2 Chinese asset MPs, a Star Wars reference, Samoa, a book for Phil Goff, Sco Mo, Covid lab leak and the Labour Party donations scandal statement all walk into a bar…

Labour Party candidate for Mt Roskill byelection, holds open a book showing the signature of the President of China, Xi Jingping, that sold for $150,000.


Why was the revelation of National and Labour colluding to flush Chinese assets out of Parliament  made to Richard Harmen over at Politik?

Don’t get me wrong, Richard is a hard working journalist with his own set of investigative skills, but I find it remarkably difficult to believe the information  wasn’t leaked on purpose.

It coincides with Scott Morrison visiting, it counters Aussie propaganda we are selling out to China and it feels like that moment in Star Wars (the real first one, not the bullshit prequels) when C-3PO and RD-D2 jettison from the spaceship.

In completely unrelated news, isn’t it funny how Labour’s statement regarding the men arrested for a SFO investigation into Labour donations has so many loopholes in it you could drive an 18 wheeler truck through it? I get the feeling that the second name suppression is lifted we are in for one hell of a political shock wave.

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In completely unrelated news, how deep is China’s involvement in Samoa’s slow motion coup?

In completely unrelated news, remember that $150000 book Phil Goff raised for his Auckland Mayoralty campaign?

In completely unrelated news, Biden ordered a snap 90 day review of all intelligence suggesting Covid leaked from the Wuhan Lab.

2 Chinese asset MPs, a Star Wars reference, Samoa, a book for Phil Goff, Sco Mo, Covid lab leak and the Labour Party donations scandal statement all walk into a bar, the blogger looks up and says, “What is this, a completely unrelated joke”?


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  1. When NZ politics worst kept secret comes out there will be a lot of red faces on the left. The hypocrisy regarding the JLR saga will be laid bare. That said the sheeple of (little) Aotearoa will ignore this beltway issue safe in their covid cult, housing inflation bubble

    • In completely unrelated news, the hypocrisy of Nick Smith saying parliament is like a Nazi state is resigning because he’s a bully and joins Nationals and John Keys worst kept spy secret which was hidden by a vanity flag referendum. The sheeple of N.Z. nearly bought it but the intelligent ones voted it out.

      • No, they were sheep voting for smarmy Key and they are sheep voting for phony kindness Jacinda now.
        Most voters are not interested or very knowledgeable about politics.
        Government spin doctors go to a lot of trouble to keep it that way.

          • If you are hard lefty self hating whitey vote Maori party.
            If you want to retain your civil liberties albeit at the expense of moar capitalism (you’re going to get it anyway) vote ACT.

      • Did you enjoy the Blairite’s back down over the weekend Bertie. She backed away from China faster than the French did in WW2 when they saw the Panzers cresting the hill.

        Nick Smith was past his used by date anyway. Big deal. A hit job by the duck and his enablers. There will be a return serve of course – those on the left don’t get that part of the political process.

  2. Another random, ‘unrelated’ news item:

    a) All-of-Govt services – (since 1989) – are via Australian-owned Westpac
    Westpac Government Banking, their front page
    b) Westpac is (considering?) selling out its NZ business.
    Westpac Bank Sale of NZ business
    c) A Chinese bank could buy it tvnz, Chinese bank possible buyer
    c) “Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the three Chinese government controlled banks active in NZ, could all certainly afford to buy Westpac NZ.” – Gareth Vaughan, Interest at this link

  3. Just a side piece but relevant.

    This from idiot savant.

    NZDF gives the finger to the Burnham inquiry
    Last year, the inquiry into Operation Burnham reported back, finding (among other things) that SAS and NZDF officers had deceived Ministers and the public, and that NZ soldiers had assaulted a prisoner. So will anyone ever be held accountable for that? Of course not:

    Two soldiers at the centre of the Operation Burnham inquiry have escaped punishment by the Defence Force, including a Special Air Service soldier who assaulted an Afghan detainee.
    Former SAS commander Brigadier Chris Parsons would not face disciplinary action after he had committed an “administrative failing” in a report, Chief of Defence Air Marshall Kevin Short said in a statement.

    The SAS soldier that was found to have punched a detainee, who was not named throughout the inquiry, would not be censured because the matter was not properly investigated at the time, he said.

    [That “administrative failing” was deliberately misleading the Defence Minister about whether the Operation Burnham raid had killed civilians, and then doctoring records to cover it up].
    This is basicly NZDF saying “fuck you” to the entire inquiry, and to the public concern which led to it. They’ve been clear throughout this entire debacle that they don’t think anyone did anything wrong, and now they’re using their own coverup and years of delay as an excuse to ensure that those responsible are never held accountable. Rather than being dishonourably discharged and stripped of their honours as they deserve, the criminals at the heart of this will continue to serve, and by their presence continue to corrupt our defence force. And NZDF’s senior leadership is perfectly happy with that.

    That being the case, I think we need to admit that NZDF as an institution is unsalvageable. They are committed to unaccountability and deceit. And since all they actually do in practice is drag us into other people’s wars, maybe we should just do away with the entire organisation, and replace it with a civilian civil defence and foreign aid corps, freeing it up to focus on its core – and valued – competencies: rescuing lost trampers, sandbagging stopbanks to limit flooding, and rebuilding schools after tropical cyclones.

    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 6/01/2021 02:52:00 PM

  4. “In completely unrelated news, how deep is China’s involvement in Samoa’s slow motion coup?” Isn’t the question posed by the blog by Chris Trotter, “How much was the US involved in electing a US-friendly new government”?

  5. Yeah The CCP still has a coterie of ex CCp/CPA “Maoist” NZer “Useful Idiots’ to draw on. Trotter was once a member of SAL whchich opposed the pro-China CCP & it’s front the China-NZ Friendship Society, but now it seems in his tired anti-USA he’s now made himself a sockpuppet of the Chinese.


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