GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Will Tokyo Olympics be a Covid super-spreader?


A widely reported survey by The Asahi Shimbun Daily that 80% of Japanese either do not want the Summer Olympics to go ahead because their country is in the midst of a 4th wave of the Covid pandemic.

The Guardian reports:
“Olympic organisers say tough anti-virus measures, including regular testing of athletes and a ban on overseas fans, will keep the Games safe. But the Kyodo poll found 87.7% of respondents worry that an influx of athletes and staff members from abroad may spread the virus.”

While many of our athletes will want to go to Tokyo, on other hand the government is officially warning EVERYONE in our country about travelling overseas.

So with the real possibility that the Olympics could be a super- spreader event I’ve been looking online to see if I could find the Covid 19 plan for our Olympic team.

Has anyone seen it? If so please post the link.

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I’m interested to know if all the team will be vaccinated before they go.

And when they return will they all have to test negative 72 hours before they depart and/or also go into an isolation facility ?


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. I hope all athletes and officials will be required to do the full 2 weeks of isolation that others have . This country seems to have a habit of treating sports people differently than others .

    • It is not fear of the virus it is the fear of the economic effect that it has . Until we all get vaccinated care needs to be taken to keep the virus out if possible. The Olympics is an unnecessary risk .

  2. The 2021 Olympics are bound to become a ‘spray and walk away’ super spreader event. Oh look! People’s dying! Oh look! I walk away!
    None of these morons in charge anywhere care what the vast majority of people think, say or want anymore. It’s the end game of democracy in the west. Japan could lose money on the Olympics and the officials would still want it to go ahead.
    Oh look! Economy in ruins! Oh look! I still walk away!
    The same goes anywhere in the west. Enjoy the decline.

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