Migrants have been ripped off by successive governments


Thank you for being here.

I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about and explain

A lot of people don’t actually know what happened in this country

And it was a deliberate policy of successive governments – National and Labour governments – over the last two decades to lie and cheat those people who they brought to New Zealand around their chances of transitioning to residency.

To lie and cheat people so that 15 percent of the tertiary education budget was being paid by you in order to subsidise the New Zealand public education system.

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But there was no a single, actually, they subsidised the public education system but did not increase the number of New Zealand-born students in the public education system.

They weren’t using it to expand access to the public education system, they were using it just as a subsidy – they were essentially taxing people with a lie that they would get a chance at residency.

The students and the workers who came were given a lie that would get a chance.

I want to explain why it was a lie and how deliberate it was.

In New Zealand, for several decades, the New Zealand residents we lost 40,000 a year on average to Australia and other countries.

On average we were losing 40,000 a year overseas. We’ve done it every year for two decades.

Two decades ago, in the year 2000, we had three main categories of people coming in.

Students – 40,000; workers – 40,000; permanent residents 40,000. So we were losing 40,000 and we were bringing in around 40,000 permanent residents to replace them and another 40,000 on work visas and another 40,000 on student visas.

Since the year 2000 the student visa numbers have trebled to 120,000, the worker visa numbers have increased six times to quarter of a million before Covid

And the permanent resident number stayed the same – 40,000.

It was never intended for you to have residency. It was never intended you to access residency. You were stolen from in my view.

I am deeply ashamed of my governments – both governments. Deeply ashamed that they told you to come here and study at our universities and work in these jobs and you will have a chance at residency when they knew it was a lie.

You cannot squeeze quarter of a million and another 120,000 – that is 360,000 visas in 2020 before Covid – 360,000 visas being issued to people and then have the permanent residence number not changing at all in two decades.

They were putting you all on a treadmill that had no exit.

So now we have people who have been here a decade or more – I met one chef in an Indian restaurant last week – 14 years he had been here, renewing his visa.

They had been taking money off him every few years, taking money off him, taking money off him. taking money off him. And it’s theft. It’s theft.

When they charge you 40 or 50 thousand dollars to go to university for a year

And they tell you on the Immigration New Zealand website that you are going to have a chance of transitioning to residency

and they know that it is a lie then they are stealing that money off you.

I think all governments over the last twenty years owe the immigrant community in New Zealand the deepest apologies possible for stealing from you, for cheating you for depriving you of your rights.

Now we have an opportunity. Covid gave us an opportunity. It is a horrible disaster in the world and in many of the countries where many of you are from

But in this country, it has given us an opportunity to do a reset on a humanitarian basis

Because they brought people here and they knew they were going to be exploited. They knew they were going to be cheated. Not just taking money off you to subsidise the public education system,.

Every time the Ministry – so Because of this very large number of people coming in on these temporary visas, whole industries were dependent on migrant labor, recycling migrant labor.

All of agriculture, hotels, hospitality, restaurants, construction and so on. Industry after industry.

And every time the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment did an investigation of an industry, it found that 80 to 90 percent of the employers were not meeting legal minimum standards. 80-90 percent. New Zealand employers mostly.

In the Christchurch construction industry after the earthquake and the rebuild – 90 percent of the employers were not meeting minimum legal standards.

The solution wasn’t to lock them up, prosecute them for being cheats and liars and depriving their workers – no, no (the employers) got a slap on the wrist and (told) to do better.

But they did agree at the time that the visas should be decoupled. They said that in order to reduce exploitation in the construction industry in Christchurch workers should be able to change their jobs.

So they know it’s a solution. It’s a solution that the immigration department (MBIE) proposed for the Christchurch workers but have refused to extend that principle to workers across New Zealand.

They know what the solutions are. They know that the only way we can fix this problem is to give

– pathways to residency
– reunite the families
– decouple the visas. and
– amnesty for overstayers

Because it is not their fault they have been forced into that situation. It the dirty, filthy exploitative system that was created to do it.


  1. One of AO/NZ’s dirty little secrets. Like you, I feel ashamed, especially when I’ve seen some of the casualties of this cistern first hand both here and offshore.
    And now the Ministerial and managerialists’ latest PR and spin: “We want the [proposed] reforms to be employer led” when as you say: “…80 to 90 percent of the employers were not meeting legal minimum standards. 80-90 percent. New Zealand employers mostly.” And that also shows another lie that’s bandied about the place – i.e. that its only immigrants ripping off their own.
    This, and the PTE scams are apparently “best practice”. Bullshit! This “best practice” is the same sort of practice that occurs elsewhere in the world where slavery and exploitation occurs.
    A common phrase used by many who’ve been through our cistern, and a cistern INZ/MoBIE and Minister want to continue – and actually make even worse is “it’s all about the money”.
    And they seem to think that the Labour Inspectorate can manage the exploitation of workers, (often essential workers that assisted us through the pandemic) when it’s only recently they’ve begun to take it seriously, and when they won’t ever be able to combat the extent of the problem.

    Has anybody ever actually asked WHAT the reason is for tying visas to a specific employer – i.e. bondage where the bonded has already paid for the privilege of being bonded. I’ve only ever heard one pathetic excuse (from Tuariki Delamere) who thinks it’s more important that immigration advisors arranging employers to not have their slaves poached by others than it is the welfare of the slaves).

    Oh, I forgot – it’s “best practice”
    If Labour, or the gNatz/ACT for that matter, think this is going to go away, they’re badly mistaken.

  2. Nope don’t think so. Yes our government has been lazy and used immigration to pretend they have a rock star economy but many migrants who should not have gained NZ permanent residency are abusing the system and have fake and misleading paperwork or are going to be a drain on NZ for the rest of their lives.

    On the other hand was talking to some migrants who have jobs as doctors…. yep believe it or not, as migrants they are having trouble getting their NZ residency. The joke is that you need to be a truck driver or work as a fast food manager to get support for NZ residency and having someone on the other side of the world doing the paper work is obviously not working as maybe the bribe is not coming from the honest migrants who are not gaining residency but actually have real skills and pay taxes.

    The rip off is, that businesses in low paid industries who pay poorly in NZ or gain financially from it, have led the battle to get low paid migrants into NZ or themselves as low grade ‘entrepreneurs’ of a fish and chip shop, and then the rest of the country has to support the low paid migrants into state and emergency housing and health care and welfare as they compete against NZ poor.

    Funny enough someone analysed the world’s top billionaires and they found retail was the biggest source of wealth in the world (yep rampant consumerism pays). So of course the richest folks in the world in retail, can’t pay real wages around the world!

    Just as bad, are the rich but income less migrants who seem to make a killing ‘investing’ in NZ and destroy the NZ businesses that they buy or get sweetheart deals from NZ government that they don’t bother to give to NZ citizens.

    AKA Peter Thiel https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/billionaire-peter-thiel-makes-fortune-after-sweetheart-deal-with-government/B22JSOU3762DJCI53XCR4MLRHU/

    Mikhail Khimich https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/photos-show-tourist-attraction-waiwera-thermal-resort-falling-into-disrepair/XDAG4672QITILBRNGFODUPOBPQ/

    Rich migrants also don’t seem to need to meet normal immigration criteria or have to worry about NZ laws either.

    Russian billionaire Mikhail Khimich skips court on drink-driving related charges

    US billionaire spent 12 days in NZ before citizenship

    Guess what all these billionaire mega mansions are actually talking up all the best building sites, workers and resources in NZ, driving up prices, and then nobody can get their houses built like the doctors and nurses and poor in NZ!

    Apparently migrants need certain types of migrants to work for them and they are not Kiwis but people from the Solomon Islands or Philippines! https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/2018791897/james-cameron-explains-dairy-cows-on-wairarapa-farm

    Migrants bringing in other migrants to work for them even before they get NZ citizenship is part of the problem. Only NZ citizens should be able to bring in migrant workers and it needs to take 10 years of good behaviour and taxes and living in NZ to get NZ citizenship, not 12 days and a sweetheart dodgy deal or you are a dysfunctional migrant with high needs, who get compassionate stays!

  3. NZ is somehow giving NZ citizenship or allowing migrants in NZ to prey on other migrants and Kiwis and have turned a blind eye. If you make millions exploiting migrant visas and then have to pay a $40k fine, it’s worth it!!! In fact keep going there is 200k of additional wage subsidies to claim!

    22 restaurants, 120 staff – and now a $40,000 fine

    (Note a search of this man’s company SHAMIANA LIMITED showed over $200,000 in wage subsidies collected)

    Auckland building boss charged with fraud after investigation into illegal labour

    Bakery owner to pay back $33,800 illegally deducted from worker’s wages

    Migrant worker speaks out against exploitation at rural Reporoa holiday park

    Sikh temple to pay $100k for breaching employment laws

    Note government knew about all these scams in 2018 and have allowed them to continue and actually in some cases made it easier for the scammers!!!

    Government in 100 days can crack down on other illegal activity but not wage and visa exploitation by new migrants to NZ.

    The ‘bums on seats’ approach to processing NZ visas is allowing many migrants into NZ who are going to be a massive drain going forward with dodgy jobs and businesses, while filling up the process so that other migrants can’t get in or their visas processed in a timely manner.

    (Note does not even seem to be immigrations fault, as when they try to process higher paid job visas then the woke cry ‘racism’ which is kinda racist as it’s about higher priced skills not race!)

  4. People paid $40-50K per year for a top class education in a awesome little country, not for citizenship for them & their family. Buying citizenship costs much, much more, just ask Peter Thiel.

    Sure migrants have been ripped off but so have the average New Zealanders. Their wages have been kept low by the flood of low skilled migrants, while housing costs have been driven up and all the country’s infrastructure has been stressed by the increased numbers. We’ve been seriously ripped off by whole neoliberal system being run to benefit the few at a cost to the many. We have all been exploited, but most NZ citizens don’t have another country to go back to when their dodgy schemes to game the system fall through.

  5. I think this scam was a replication of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

    It needed to be fed with new suckers every year to keep it going!

    The NZ Government needs to own this scam and refund the victims!

    • Agree with

      “I think this scam was a replication of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.”

      “It needed to be fed with new suckers every year to keep it going!”

      but the victims should be refunded with the proceeds of crime act from the migrants in huge fines for their behaviour aka director of SHAMIANA LIMITED and all the rest of the exploiters making millions including products like counterfeit cigarettes and alcohol and businesses not prosecuted even when killing people on the job.

      No prosecution from Worksafe for this cash worker death! Easier to go after the Rescuers from White Island and prosecute them instead!

      “Worksafe NZ’s investigation report found Yu was working as a builder under the umbrella of a company called Star Echo Ltd (SEL), which was the latest in a string of subcontractors hired to develop the Hobsonville house site.

      Although Zheng Jinghui was director of Star Echo, the discussions and work was taken on by “a very experienced and highly regarded builder in the Chinese building community”. Yu was among those hired to build the house.

      On the day of Yu’s death, he had climbed to an incomplete first floor to work in an area where struts were temporarily pinned by only two nails. A co-worker nearby turned when hearing timber moving and watched Yu “trying to regain his balance”.

      Yu “tried to grab at some joists but wasn’t able to hold on”. He fell feet first through to the ground floor 2.9 metres below, landing on a concrete slab. “As he fell back his head struck a piece of timber that was located on the ground.” Yu was declared dead in hospital two days later.

      The investigation report found Star Echo had three previous interactions with Worksafe NZ with faulty and incomplete scaffolding cited in each instance. The company had received notices compelling improvement from Worksafe NZ but was not prosecuted.

      In this case, there was a recommendation to prosecute the company for removing equipment and tools from the building site before either police or Worksafe NZ arrived in the aftermath of the accident.

      The investigation found Yu was 45 when he died with no visa allowing him to legally work in New Zealand after arriving on a 30-day visitor visa in 2015.

      Du told Worksafe NZ her husband paid $30,000 in China for legal work in New Zealand but realised on arriving here that he had been duped. After paying $1800 to another contact, Yu was connected with the builder who was overseeing work at the Hobsonville site.

      Yu had been living with and working for the builder over three years, who said he had “no knowledge of his salary or other working conditions” which were agreed with Star Echo. The company said it had never received an invoice from Yu for his work.

      Worksafe NZ identified a number of areas at the construction zone that posed risks where workers could fall from a dangerous height. It emphasised the need for builders to protect workers where falls were a risk.

      “If a suitable ‘working at height’ control measure had been in place prior to the incident, the death of this worker could have been prevented.”

      Worksafe NZ found there was “public interest” in prosecuting Star Echo for removing equipment and tools from the building site. It also said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Star Echo over a “breach in relation to its primary duty of care” to Yu as a worker.

      That decision to prosecute was downgraded to a warning letter in April. Worksafe NZ’s specialist investigations boss, Simon Humphries, said the decision was made in the shadow of the pandemic.

      “This is because there was a greater public interest in Covid-19, amongst other reasons, and the offence by SEL was at the less serious end of the scale, as we only would have prosecuted for failure to preserve the site, not for the incident itself.”


      (Star Echo paid $21,088.80 in wage subsidies so the taxpayers just keep giving to this business and director). No wonder the government can’t afford to pay the nurses a pay rise!)

      And as they say in Eastern Europe,

      We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us!

  6. Most guest workers in NZ are indentured (they can not change their employer and go work for another employer, its in their NZ visa).
    The government was going to get rid of this requirement but employers pressured and lobbied them and that never happened.
    Its unkiwi-like and disgusting to say the least, this is only one step before slavery.
    The government,media and employers do not want the people of NZ to know this, so tell your family,work m8s and friends.


    • @Mike and M, many migrants seem to have found ways to cope, their kids have the best money can buy including free NZ citizenship and free education and afford expensive after school lessons. Somehow many who are in NZ as migrants are better off than the NZ working poor who can’t afford to buy mortgage free houses!

      “Hao and her late husband did not have work visas, but they established a small but very successful home painting business enabling them to buy a mortgage-free home,” Delamere said.”

      • saveNZ. Your a ranter M8 and I’m sick of your Bullshit! You will always find a way round the truth to rant on with your sick outpourings.

      • saveNZ You cant even respond in an enlightened way to my post, you just go off on a rant again and to keep giving links to the beat-up bigoted news story’s of the mainstream media,well that’s a total fail.

        • @ M. Maybe you should look in the mirror as you seem to be one of the migrants unravelling. Please if NZ doesn’t work for you just leave. Gracefully and without taking up services like mental health, legal aid and jail time when you start your journey home. Or maybe you are an exploiter and risk losing millions in exploiter Ponzi work visa schemes so popular here as you already have your NZ citizenship in the bag.

          As for thinking the Herald link is a “beat-up bigoted news story’s” you clearly don’t bother reading them. MSM is fully pro migrant so most MSM stories have a pro migrant spin on them, aka poor migrant pensioner getting wealthy off NZ should stay and NZ should support them is the Heralds take if you bothered to read it. But when reading it they also disclose that the overstaying couple have a mortgage free home in NZ, they have taken up many resources to try and get them out of NZ, so not going by the rules clearly works well!

          • saveNZ I’m x NZ army and served overseas. You are a very twisted person and always ranting about the same thing. Can you please cease and desist or better still leave NZ

            • M, get the help you need, if you want to make a case for migrants then make it and stop attacking other people’s view points with evidence!

              In NZ we are still allowed to have critical opinions!

              Sadly most woke seem to think attacking the message and the message is OK, but funny enough fail to have little to zero evidence themselves on how well our low skills, low income migrant policy is working how it effects health and housing in NZ for the past 25 years.

              P>S> hope you don’t own a firearm with your intolerance to another opinion.

            • Dude, play the issue not the person. If you don’t like SaveNZ’s views, then argue them instead of attacking the person. That’s called rational behaviour.
              But I’m guessing you won’t because SaveNZ is one of the few bloggers active today who actually challenges the status quo with well researched and argued opinions.
              I’m with SaveNZ – this is our country, we should be allowed to choose and argue any position we like on immigration, especially when its being used as a tool of neoliberalism to destroy wages and conditions in NZ, plus all the other effects SaveNZ so well articualates.

  7. Most guest workers in NZ are indentured (they can not change their employer and go work for another employer, its in their NZ visa).
    The government was going to get rid of this requirement but employers pressured and lobbied them and that never happened.
    Its unkiwi-like and disgusting to say the least, this is only one step before slavery.
    The government,media and employers do not want the people of NZ to know this, so tell your family,work m8s and friends.


  8. Martyn,Mike and every one else in NZ, please stop calling these people migrant labour/workers.
    They are “guest workers” that we treat very badly. These guest workers are not migrants because most have no pathway to stay here permanently.
    You are buying into the narrative of the NZ govt and news media by stating this,they do not want NZers to know the truth.
    I think its disgusting the way we treat these guest workers in NZ.

    • The truth is coming out and those who seem to want to keep the cash cows coming into NZ to exploit them (and NZ) just fall onto abuse of the facts.

      The best way to stop exploiting the ‘guest workers’ is not to have them come into NZ to do guest work but to have Kiwis in NZ working instead and pay them appropriately. Yep we actually used to cope before mass immigration and those working here in low paid jobs were not at the food banks like now.

      You can be a guest worker in NZ and qualify for working for families, free health care and DPB after 1 year of work. Many guest workers are taking advantage of NZ’s generous welfare rules to get NZ social welfare that they don’t get in their own countries and thus never want to leave.

      NZ now has a major ‘cash’ worker problem also undercutting those migrants on work permits (often a scam and underpaid) and the working poor who already are citizens. No wonder everyone working those jobs seem to be getting poorer! The ceiling keeps getting lowered.

      • It says “you must be a New Zealand resident and have been in New Zealand continuously for at least 12 months at any time.”

        Thus anybody who is resident in NZ for over 1 year which is typical for most students and guest workers seems to be eligible for WFF by my reading of the rules.

        Thus if you set up a business here, aka takeaway or uber driver after 1 year of residency in NZ and have a child while being on a guest visa then you can claim working for families ($500 p/w approx) if you also work over 30 hours but your business pays you less than $9500…

        WFF is based on any income earned not wages aka you can be self employed but earning little and still get WFF.

        Anyway that is my reading of the rules based on what they say on the government websites.

  9. I respectfully disagree Sir. New Zealand welcomes paying students, generally from relatively high wealth sources, and guarantees an international education with opportunities. And this is from a former international student. Nowhere in the fine print does it say one can be guaranteed residency/citizenship after graduating from a ‘reputable’ NZ education institute. That would be too easy. Let’s change the settings and focus toward the potential Silicon Valley types; not the chefs, taxi drivers, corner mart owners, etc. I mean no disrespect, but should one truly expect/deserve a simple, easy quid pro for paying $40-50 grand for three years education followed by a a couple of years in basic employment? The answer is there: change the post education residency requirements to more demanding, higher value employment and returns for NZ. That would at least make it more transparent surely for the so called exploited international students (from genuinely non-humble backgrounds).

  10. I just don’t believe we have been keeping citizenship at the levels you say Mike. I think you need some real stats:


    For the past nearly 20 years we have been running immigration rates at more than 60% of population change. I.e. we are importing way more migrants than the internal, natural rate of population growth. This is why some migrant nationalities will outnumber Tangawhenua in NZ for pensions in the next few years.

    I know of many cases where one immigrant comes in under e.g. study visa, then gets residency, then brings their whole extended family in, and then they gain NZ passports, and leave NZ again, often leaving pre-school kids and grandparents who have never paid any NZ tax but are eligible for Super.

    This rort has to stop before it bankrupts us. Nowhere overseas is as generous as NZ in letting anyone low skilled gain residency then exploiting the State.

    • Bankrupt NZ? Modern slavery making billions for all several industries.

      My family came here first as tourists me and my brother came just for holidays. We had everything back home. My parents invested in our education to make sure we had a better future.

      NZ residency pathway the so famous long term and short term shortage skills. Information supplied through immigration website. Give us some instructions and information if it was our decision to stay in this country.

      After finishing our studies we decided to invest in our own business. A Restaurant little did we know about the lease contract and that massive rent cost will consume all my parents wealth.

      Immigration lawyers promised and assured us residence and a way into NZ.

      So Far me and my wife working 12 years paying taxes like everyone else. I applied for residency and appeal the decision

      however still after working so hard and willing to stay and invest all my parents resources (it was something it took them 40 years to build)

      I am still suffering the constant changes immigration makes every year to make sure once you enroll and have paid your international student fees (yes you need to pay in advance and it’s definitely way more than currently NZ residents pay) it’s not a credit that government gives you.

      Every year those lists changes. But if you choose a career that takes 3-4 years to develop then you’ll end up with 2 choices work with what you have invested or continue to study.

      The process repeats and money keeps rolling. I see that NZ has found a very profitable business at the expense of Human trafficking. Oh. But wait is legal here. In a 1st world country.

      The only difference between my country is that you know what you will face. There is no deception or someone making promises.

      Not all kiwi people are aware of what we go through. I have met amazing NZ people that find its own business design horrible and give you all help and assistance that you need.

      Me when I was in my most difficult times. Found kiwis giving me a hand. It’s in their nature/genes to fight for a fair go.

      Not all kiwis are the same. But please we migrants/guest workers have helped you during crisis in COVID-19 and kept doing our jobs to make sure all essential businesses continue to work.

      You New Zealanders have the only key to change this lies and make sure immigration and employers are within legal requirements. To make sure they don’t lie and their website shows real statistics of how many are approved residency each year. If we have access to the information then it’s on us to gamble our lives and resources in NZ.

      • Isaac Arvizu, I think you misunderstand me, I’m not against migrants coming to NZ, but against the human trafficking money making Ponzi with NZ visas being processed overseas and private businesses profiting from exploitation of an unlimited stream of people coming into NZ.

        My view is that the only way to stop the exploitation, to stop the visas themselves from being issued, NZ can not control third party promises or despicable business practices easily as they are out of control here as I’m sure you are aware.

        Until the housing and health and exploitative situations are sorted any new visas should be stopped. Immigration also need to work out why so many people coming to NZ end up on welfare, their businesses are low level ones and they are not satisfied as this then leads to further problems aka feeling ripped off and increase in mental health and even terrorism.

        People seem to come to NZ (like Tarrent) then feel entitled to do what ever they want. It is part of the woke communication in that anybody from overseas is a victim here and NZ can’t control our own destiny so the better foreign nationals can do it for us. Actually the solution is that we can, and should take control of our country and turn it back into a fair social democracy not a legal people trafficking scheme.

        Meanwhile many skilled people continue to leave NZ because our wages are too low to support yourself here and get ahead. Thus skilled people both migrants and NZer’s leave for better wages and conditions but the family members often stay in NZ who need welfare like kids and grandparents. We are getting more people on welfare and less people actually with expertise and experience staying in NZ.

        You hit the nail on the head with

        “little did we know about the lease contract and that massive rent cost will consume all my parents wealth.”

        NZ industry in NZ are despicable rip offs, from rest homes to commercial property. The visa Ponzi is propping up high commercial rents and poor conditions for elderly in NZ.

        But migrants are not the biggest victims because they have a choice whether to stay or leave NZ and whether to put in a visa application in the first place (without researching the process or the validity of the visa).

        The biggest victims is NZ social welfare who is breaking under the strain of the NZ visa Ponzi scheme and the current taxpayers and their children who will suffer greatly as the cupboard is now bare, debt being expanded and NZ public assets are being sold to pretend neoliberalism is working here and many many people in NZ are unsatisfied and being legally ripped off, which leads to social unrest .

        If you had a great life overseas and were wealthy, it makes zero sense to stay in NZ and be exploited.

        • Don’t fool anyone @SaveNZ.
          You are the most insistent anti-migration actor operating through this website, bordering at latent racism.
          Clever enough to know where you should stop, or re-state your manipulations. … or wait for a while before re-starting.
          And this since years, buddy.
          Is it only you, or are others with you?

          • @ Manfred,

            I’m tired of this crap and being threatened and abused every time I post on immigration. I never get abuse on other issues like the environment. Personal abuse seems to be related to the very lucrative immigration ponzi and it’s often the same people who can’t handle it and then start these abuse replies.

            I’ve been posting for 6+ Years and on a range of topics against neoliberalism, against bad business practises and the environment as well as immigration because it effects the above, but notice the pro migrant campaigners only post for migrant issues and spend their time attacking those who don’t agree with them only on migrant issues, without any real arguments.

            If migrant groups truely cared about migrants and thought they were exploited they would be campaigning to stop the guest visas straight away so that people like Isaac Arvizu don’t come here and get duped into wasting their parents money.

            Notice the pro migrant campaigners never go down this easy route of stopping the guest visas but seem to be more interested in having more Isaac Arvizu’s coming to NZ and paying them and middle men to try for years to keep them in the country… Nobody is happy with this situation.

            It’s the middle men, exploitative business and immigration groups making the money out of this horrible situation and abusing those on social media who want it to stop.

            • I hope that you are tired of it. I really do. Most of what you are producing is right-wing anti-migration crap covered with some environmental or social garnish not to make it look too nasty.

          • Manfred – another commentator playing the person not the ball. This rude shit really pisses me off. If you disagree with SaveNZ then argue their points in rebuttal – that’s called civilised discourse. Don’t abuse them.
            SaveNZ is one of the few commentators arguing against this pernicious form of neoliberal exploitation, using reasoned arguments and statistics. If you don’t like their arguments, come up with your own instead of getting nasty i.e. grow the fuck up.


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