The weird case of Lisa Lewis and the ACT Party – this tyranny will not stand!

Feminist Icon Lisa Lewis with supporters and well wishers

Say it isn’t so ACT?

I thought the ACT Party was all about free choice, freedom of speech and a slavish devotion to Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

Which is why it’s so puzzling that ACT have denied Lisa Lewis membership to the Party.

No one says entrepreneurship quite like Lisa and her championing of free speech by doing the news naked surely makes her candidate worthy rather than mere membership.

Apparently not.

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Lisa has framed the rejection email and is currently selling it on Trade Me.

Why isn’t a free speaking feminist like Lisa Lewis allowed to be a member of a Party that endlessly proclaims its free thinking brand?

David Seymour must face questions on why ACT hates female entrepreneurs so much.

This tyranny will not stand!

TDB will be tireless in demanding Lisa becomes a member of ACT.

Since when was ACT too good for Lisa Lewis? We’ve all seen David twerk!


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  1. Lisa probably doesn’t meet the prerequisite of being a covid denier, conspiracy theorist, gun nut or hater of the poor and disadvantaged. She also probably ticked the box that said she had compassion for her fellow human beings (big mistake). Laugh of the week for me was Seymour claiming that NZers shouldn’t label other people, after finishing a hard few years of labelling people he disagrees with (and it’s a long list).

  2. So the “standard bearers” for free speech will only let you join if you are “the right stuff”? Why am I getting the impression that the “right” of the political divide are entering a new era of oppression based politics? “Free speech”? Only if it fits in with what they want.. Nothing new here, except for a whole new level of suppression politics, and self deception on a societal scale..
    I had thought humanity would have learnt something from the first round of ignorance and stupidity (middle ages), but no, we still have a way to go down into the “basement of ignorance”…
    Considering the political vacuum that the ACT party represents, then the scope for widespread corruption is huge with these opportunists.. So much so that the Nats support base will be eying act up to see what more they can get out of supporting them than the nats were able to steal…

  3. I think they’ve missed a golden opportunity to increase their voter base and increase the total turnout of the NZ voter base!

    That magical 8%-12% that don’t vote is the untapped pool, and carving out a paedo and the pervert community could help them takeout the Nats!

    They should reconsider the application for membership. Or maybe give her membership on a probationary period with conditions? By keeping her clothes on!

    It’s probably the moral righteous woman within Act are just a little bit uptight and jealous of her?

    Sexism and misogyny are not labels reserved soley just for men?

    • I dislike her because she relentlessly bullied a disabled woman online, cheered on by a bunch of men. All because Lisa parked in a disabled car park & then told the her 10,000 followers that her husband had sought out her service. Maybe Lisa is not such a big fat feminist & it’s not jealousy , but that she can’t own her shit. She never apologised…

  4. I am not much of a sports follower.
    But if there were more Lisa Lewis’s at the cricket and rugby, I would stretch myself and watch it more often

    • Actually…? I do care, as much as I can care about anything mentioning act.
      Why? Why does Lisa Lewis want to risk being bitten by freaky old roger who can surely be found hanging upside down in seymours wardrobe?
      Was [it] an attempt at infiltra…….
      Ok. Yes, it was. I got past my ignorant indignation and actually read the above piece.
      So yes? Why don’t act want a bold and aggressive feminist hanging around on act’s little barbi day?
      I wonder if she knows Zoe Bell? Wouldn’t it make great headlines if Lisa Lewis and Zoe Bell literally kicked wee davy seymour’s arse?
      Seen Death Proof?
      Zoe Bell’s the best bit in it.

  5. Possibly might have something to do with her being a sex worker, so you can say whatever you want in ACT, but don’t believe for one minute, you can do what ever you want legally to pay the bills.

  6. When has David Seymour ever been answerable for anything ? His place on the right means that he and his party are exempt from any scrutiny.

    Imagine the uproar had this happened on the pretend centre left.

    • The stain of the “tea cup deal” lasts eternally on National and no amount of bleaching will ever be rid of the stain that is the ACT party. National get what they deserve and what they deserve has come to fruition for Nick Smith. 30 years in parliament for his bullying behaviour has come to an end.

  7. Lisa Lewis now makes around 30 grand a month on her Only Fannies porn site. Her sole motivation is lowering the tax take for herself. So she’s discovered a political party that suits her current needs, but they clearly don’t want her. Who can blame any party, when she is just the champion of herself, chasing media attention whenever it presents…

    • If being the champion of oneself and chasing media attention whenever it presents means you can’t be in Act I guess Seymour’s time is up.

  8. Rude, a man telling us women Lisa Lewis is a free speaking feminist. Little do you realise she simply blocks many women who dare lay down an opinion on social media , yet tolerates her ‘pussy’ worshippers who regularly make misogynistic comments.

    More to the point, she’s nothing more than a high profile pornster, whose fanny resembles a pre pubescent teenager, & who once preyed on a poor truck driver, who stumped up 8 grand for her breasts to poke out.

    To say she is a feminist icon is actually a slur on the movement.


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