ACT throws away principled debate for National Party race baiting – RIP David Seymour’s virtue virginity   


MARK THIS SAD DAY COMRADES! Mark this sad day, for it is the day our Free Market Prince besmirched his virtue by rejecting high principled debate for the sewer of National’s race baiting filth!

A lot of attention will be on the jaw dropping hypocrisy of Nicole McKee, and we will get to her in a moment, but the far larger philosophical  sin here is that ACT, the Party of the individual over the State, has so cravenly played to racist tropes while ignoring the rights of the individual!

Regardless of being a gang member or not, the individual has a right to meet their political representatives to discuss their concerns! ACT are seriously pimping for the State to selectively choose who it will and won’t meet? How the fuck is that standing up for the rights of the individual? What’s next from ACT – a list of words you can’t discuss with MPs?

Who is ACT in the side of? The State or only the individuals they like?

This in the week they declined entrepreneur and free market enthusiast Lisa Lewis from becoming a member!

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The sin that will resonate with the wider public however is the astonishing revelation that ACT gun fetishist and future war criminal, Nicole McKee, met the Mongrel Mob after flaying Marama Davidson and Willie Jackson for meeting gangs!

The gasp inducing audacity and hypocrisy to attack other Politicians for something you yourself are doing is extraordinary!

Hilariously, McKee claims the meetings were different and I suppose that’s true. Marama and Willie met with them to work on strategies that heal and provide off ramps to a life of violence and pain where as McKee wanted to discuss gun rights!

So according to ACT:

Meeting with gangs to find strategies that lift that community out of crime = bad?

Meeting with gangs to discuss gun rights = good?

That sounds like a Party who has a very weird relationship with guns.

The concern was that when Seymour flirted with the gun nuts he unleashed a stacked hand against him, fears are that he’s now held hostage by these machine gun enthusiasts in an undisclosed basement in Epsom.

While David is leader, ACT might remain values driven enough to contain the worst extremes of the far right, but the second he is gone expect the next leader to exploit the strength he’s built.

You get the feeling McKee is already looking to redecorate his leaders office with a shark tank and water boarding table.

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  1. Gang intimidation and violence heavily encroaches on individual rights, as for meeting MPs or even having a voice your average citizen can’t do that: you’re talking about organizations & elites, not individuals.

    • Yes but gangs are made up of individuals, individuals who rights just like everyone else. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, right to meet with MP’s, to petition parliament just like any other citizen or citizens’ association such as Greypower, C & R, Taxpayers Union etc.

  2. ACT will prosper when Little unveils the hate speech law…i suspect you Martyn will also need to heed it, your blog will end up with more moderated deleted posts than allowable posts!

  3. McKee is as gun-nutty as any of the backwoods and cammo wearing brigade, her organisation COLFO–Council of Licensed Firearm Owners–had clear links to the US NRA a year ago, but they have removed or buried links in online presences since the ACT hook up.

    COLFO makes out it is grassroots, but it is full of gun industry people.

  4. Nothing new about ACT being contradictory or throwing principle to winds in search of votes. For freedom except when they’re not as they periodically jump aboard the Law & Order “Lock Em Up & throw away the Key” train. Freedom to oppress/exploit but no freedom from oppression/exploitation.

  5. Rookie mistake. McKee (whilst not entirely my cup of tea) appears a quick learner. Still nothing on the first term behaviors from Ricky from Tijuana……Move on.

  6. It’s the ‘untapped’ pool of voters. Not a silly move. Growing the ‘Pie’.

    5000-8000+ voters mobilised isn’t to be sniffed at when you look at the bigger picture.

  7. Where was the race baiting??? I dont understand. Hypocrisy certainly but race baiting sorry I missed it.

  8. The gangs are nobler and more passionate about what they do for them and their own than all our vile little politicians I can name rolled into one.
    ACT is a thing there’s seemingly no cure for. It just grows the arse of AO/NZ and festers away. seymour, the sparkling little head of it keeps getting squeezed but each day it grows back even more infectious and pernicious than before.
    It would pay us to remember that act and it’s old leech douglas are costing us many hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly while act’s victims bed down in the streets and many kids go to bed hungry.
    What intrigues me is the chilling blank space between the cause and the need to rebel against the effect of it. Are we immobilised by fear? By a lack of leadership? By MSM brain washing? What is it, about our dysfunctional society where most of us merely exist in a rich country while surrounded by poverty as the medium house price in Wellington is now one million dollars and rising!?

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