Waatea News Column: Why the latest TVNZ poll suggests Greens & Maori Party form an alliance


The latest TVNZ Poll suggests the Greens and Māori Party should form an alliance.

The Greens hit 8% while the Māori Party got 2%. The chances are that Labour will require another Party to gain 51% in Parliament to form a Government come 2023 and it is that need that gives the Greens and the Māori Party real political leverage.

If the Greens & Māori Party held a hui to discuss the housing, poverty and climate crisis and agreed to a shared policy platform that binds them as a shared coalition option for Labour, they would capture the hope politics can inspire.

The crisis of the moment is larger than individual party egos and requires MMP strategic cooperation.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Apart from looking for any excuse to play the race card, do the Maori Party actually have any coherent policies?

    What we really need is for the opposition to get its act into gear (no pun intended) for this current governments arrogance seems to know no limits and they continue to carry on with impunity while pushing through stuff that they did not even campaign on.

    For democracy to be healthy you need strong parties on both sides of the political divide

      • I wasn’r running for election.

        anyhow I have been a Labour voter all my life but I am worried about the direction they are taking New Zealand with a mandate since they didn’t campaign on the things they are wanting to implement,

        so yeah they wont have my vote next time around. No idea where I will put my vote as most politicians are odious clowns and just downright pigs at the trough

        • I am in the same position; never voted right in my life, not sure I could bring myself to, even strategically. That said, this governments policy is frankly terrible and many of the ideas gaining traction on the left are toxic and counter productive.

    • Yes they do and many Nzers will not like them cause they are all about and based on Tino rangatiratanga.

  2. Current governments arrogance includes not only pushing stuff they did not campaign on but ignoring the issues they did campaign on.
    They obviously have a secret agenda which they are not going to share with us.
    Most transparent government ever?

    • As long as policies like extending the Bright line, FPA and He Puapua keep coming and I think they will, Labour-Greens-Maori supporters will be happy as these chip away the neo liberal damage supercharged by the nasty natzo party, and with the super toxic opposition being the total a-holes they are, who wouldn’t keep these changes in house as long as possible and starve the collins/seymours cabal of oxygen. Good politics for us lefties, hard luck for the other lot.

  3. Yes and nah, for this to happen the Greens will have to taihoa on their current land grabbing policy, this is the policy aimed at protecting native flora and fauna and the land owner having to seek consent to build or develop their own land. Maori are more than capable of protecting their own land and given most of countries prime land is now in foreign hands we need to hold onto as much as we can.

  4. Labour will highly likely need Greens and Māori Party to have the numbers in 2023. One stunningly obvious joint policy that many Pākehā would support is returning this country’s power generation and supply to full public ownership. Re-nationalisation of such assets is a socialist move, and a Green move and a Tino Rangatiratanga move–a Green/Māori alliance could do it with public support and a strong bargaining position after the votes are counted.

    Send all the exploiters of the artificially created power market packing–with drip fed compensation if they go quietly. The fact is the lines companies and the rest cruise significantly on previously built and paid for public infrastructure. These bludgers have ensured thousands of NZers cannot afford power.

    A young guy Ezra Hirawani is trying to start a Māori Energy Company. He has been in talks with Māori Party representatives. Worth a read.

    • Send all the exploiters of the artificially created power market packing


      Also, they should now be installing solar panels in all those new-builds, to at least supplement main power. Now, when they are undergoing this major re-build program, is that glaring opportunity to do this – to shore up energy security for the future of all of us, for every household. Why they are avoiding doing this, is beyond my comprehension.

  5. Oh fuck no! The MP is best to stay away from that toxic bunch!

    The Maori Party will have a good idea of what leverage is when the time comes.

    The gweens are just a parasitic leach of no use at all for anyone.

    • ” The gweens are just a parasitic leach of no use at all for anyone ”

      Yeah and the Maori party jumped into bed with the shyster and the other deplorables with the promise of the crumbs and scraps left on the floor after one of Key’s fundraisers.

      The Maori party sat by and never stood up on a matter of principle and there were many from 2008 – 2017.

      They allowed themselves to be bought which is what happens when your blind rage wont allow for you to look out and not see the wood in the bush but the cabbage trees.

      Yes they got some of the scraps but it was all symbolic and only to make Key look multicultural and give his teflon like persona just a little more sparkle with all of those Don Brash followers.

      No Bomber no alliance. The ( real ) Green party has a policy on Te Tino Rangatiratanga and if it could just break free of the covid capitalist contagion the party would be in a convenient , powerful position when the country goes to a general election in around 2023 -24.

      • Māori Party is on a different tack now from the Key era. Their actions speak–no accomodation with NZ National. They have led some of the community mobilisations to influence councils on Māori Wards and have a number of progressive policies.

  6. Yeah xstraight and does that remind you of someone, GST, legalized synthetics and charter schools anyone.

  7. In the past Labour has choosen not to go with Greens for very good reasons. Their policies are toxic to growth and we would be offside with many of our overseas allies.

  8. How do you reconcile the Groanz’ neoliberal Gary Lin and exploitative McDonald’s manager immigration policy with that of the Maori Party?

  9. Ahh so the left is now admitting Jacinda is on the back foot.
    For her, it’s all downhill to the election.

    • You will find I’ve been pointing out it’s a Labour-Green 2023 Govrnment since 2020 election night

      • Unless there is a real break down in protecting the nation from Covid I think you are right all though I shudder at the result. It would be 3 years of nothing getting done as Labour hold up,Greens policy by using research committees that will report just in time to not do anything until the next term. By then National or Act will be stronger and any real changes will be watered down so the voters are not too frightened by dramatic changes and vote them out of office.

    • No one has ever seen neokindness. Even Jacinda is surprised at how strongly she held the centre. She’s just to strong. We need to feed her strong opponents so everyone can see, she’s just to strong. There’s one aspect of strength where it’s one dimensional in a hope that it will make up for in deficiencies in other areas, and then there’s fundamental strength where you’re just strong everywhere and Jacinda is just to strong.

  10. Sam,
    Are you referring to me as a “ pleb “ if yes may I ask how you arrived at this conclusion?
    I’m not at all offended but rather amused.
    This magnificent world we have created please for my elucidation who are the we?
    Please also check your usage of to instead of too.
    All the best.

  11. To be fair not the same party it was. Harawira & his faction back then the minority and ignored/pushed out. Outside of MP he built up/rebuilt an independent Maori Left Nationalist Mana Movement and even with the KD/Internet Party misteps and ensuing wider electoral implosion was able to bring a more substantial independent maori left back to MP. I think ex-Mana Movement activists are now the dominant faction in MP.

    • Definitely, the Professor Winiata, “children of assimilation”–i.e. Peta Sharples, and Iwi Leader Forum types, are no longer in charge at MP–it is a younger echelon now.

      Plus Debbie Ngarewa Packer is showing signs of what the NZ ruling class has always feared–unity between Māori and Pākehā, she calls non Māori supporters “Tangata Tiriti”. The type of people who are relaxed about iwi aspirations and helped achieve support for Māori Wards in local Govt. and take direct action in occupations and other activity such as at Ihumatāo.

  12. My pakeha cousin in Czechia was thinking seriously of voting for the Maori Party over the Greens, as I was less seriously. They have much compatible. I think it’s a good way to go. Labour isn’t serious serious. Everything comes second to political management for them.

  13. Strange, the tone of endless disputation in Left Blog comments, when the only way for the people is concentration on the few things that matter leading to a unified approach against the powerful.

    • I’m not sure why you think most commenters are “Left”.
      Some are, yes.

      But some are desperate and desolate nat-rats, embittered at feeling disempowered and seeing their former home disintegrating. Others are busy spreading their ACT Libertarian gospel with evangelical fervour. And many have their own respective agendas which may have little in common with much that is “Left”.

      • Quite right, but the flavour is endless footnotery, arguments forever about details. Unlike the Right’s blogs that never helps the people, for whom strong unity around truths is their great strength.

    • YES! to your call for greater unity of the Left, as being the way forward, to advance policies.

      As in the lead article above:
      If the Greens & Māori Party held a hui to discuss the housing, poverty and climate crisis and agreed to a shared policy platform that binds them as a shared coalition option for Labour, they would capture the hope politics can inspire.

      Strongly agree.

  14. The crisis of the moment is larger than individual party egos and requires MMP strategic cooperation.

    Very true!

  15. In my book, the only way forward for the Greens. On the right side but none of the roughage of the reality of the neediest, or Aotearoa’s soul.

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