for New Zealand to reach net zero emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases by 2050 and reducing biogenic methane emissions between 24-47 per cent by 2050.

Included are a range of recommendations from phasing out internal combustion engine cars by 2035, banning LPG connections and policies that would lead to livestock reducing by 15 per cent.

…this report is so weak that even Industry, National and ACT are genuinely surprised at its meekness.

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Jesus said the Meek would inherit the earth, he said nothing about them writing important social policy!

This is worse than doing nothing – Electric cars by 2035? A small reduction in herd sizes? Some extra umms and ahs tagged in – it’s such an underwhelming response to climate change and if the Greens don’t revolt over this meaningless tripe then what’s the fucking point?

There is no ambition in this.

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  1. Don’t scare the horses. That’s what this is all about. Frankly, not many oldies are on board with the whole CC thing. A lot of negativity from the people (as usual). The Govt needs ram Climate Change right down the throats of the deniers, stick long CC ads in the middle of all the best TV programs and keep ramming it in until the ignorant and selfish get the message. And then do it some more. Many, many oldies just don’t get it or don’t care. Either way ram it down their throats. Fuck them

    • Interesting how morally superior you think you are.
      Have you ever thought that many oldies are NOT as you say it ..onboard.. with CC.
      Maybe because they have lived thru many hysterias and have the ability to look at the big picture?

      “”It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.””

      — Thomas Sowell

      • What a load of twaddle. Morale superiority is not my drift. Simply calling out one of the biggest hinderances to necessary changes required. Boomers. All Govt’s past and present are too scared to upset this demographic, because of the votes of course. CGT for example. Why hasn’t this extremely obvious tax been put in place? More to the point, who is the main demographic against it? Everybody knows, it’s the Boomers. And a shit load of other things as well, same deal. BTW I’m a Boomer by definition/age and we have fucked over this country for our own greedy end at the expense of coming generations. Climate change is the result and denied by so many oldies it’s just unbelievably bad. Blame the Politicians if you like but even the Natz are just pandering to there base about all this stuff. Face it, any change will be incremental if at all because of this.

      • I agree with you Roy on all,the gloom and doom. Being 73 I lived in the UK when Ban the Bomb was the catch cry and hearing we were all doomed . In the 80’s I remember Reg Varney from On the Buses saying we needed to go back to hand mowers as oil was running out . Covid has given us an idea what the world would be like if the policies of our young friend was taken up by everyone.
        Pollution and waste are 2 things that need to be worked on and this would help us all .

      • @Roy whatever…

        Oldies may have lived through many hysterias but they havn’t lived through climate change.

        Interesting how you end your comment with a quote that when turned around from whoever you are aiming towards it can be applied to old climate change deniers too.

        Some people just won’t change until its too late.

        • You’re essentially saying let’s be nice to all the scam artists. In otherwords if you can’t handle climate science then fuck it, petrol is $2, why the fuck ate you wasting your breath trying to do nothing about something you know nothing about???? God! Am I honestly the fucken thickest cunt here????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        • Nah , I can see Roy’s point of view. And I can see a whole bunch of bandwagon climate change followers as well.

          God deniers and politically useful/useless stooges as well. You play the game to feel morally righteous but you deny the power….

          2 Timothy 3:5, NIV: “having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

        • And many were the deniers of the Great Depression , the Spanish flu etc, and of Keynesianism…it seems like .. you young ‘punks’ learn nothing because you choose to remain in ignorance… why is that? why do you choose revisionist historians to do your dirty work for you?

          Why is that?

          Have you no spine?

          What is it with you?

  2. Unsure about any of the other commitments but hoping the technology cavalry are going to turn up in respect of electric cars and trucks may be bloody optimistic to day the least.

    Its about 10 years since the first real all electric car, the Nissan Leaf, was launched. It’s a very expensive throw away item with far less life span than an internal combustion engine vehicle. The brand new version is slightly better but the gains have been incremental in 10 years.

    I see no announcement on vastly improving public transport, actually none on even improving it at all and currently in Auckland it carries a mere 5% of commuters. And I definitely do not think we are all going to be e scooting and bike riding, especially in the hillier colder parts of NZ.

    It’s hard to be convinced this policy can be implemented without sinking the economy unless government gives huge commitments to decent alternatives!

    • Bollocks XRAY

      Are you qualified to comment on Nissan Leafs and EV technology? I hope you aren’t because your comment displays complete lack of knowledge. I am a qualified Automotive Engineer. Yes the early Leafs batteries detoriate quicker than a newer Tesla but that is because to offer an EV at a modest price range to an average consumer the engineers at Nissan decided not to incorporate thermal battery management to save on production costs. The technology has come a long way in the last decade and battery technology is improving leaps and bounds. You cannot say a Leaf has a shorter lifespan that an internal combustion engine when some cars are on their 2nd or 3rd engine.
      Besides the battery, EVs can last as long as any petrol or Diesel powered small passenger vehicle and aftermarket replacement batteries are fast becoming an option to increase lifespan of the vehicle when batteries deteriorate beyond practical use. I know after market Leaf batteries are now around 5 grand brand new. The same price of a replacement petrol or diesel engine! The electric motors and controllers last on average twice as long as a battery and besides those items everything else is just brakes, steering, suspension, tyres, and wheel bearings like any other vehicle minus all the bloody dirty oil changes I might add. So to say Leafs are a throw away item is not necessarily true. I suggest educating yourself before making those sorts of statements.

      • For a qualified Automotive Engineer, you sure gloss over reality because less than 10 year old Nissan Leafs are 100% uneconomic to fix, not to mention the range deterioration is terrible.

        Here a common example. 2011 model, 35000 km, range as advertised, 65 km. They want $7500. There is no way this car that needs a battery is economic to repair.

        If you were a qualified Automotive Engineer you would know an ICE vehicle that is serviced on time will go an easy 20 years and probably well into the 200,000 km plus, especially Japanese cars, easily. And travel several hundred kms per tank every time. Reliably.

        And if battery tech had come in leaps and bounds, someone forgot to tell Nissan.

        Moderate price for a new Leaf, $61990 plus on road costs. May be moderate to you, unaffordable to me. 2018 Hyundai Kona EV, 92000km, $59990. Affordable, no.

        And $5000 for a new battery? Because don’t pretend some Mickey Mouse “reconditioned” thing cuts it. Complete bullshit. They are well over 10k plus fitting.

        And let’s not get started on the precious materials that go into EV batteries and the exploited countries that material in comes from.

        E cars are not the future.

        • E cars are definitely not the future but neither are ICE vehicles. Why was it that families didn’t require two or three cars each, even as late as the 1950’s and a massive fleet of behemoth trucks – 1980’s?

          Back to the past but embroidered with new tools and technologies might be a good start.

          • Because only one parent had to work then.
            Seems both have to work now to break even, longer more flexible hours than ever before, more cars needed.
            You can thank the Labour Lange government for the “reforms” that did that.

          • Easy wins are:

            Major upgrades to ALL railways including electrification.

            Additional lines including all future highway spending above basic maintenance to go into funding them.

            Vast expansion of ferry use and vastly improved terminals where viable.

            Genuine electric bus fleet such as Wellington had not 4 years ago before they decided diesel was the way to go. This does not involve batteries.

            Make it real, not if, but maybe.

        • Xray

          E cars are not the future.

          WTF dude? Are you for real? That’s the statement of someone so ignorant it beggars belief.

          Already mainstream electrics with cooled batteries run to 300k with around 15% degredation, and Tesla anticipates their newer battery packs will last a million miles. That’s vastly in excess of any dino mobile.

          Right now electric cars are cost competitive over their lifetime, and within a couple of years will be purchase-price comparable to dino’s then get cheaper and be better in every way.

          Read about the learning curve- its inevitable and unstoppable, and has been playing out in solar and wind and now batteries.

          NZ’ers don’t follow this stuff and seem super ignorant about the tidal wave of change coming. It seems like every time change happens someone starts this nit picking pissy whining that their precious XYZ can’t change because god help the world they might have to do something different.

          I suggest you read some actual data and real information for a change. This will happen wether NZ likes it or not, and if we don’t get ahead of the change, it will be done to us, not by and for us.

          • Maybe you didn’t read what i said Nukefacts. A Nissan Leaf being the prime example of “affordable” EV’s , their useful lifetime is short and versus the resources going into their manufacture, they’re anything but cost competitive over their useful brief lifetime.

            And Nissans backup has been woeful.

            The rest of us can’t afford Teslas so yes they’re better but they’re not going to save the day.

            • Yes mate I did read your post, sorry if I sounded a bit harsh.

              Nissan seriously neglected the Leaf (hey, their CEO ended up fleeing jail!) but that’s just a speed wobble on the road to full electrification. The Leaf was an early experiment, just like the BMWi3, which was similarly neglected. All major car manufacturers are moving to make EV’s because the writing is on the wall – start now or die.
              I strongly encourage everyone to read about the industrial learning curve – it shows how once you start down mass producing something, you get a rate of exponential growth for a long time that pushes down the cost of a good by a predictable rate for every doubling in production volume. Solar is the classic case – it’s on a learning rate a bit above 20% per year. That’s astonishing – it’s gone from being unaffordable to the cheapest form of generation now in every country in the world and promises to eventually deliver power at around 2 cents per kWh which is extraordinary.
              The same thing is happening to batteries now. They are already at around $US100/kwh (and on around a 15% learning curve) which is the threshold where a battery pack in an EV is cost competitive with dino cars, because there’s so many fewer parts in EV’s. Within 5 years the total car cost including battery will be below traditional cars.
              Don’t take the Leaf as an example – EU, Chinese and US car makers are now pouring out more and more models at different price points and will totally overwhelm dino vehicles within 5 years, crashing the second hand dino market.
              We either get on board this rocket or get left behind, its that simple.

              • We all know where the Dino vehicles with fossil fuels willl be imported to to continue to pollute though when China and the rest of the world changes….

                Pay paltry wags in NZ, and then every polluting good or service from the world is exported to NZ because of our expanding poor.

                Guess what, idiots, pay poor people more and stop importing poverty and pollution into NZ and then the poor won’t need to buy the least safe, polluting, Dino good or service here!

                Poor actually get a choice! Can’t let that happen with our NeoKind face!

  3. Xray. There’s plenty of comment about improving public transport in the report. In fact, the final report has put more emphasis on this and somewhat less on the electric car thing. However, the media have jumped on the electric car parts. Rather than reading what it says, some people – including many politicians no doubt – want to see what they like it would say. People are still thinking that they just will switch their petrol cars to electric cars, but clearly that’s not what the report says.
    Nevertheless, I totally agree that the report should have even been stronger on mode switch and less ambitious on electrification of cars.

  4. I agree with you Roy on all,the gloom and doom. Being 73 I lived in the UK when Ban the Bomb was the catch cry and hearing we were all doomed . In the 80’s I remember Reg Varney from On the Buses saying we needed to go back to hand mowers as oil was running out . Covid has given us an idea what the world would be like if the policies of our young friend was taken up by everyone.
    Pollution and waste are 2 things that need to be worked on and this would help us all .

  5. They will pry my hands of the handlebars of my Bonny when i’m cold and dead. If i have to make my own fuel so be it.

  6. Climate change confrontation has been making headway, gradual, incremental, in Labour’s focus groups — by which it has done everything since 2000. How does such a party deal with a crisis that does not leap up like covid or WW ll? But can be seen coming from a long way away and must be dealt with NOW, long before focus groups change their minds. The two approaches are incompatible.

    Labour has our absurd temporary comfort built into its marrow. From the fricken ‘Winter of Discontent’. But it’s also the nature of democracy not to deal with a slow-building crisis in the light of immediate issues. Semi-democratic America has made a grotesque art-form of it.

    What is the answer to this quandary? I’ve suggested the PM using her pulpit to sell reality. Certainly there’s a vacuum for a voice. Just as with all the bull-dust spewed from America, increasingly informing our people despite their very different realities, there is room for mental-case reaction, killing our children and grandchildren sooner.

    It’s ridiculous we’re not in war government mode, yet many of the populace are more loaded to react against loss of their ‘freedom’ thanks to American propaganda.

    How can we mobilise for our species in this situation?

  7. I deeply resent the slurs on oldies and “Boomers”. We are just as climate conscious as many younger people and we do what we can to live frugally and sensibly. We recycle everything we can, grow our own veg, compost food scraps etc. 2035 isn’t that far away – please tell me how I’m supposed to do a week’s grocery shopping and cart it home on a very inconveniently sited and irregular bus? Or get to the doctor? Or meet with friends and join in activities for the buzzword of today – my wellbeing?

    • I never looked on my lifestyle as a benefit for the climate but now you mention it we grow our own vegetables using compost I drive a 20 year old Rav 4 well maintained eat takeaways once a month and buy little processed food to use in cooking meals at home.

  8. It would be naive to think vehicle electrification will mitigate pollution (even air): all manufacturing has an environmental cost. And to get to the low targets suggested by some advocates would mean stopping industrial production, stopping travelling out of your local area, stopping livestock farming, stopping consumption, basically stop living (the benefits to the environment and people from halting disasters such as war and mining the planet to death are obvious). To that end someone living frugally at home on the dole every day say, who does practically none of these things and is the least burden on the planet, has to be the hero of the climate movement (a contradiction from everyone’s perspective). Moreover did those savage indigenous groups who worship the environment as sacred have it right all along?

    • Except the dole money is earned by someone working an actual job with a carbon footprint.

      We could reduce pollution by converting the cities to pine plantations: cities have the highest numbers of vehicles, worst air pollution and worst water pollution and contribute the most plastic rubbish to the environment, they also require their food grown elsewhere by farmers they then whinge about and transported by trucks that burn diesel.

      Rather than attacking the rural people we should be moving out of cities, re settling the countryside, planting small native woodlands and living sustainably on small blocks growing our own meat and verges, hunting and fishing in our clean mountains.

  9. The joke factory keeps generating jokes because that all the people who run the joke factory -the scientifically illiterate bureaucrats and scientifically-illiterate politicians- know.

    I presented a fully-documented case which irrefutably demonstrating that the entire narrative of the Climate Commission was bollocks.

    So they had to ignore everything I wrote (as a climate scientists and expert in industrial technology) and carry on with the absolute garbage of their extend and pretend narratives that satisfy the banks and corporations that run the show i-n the now exceedingly short short-term.

    It will be pretty much all over by 2028 or so.

    It could be pretty much all over later this year, depending on the outcome of the worsening drought that extends across the western half of the US:


    Next Week’s Heat Wave To Bake Californians

    THURSDAY, JUN 10, 2021 – 01:50 PM

    June is typically the month the wildfire season in California begins. The state is already battling an extreme drought, and the first heat wave of the season hit last week. The risks of another heat wave are increasing for next week.

    The hottest and most fire-prone months are nearing as a second heat wave of the season could arrive as early as next week.

    How the season turns out may depend on the immediate climate in the state. Extreme heat and drought are several factors that may produce dry fuels and eventually spark fires.

    Forecast temperature anomalies daily are expected to jump for the southern part of the state by Tuesday/Wednesday and then the whole state by Friday. In many parts of the state, temperature anomalies, the difference from an average, or baseline, temperature, could be +14 degrees. Forecasts suggest Bakersfield and Fresno could reach triple digits.

  10. ” There is no ambition in this ”

    Yes even the shyster who was just so ambitious for rich and entitled New Zealanders not that long ago would be surprised with just how weak this approach is.

    Jacinda should never have uttered those words about the climate being our nuclear free moment.
    Her naivety in what must be done to radically change what were all so addicted to which is our cars and all the plastic we can lay our hands on to send to our landfills and discard on the walkways and roadsides in our 100 % clean and green little nation.

    All of this is pointless and does nothing to address the situation we have created except to prove once again that the change that is needed including our behaviour wont be happening under this administration whose only purpose is to fiddle while the planet dies.

    How much did the people in this commission get paid to deliver this tripe ? One hell of a lot.

    • /How much did the people in this commission get paid to deliver this tripe ? One hell of a lot.’

      Of course!!!

      That’s what it’s all about in a neo-fascist, money-lender-controlled system: professional liars getting paid ‘One hell of a lot’ to ‘deliver tripe.

      It’s not only the so-called Climate Commission that delivers tripe, of course, but tripe applies to pretty much everything else this is ‘official’.

      That is why there is no hope for this society and is why the system is collapsing.

      The worst drought in history, and getting (being made) rapidly worse:


  11. I’m thinking MINDSET: the moment we could walk, we walked. The moment we could bike, we biked. Walking, biking to school, to our friends’ place, to the local football club. When high school started, the bicycle became more important: biking to school (took almost an hour) with the classmates. If the weather was too bad the train would step in. Never ever did parents suggest they’d drive us to school, the club or our friends’ places. And that became our mindset. This was in The Netherlands…
    I see kids on the backseats of parents’ SUVs even though the walk to school, the club etc. would only be 10 minutes max.
    I imagine that’s when mindset starts to develop.
    Public transport is totally inadequate and allowing your child to bike to school requires enormous trust that they’ll survive. No bike tracks or cycle lane to rely on.
    I’d say that rather than putting more cars (ev) on the road (literally everybody I know who owns an ev has at least one petrol or diesel vehicle on the side) investing in public transport and safe cycling options would be better. Then a change of mindset might begin to happen?

  12. On Nation this morning James Shaw said emissions were responsible for storms and floods and fires which is complete nonsense. I thought he was going to include earthquakes. These leaders and policy makers should concentrate on the actual harm from the chemistry of pollution (diesel vehicles, domestic wood fires, industrial and farm waste, building processes, plastics, military, mass surveillance, poisonous mineral extraction, medical waste) rather than the fantasy that global physical systems are being altered by a hidden hand.


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