Political Caption Competition


50 shades of white


  1. Saying goodbye to National since 2018…Adams, Bennett, Tolley, Walker, Yang, Kaye, Falloon, Carter, Scott, Guy, Barry, Dowie, English, Joyce, Coleman, Finlayson, Korako, Ross and Smith. Your turn next Gerry?

    • Not bitterness, more a celebration. Just a roll call of those who resigned, retired or were sacked, 19 in all (so far) from the once great National Party. Averages out at over 6 people gone every year. Impressive, so well done, keep up the good work and see you in 2023. I think Gerry is just waiting for a change in fortune so he can claim his coveted prize of the Speakers Chair. But I will admit, he looked like he was enjoying himself today, evening exchanging thumbs up with Mallard when admonished for ‘being too loud’.


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