PODCAST: Manning and Buchanan on Australia-NZ-China Is This the Tipping-Point? Also Israel


A View from Afar: Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan present this week’s podcast, where they analyse the Australia-China-New Zealand relationship. Has this reached a tipping-point? Also, Israel. How stable will this cobbled together coalition of anti-Netanyahu parties be?

But first, Australia, China, and New Zealand:

  • What are the main take-away points from the New Zealand-Australia leaders bilateral meeting this week?
  • AU PM Scott Morrison referenced ANZUS while NZ PM Jacinda Ardern spoke of NZ’s defence requirements as an independent consideration.
  • So who is correct here? Does Australia and New Zealand’s re-stated commitment to being a Trans-Tasman family drag NZ into supporting any future Australian conflict?

And then there’s China’s foreign ministry response, that states: “The leaders of Australia and New Zealand, with irresponsible remarks on China’s internal affairs relating to Hong Kong and Xinjiang as well as the South China Sea issue, have made groundless accusations against China…”

  • Does AU and NZ governments’ renewed sense of self-identity indicate a rebalancing of a regional and global order? And has the PRC’s dominating influence in AU and NZ politics reached its zenith?
  • And does the PRC’s increased authoritarianism at home and abroad reflect leadership weaknesses rather than strength?

*** Israel.

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In the last quarter of this episode, Buchanan and Manning will discuss the latest from the Middle East.

  • Will a cobbled-together coalition of anti-Netanyahu politicians succeed in creating a new Israel Government? How stable will it be, and, what does this mean for Palestinians in the West Bank of Gaza?


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      • Both Australia and New Zealand export our pollution in the form primary exports iron ore (Australia) and logs (NZ). So our respective immissions targets should double to reflect all the wast we export to other nations. That I believe is the question we should answer before moving on to other questions.

      • It’s puzzling how some on the left champion human rights for the Palestinians and want to sanction Israel, but are outspoken sinophiles who refuse to acknowledge reports of atrocities in China.
        A truly principled foreign policy would involve trade sanctions on both Israel and China, we are just greedy hypocrites who sell out for money- it’s how China is enslaving the pacific.
        Enjoyed the video thanks Mr Buchanan some good insights although you are a little hasty to praise Labour for funding the military: could have mentioned Labour’s scrapping of our small fighter wing as evidence we once had (small) capability as an expeditionary force, and it was NZ first who cemented in the latest purchases as I’m sure you know.


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