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    The Maori Party call out the double standards from police

    how one person can threaten Simeon Brown, be arrested and be taken to court while another threatening to kill Maori only gets a talking to from police and a judgement (hence creating the law, not enforcing it) that the person had ‘mental health issues’ (wow no kidding). So after dressing up as a cop and a judge the police dress up as a medical professional and diagnose this person and let him off the hook? We read about it and some of us experience it, but here is the dangerous police double standard laid bare.

  2. Why did only Judith know about Nick? As a prospective National party MP did Jake think he was untouchable? Will Nick ever leave his house again? Is Gerry starting to sweat? Will the National Party caucus meetings now start with a hongi or a prayer? Are Nicola and the Bish worried about Christian conservatives taking over the party? All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

  3. Whilst he’s at it … ” Trade Minister Damien O’Connor will lead an innovative ‘virtual’ trade mission to Japan this week to promote New Zealand’s valued relationship with one of its largest trading partners on Friday 4 June by business leaders from New Zealand’s premium food and beverage, health technology, consumer tech, and renewable energy sectors.”

    Tell those fucks to deal to the Japanese, that by dumping 1 billion litres of the Fukushima Nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean is a deal Breaker! Literally.


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