Gang Intelligence Centre a joke 


This can’t come as a surprise…

Gang Intelligence Centre leadership concerns revealed in document release

New Zealand’s Gang Intelligence Centre has been blighted by poor leadership and has been struggling to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

Multiple sources RNZ has talked to said the leadership of the Gang Intelligence Centre was “clueless”, and one person said it was run by a bunch of buffoons.

Leadership were said to have no understanding of the gang environment, which in turn meant the centre was failing to have an impact on the harm being caused by gangs.

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…when you have gangs spraying other gang pads with semiautomatics, you have lost control of the situation.

This would not be happening if there was a competent Gang Intelligence Centre. The point is to never let shit get to this level.

This lack of leadership is terrifying on a range of fronts.

The first is of course the eruption of gang violence we are witnessing due to the 501s taking over domestic gangs.

The second is that we have handed Police a bewilderingly huge power in the form of facial recognition software they gained from a corrupt company without any sign off from politicians or the people.

The third is their quiet street spying on young people and illegal photographing of them without any independent adult protection.

So we have a Gang Intelligence Centre armed with the most powerful mass surveillance system alongside a shadow street stasi who have no fucking idea how to deal with the looming gang war!

Everyone feeling safe yet?

My argument is that the sudden forced importation of huge swathes of hardened Australian crims into the NZ criminal scene is a unique event and that they bring with them a level of violence unseen before in the NZ criminal underworld.

These new Australian connected gangs don’t use Chinese organised crime syndicates for their meth, they have Mexican cartel links who are ultra violent and produce a higher grade meth for a far cheaper price and that the explosion of organised hits and assassinations that have plagued the domestic criminal fraternity for the last few years are part of a take over by th 501 syndicates.

So what is to be done?

Quiet diplomacy is urgently required. We face an event unlike any other in NZs criminal history, never before have we had a situation where thousands of violent criminals have been dropped off into the country with zero ability to contain them.

This unique event demands a unique solution.

A secret round table meeting between Government agencies and Domestic gangs where the following deal is hammered out:

1 – NO METH! There has to be a serious undertaking by the domestic gangs to no longer deal in meth in return, Government amends cannabis legislation to ensure the domestic gangs can grow and sell cannabis legitimately.  Domestic Gangs will need to forgo illegal meth money for legal cannabis money.

2 – Domestic gangs turn all evidence about the the 501s over to the Police and aid in entrapping any, in return Police will organise an enormous one off event whereby they move against the entire 501 infrastructure and take them down in one hit, similar to what happened to the Killer Bees.

3 – Build special prisons just for the 501s with a focus on long sentences and heavy rehabilitation.

If we are not going to seriously tackle the reason why the gang wars are brewing then we won’t actually stop it from erupting.

The Police have the powers for this, but no fresh thinking.


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  1. Nothing will change until the 1975 misuse of drugs act is repealed and realistic drug legislation and legalization occurs. It will get worse and worse and worse. More police will be attacked and shot some will die. It is their own fault and the fault of the government for not acting and bringing about desperately needed change. We deserve this because of our obdurate stupidity in not admitting the destructiveness of our drug laws.

  2. I can’t believe I agree with you almost entirely in regards to a what next approach!!! It’s not an approach based on ideals although pragmatically it is a chance of succeeding

    It’s either that or label gangs domestic terrorists and limits rights etc. That is a rabbit hole we should only go down as a last resort. Unfortunately government/police inaction has increased the likelihood of this approach when the Blairite and TeamWoke are booted out (in due course).

  3. So if we believe that these Laurel and Hardy Keystone Cops are waaay out of their depth and that the real reason for them wanting the Armed Fast Response Police Units in South Auckland & Hamilton to react to these outbreaks of shootings…maybe if they had been more upfront with the public about it, maybe it could have been seen as a positive thing as long as they didn’t harrass the locals?

    A lack of “Intelligence” on their part, again, I suspect.


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