The Liberal Agenda – The March Of Migrants this Saturday

With our protest march, we aim to amplify migrant voices and to highlight issues endured by migrants due to the broken immigration system in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Our requests:
(1) It has been over a year and migrants are still stranded offshore – Bring them back.
(2) The ever-moving goal post of getting residence – Give residence now to those already here.
(3) Migrant worker exploitation is never ending – Detach visas from employers
Visa processing delays cause havoc for migrant lives – allocate more resources at INZ.
(4) Unite separated families – Reset immigration policy and overhaul INZ.
We aim to make this a calm protest, focussed on our goals. We are here to support and empower each other. This is a peaceful event protected by a legal right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Protest.
Saturday at 3 PM, Aotea Square


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