Waatea News Column: Debate with gangs essential for real solutions


The disgraceful manner in which the Human Rights Commission, Marama Davidson and Willie Jackson are being tarnished by National and ACT for meeting with the Mongrel Mob is shameful!

Both parties have been scathing of the meetings with National claiming the meetings were held in secret and ACT denouncing any contact at all (despite hypercritically meeting with the Mongrel Mob themselves to discuss gun rights).

Both National and ACT are arguing in bad faith and both are attempting to race bait reactionary pākehā vote.

Of course, our Human Rights Officials and politicians should meet with gangs when there is the opportunity to build better health outcomes free from violence and crime!

We know that endlessly building prisons and imprisoning people doesn’t work and that prevention is far preferable than incarceration!

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Our prisons already groan with too many people in them, the solution can’t simply be locking more people up!

To get to that place we must talk but conflating gangs to organized crime the way National and ACT do replace dialogue for racist tropes designed to inflame frightened white voters.

We deserve a better quality of debate in the 21st Century that goes beyond anger and scare tactics. The Human Rights Commission, Davidson and Jackson are showing what political leadership looks like.

ACT and National are dog-whistling spite.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. I totally agree Martyn, well said.
    “We deserve a better quality of debate in the 21st Century that goes beyond anger and scare tactics”; we are obviously not going to get that from the current National or Act Parties.

  2. Of course they are.. It’s worked well for them up to now, and they just aren’t smart enough to do anything else.. This is what we get when we keep voting based on out fears and bigotries… A colonial privilege party that is nothing more than the wired up skeleton of George Grey that gets rattled every time they need a distraction from the general incompetence they employ in the jobs they are supposed to do as an elected representative of their localities. The fact that a creepy little bike shed lurker is their most effective spruiker says a hell of a lot about the party itself… (Mike Hoseking).. To expect them to suddenly start behaving in a reasonable manner is delusional to the point of dangerous naivete.. Next step… Turn the “colonial” into “religious” once The Luxon creature takes over as boss… It’s been ordained by the parties owners representative (John “pony boy” Key), so it must happen, or we can rest assured that ACT has become the vehicle for the continuation of those colonial privileges.. Neither one is remotely competent to govern, but that never stopped the herald from blowing smoke up our arses about their brilliance… And we have shown just how easy we are to hornswoggle…

  3. Bomber you once described Simeon Brown as being a shitstain. Since then I have never been able to view a picture of him and think of anything other than Simeon Brown = shitstain. End of thought stream.I do not take any notice of what he does or says as a result.

  4. Well he was a carpet bagger at the very start of his political life.
    Parachuted into Pakuranga from Manurewa and displacing the standing woman Pakuranga candidate only a few months out from the election about to get underway.
    What does that tell you about the little turd & the Nats?

    He’ll shit on anybody to get ahead I guess.

    Let’s see how long this little bumfart lasts in parliament. He doesn’t have any talent so he’ll more than likely be a bottom feeder for the usual stereotypical trope issues.


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