The geopolitical danger of the China lab leak theory 


The possibility that Covid accidentally leaked from a Wuhan Lab has enormously dangerous   geopolitical ramifications.

The Chinese regime would be terrified of an angry domestic population turning against them while a global call for compensation would erupt.

A war to whip up nationalistic fervour that reasserts State control over the domestic population while daring the rest of the world to stop them would be required to hide that truth getting out.

We know there were embassy cables warning Trump that the Wuhan Lab was a safety risk.

We know US Intelligence picks up a pandemic in November.

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We know the lab was experimenting on the virus and that scientists have now cast suspicion on the virus having been tampered with.

Because of the prevalence of these types of labs and with human error factored in, there is an 80 percent chance of a a dangerous pathogen escape every 12.8 years.

We know lab staff suffered symptoms exactly like Covid a month before the first case in December.

The most dangerous part of this will be the way it empowers Trump and Qanon while diminishing the credibility of the mainstream media.

If the report in 90 days finds evidence of a lab leak, things will escalate quickly.

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  1. Tricky isn’t it. Wouldn’t want to be running the ship of state at this point in history. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    On the bright side very few Chinese people are aware of the tragedy of Tiananmen square so there is a possibility Xi might have sufficient confidence in the great firewall to gamble on NOT starting a war with Taiwan . It’s going to be an interesting year.

  2. This whole China virus thing given a new lease of life without any added facts, to serve Biden’s bid to stop China overtaking the US as the dominant imperialist power.
    More important, it serves to blind people to the real issues here.
    What causes SARs pandemics?Global warming and habitat destruction which makes viruses jump species. (The labs don’t invent them).
    What causes global warming? The capitalocene. Capitalism kills nature and cannot avoid the consequences.
    Better not to go berko over spilled test tubes and try to stop the rush to war where we will all be dragooned into fighting on the side of the US against China.
    That will sacrifice the lives of workers everywhere especially those of the adversaries who have no interest in big power politics, and those of the allied powers whose governments the lackeys of both powers.
    The unity of the world’s workers against the drive to war is the only way to stop war as the absurd solution to a dying capitalism dragging down humanity with it.

    • Best comment on The Daily Blog today.

      Linking COVID to nationalism and imperialist power plays is of little use to humanity.

    • Another apologist for Chinese imperialism & colonialism, Dave Brown? So mired in anti-USA imperialism/colonialialism that your eyes are covered over & you can’t see/ignore the horrors of the Chinese pseudo-fascist regime? Pot calls kettle black. Right-Wing/US conspiracists like the Wuhan Lab escape theory which Trump ran with. Biden’s just faced “reality” that it is a probability (by statistics alone) as presented to him by his intelligence agencies, plus also WHO was denied access to data/people in China & some indications of artificial construct within the virus identified by some scientists. Meanwhile many anti-US Left like the theory propagated by China CCP & Chinese/Pro-Chinese Leftwing Conspiracists that the US was source of leak from infected US soldiers from Fort Detrick who were in Wuhan as part of World Military Games …who even knew that was a thing? So conspiracists can be happy as a pig in shit as they get to choose a conspiracy depending on their alignment LOL. War is coming ..whether now, soon or further down the track. Better now than further along the line when China is more ready/hegemonic with it’s deep ports & Belt & Road firmly in place, once they’ve solidified their suborning of leaderships in Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Africa etc. WWI led to League Of Nations, a step foward then WWII brought the UN, a further step forward, the final step we need is a Super-UN, a UN with teeth, an actual World Parliament & standing UN Army that will police the world preventing Tyrants, Genocide, Civil War, elites capture of Aid etc. Maybe a war as horrible as that is/could be is a necessary evil to bring about the just & equitable world you envision? Your call for unity of workers worldwide is a pipedream never achieved & unattainable within the fractured nation-state divisions in the world today. Your call really just empowers/ennables the status quo. “Workers of the World Unite!” only really gets off the ground within a unified world Gov. Leftists opposing globalisation are short-sighted & just propping up nation-state nationalism & national capitalist elites who benefit as they use the nation-states to their benefit while being themselves internationalist/globalist. Leftists should support globalisation as way forward tro deepen & speed up the contradictions of capitalism

  3. The ‘world’ will probably adopt MSD’s, WINZ’s deduction of payments policy?

    They’ll all withhold payments for trade and services owed to Chinese companies and payments to China like the $3t USD’s of Chinese investments in the US and US Treasury bonds.

    It’s the only alternative to war with China, which they all know, that the people around the world are intolerant to more Wars. We’ve had enough of endless war and US and Western hegemony.

    Could you imagine the yoof of today been conscripted to enlisting!! But, then again, that may be the answer!

    Mel’s & gen Z will have tantrums and social media battles and all the support that they’ll need is mental health that can be delivered online to them!

    They all could play endlessly online war games! Like they do now, kinda.

    The CCPTAKGBUS trans-partnership agreement is as it was designed, a war pact with trade thrown in to make it look like a legitimate trade agreement between pro-US, Western allies. Even though Trump did something he’s not known for which was, pulling out, but he did.

    But all in all, this payment embargo is likely to fail because not only is China the largest manufacturing base in the world. It holds most of the worlds bluechip companies by the balls as well as a supplier of downstream product components for the ‘west’.

    The ball is really in the US’s court .. the EU are a bunch of pussies and will lose their bottle to enter into anything meaningful other than following suit belatedly and half-arsed as per usual.

    None of them can afford to go to war, but stupidly, they will likely most probably will do. Wankas.

    • EU too fractured/divided due to contest of Russia/US in the eastern states & coz they got used to dependency on US Hegemon, not having the balls to step out from shadow of NATO/US military bases on their soil & form their own EU army. Economically they’re on par or even ahead of US by some measuring-sticks. No reason EU can’t assert itself as a third power. Historically most peaceful times were when balance of power maintained by three world powers so if one went against another, the third would step in to tip the balance.

      • The US, UK, France wanted NATO in place after WW2.
        They bought it.

        “4 March 1947, the Treaty of Dunkirk was signed by France and the United Kingdom as a Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance …and then it morphed into NATO.”

  4. I’m not sure why you would think the Chinese would believe Western propaganda. This is the weird thing about supporters of regime change operations. They continue to believe that Western intelligence agencies tell the truth even though there are very few examples of this occurring. Its a weird view of the world to think that if only they knew the “truth” there would be riots on the street. It only ever turns out to be the same “truth” as Venezuela or Bolivia or Iran or Russia. The truth that the West wants unfettered access to all indigenous resources. The fact remains that covd 19 has been identified in populations before the Wuhan outbreak in the USA and in Europe so any simplistic China bashing wont wash with most of the scientific community and certainly not with the Chinese citizens.

    • You were doing so well until your last paragraph where you repeat Chinese misinformation as fact.
      Absolutely agree why would a CCP brainwashed population accept American intelligence.

      For sure western intelligence suits itself, and the re- bringing to light of the lab theory (always a solid potential explanation IMO) seems orchestrated (how nice of Facebook to now jet it be discussed) , but to assume the Chinese are being truthful is at best very naive and and worst craven.
      The WHO which should be the neutral arbiter of such things, showed itself craven to the Chinese by not declaring a pandemic and has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, so who to believe?
      Not the guys who didn’t notify of the pandemic unfolding in Wuhan when they should have.

      It’s best then to read around a diversity of scientific views as much as you can to form an opinion – something you can’t do in China as it turns out.

      • Oh, well I guess blinkers are two a penny these days…

        “TOPLINE Researchers, including scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Red Cross, have found evidence that Covid-19 was present in the U.S. in December 2019, weeks earlier than previously thought and before even the first cases in Wuhan, China, had been publicly identified. ”

        From Forbes so I guess not Chinese. Or do the Chinese, as well as running the WHO, also run the US CDC and US Red Cross? And you say the Chinese wouldnt believe because they are brainwashed? The Wuhan conspiracy just has to keep getting larger and larger to accomodate all the pieces that just don’t quite fit. This is how all regime change operations go. Look below the superficial emotional dog whistling and there is just so much hysterical obfuscation that one gets dizzy trying to comprehend how the believers maintain their belief.

        Not sure if the New York Post was the first to run with the Wuhan Lab theory but it certainly had an impact. You might also find it interesting to read this Project Censored article about that article which relied on a prepub study financed by the Steve Bannon organisation Rule of Law Society & Rule of Law Foundation. Prepub means just conjecture, hot air even until it has been peer reviewed. To my knowledge peer review never happened so I’m goin with hot air. Most Chinese would laugh at how easily you fall for propaganda.

    • I suppose you are referring to the pre December 2019 case in Italy.

      However while it might dismiss the official narrative of a December source in Wuhan, and also the November lab leak theory – it ties in with a the Wuhan hosting the military games in October – and reports of athletes catching it there then.

      The comments section notes the observation of officials at trhe Games wearing protective clothing and locals leaving the area.

    • That is disputed by many scientists too though. The whole thing about it being found in water supplies & sewage is still contested and exact identification is not 100% either as other prior SARs type viruses could be the culprit. MERS, SARS, Swine Flu etc didn’t just dry up & die out presumably but simply adapted and became less virulent & it is possible that latest strain is just a natural mutation from one of those SARS-type viruses already out in the wild. Doesn’t end the fight as to whether this outbreak came from China or US or whether it was a result of either China or US tinkering with one of the pre-existing SARS-type viruses in a Lab. Also Lab theory goes with accidental release but for all we know could’ve been a deliberate release. It’s even possible both sides were working on it and both had accidental or deliberate releases. The “truth” is murky & maybe we’ll never have a definitive answer. Ultimately people choose to believe what they want to believe …whatever fits in with preconceived notions.

  5. “while diminishing the credibility of the mainstream media”

    Isn’t the reason TDB exists because the mainstream media has no credibility?

  6. ” The possibility that Covid accidentally leaked from a Wuhan Lab has enormously dangerous geopolitical ramifications ”

    I think you will find that it was not the Chinese at fault here but our old friends and trusted allies.

    I have it on good authority that the Chinese had nothing to do with allowing any contagion to spread but in fact it was American military personnel who were infected while working in one of their installations in Wuhan and not knowing they were sick but contagious spread the contagion in the local Wuhan population.

    China is taking a hit here but all the facts are being supressed.

    • The US does not have any installations or laboratories in Wuhan. Wuhan did host military games in October, and there were American soldiers in attendance.

      China mentions these Americans (because they were there a month before any lab leak in Wuhan in November), the fake WMD claims of the Americans back in 2002 and calls for international inspectors visiting the American biological laboratories whenvever there are questions about coronavirus origins (because the US has not signed up an international regime).

      • Your wrong? America has been conducting & funding research at that very Wuhan Laboratory doing Coronavirus experiments prior to the Outbreak? This hasn’t been mentioned by America’s Media & is being suppressed! Anthony Fauci even confirmed this fact? That’s what the Chinese want investigated, America’s role in this outbreak?

        • It’s a Chinese lab, and some of the research done there has international funding.

          From the link below.

          As a fruit of international cooperation primarily with France, the first BSL-4 lab was built at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) of the Chinese Academy of Science in 2017. When it became fully operational in 2018, authorities and scientists enthusiastically celebrated the lab as another landmark in science achieved by China.

          However, overseas experts were raising questions about the safety and even the necessity of such labs. Their concerns included the possible leakage of pathogens as well as the potential development of biological weapons. In 2018, U.S. intelligence also warned about the safety risks of the lab.

          Safety issues of high-level biocontainment labs have long been raised. For instance, in August 2019, the U.S. government shut down its Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick due to safety concerns.

  7. > We know lab staff suffered symptoms exactly like Covid a month before the first case in December.

    In Wuhan and many parts of China, it is common for people to seek medical aid for minor ailments in hospitals as the GP system there is still not very well developed. More importantly, serology or antibody tests for COVID-19 on their lab staff had so far returned negative.

  8. “The most dangerous part of this will be the way it empowers Trump and Qanon while diminishing the credibility of the mainstream media.”

    And so it damned well should! As it turned out Trump was exactly right and the mainstream media have been shown to be propagandists working on the behalf of the Democrat party. No thinking person today gives the mainstream media any credibility at all.

    But how is this dangerous exactly? Dangerous that the people will realize the king has no clothes? That they’ve been lied to and start to question all the other spin narratives the media have presented as fact? All of this seems like a breath of fresh air to me!

    As for China, let’s just unofficially boycott their products. When I go shopping these days, I turn over every article, check where it’s made and move on if it says Made in China.

  9. Finding evidence and then reaching a conclusion is the scientific standard – but not one applied with the WMD claims of 2002.

    Remember then the refusal of Iraq to allow inspectors in, preceded claims of hidden WMD – here, it’s a sort of demand for international access to investigate coronavirus origins.

    This really began in 1949 with the recognition of the Nationalists in Taiwan as the government of the one China under protection of the US. Then came MacArthur taking US forces to the Yalu river – and the cease-fire of 1953 unresolved (as per the cease-fire with Iraq after the liberation of Kuwait).

    The status quo has the US regarding the matter of Taiwan as unresolved (neither recognising China includes Taiwan nor Taiwan as an independent country). A lost of the underlying tension is related to support for Taiwan as a member of WHO.

  10. Once again Martyn you are an accomplice in the corporate media’s links to the establishment/security services/US attempted trashing of China.

    Here is an interesting example from The Guardian UK yesterday: The headline says: The $3bn bargain/ How China dominates Pacific mining, logging and fishing. Two sub-articles support this: ‘They failed us’ an island devastated in a decade… and…Interactive Who profits from the mass extraction of the Pacific’s natural resources? The prime article and the juxtaposition of two lesser articles all give the impression of China rapaciously rampaging throughout the Pacific. Reading the articles shows you that this is not the case – which is not to say that alongside other countries, most prominently Australia, it is behaving wonderfully. Look at one particular map in the main article. It shows the flow of resources from the Pacific region. It shows Japan largely taking oil, metals and mineral products (a blue line). It shows China taking largely wood products (red line) and oil etc (blue line). These two are shown as far and away the major recipients of Pacific resources.

    However read on The internal headline of the main article is Pacific Plunder. it says “China is the Pacific’s biggest customer whether measures by weight or US dollars. But Australia is close behind when measured in value – $2.8bn to China’s $3.3bn in 2019. This is dues to the fact that while China takes a lot of wood and fish from the region – which are heavy but relatively inexpensive – Australia imports valuable minerals, such as gold”. So, the blue oil etc. line for China is false. Australia and Japan are the main extractors of oil etc.

    You might think “so what”. But these digs at China (and of course Russia – see the nonsense about Belarus. Read the interesting Grayzone article on the US-funded neo-Nazi activist arrested on plane) are constant and insidious. They are all part of a well planned scheme to ramp up Cold War II and maintain US hegemony.

    Martyn, you are great at emotional journalism dealing with clear wrongs in NZ, but you are no investigative journalist.

  11. A bit late closing the gate on mainstream media. They have already shown themselves to be a bunch of incompetents when reporting reliable news. The newswoman screeching at Judith Collins was a case in point. I know that gets off this subject a bit. But has today’s modern media been dumbed down on all subjects it covers. There are very very few news stories that cover the whole trough and nothing but the truth that people can understand.

  12. China has been the fastest growing economy in the world since 1980.
    From 1978 to 2005 the average annual growth rate was 10%.
    Since 2005 they have averaged in the mid to high 6’s.
    In 2020 during the pandemic it was 2.3%.
    The forecast for 2021 8.4%.
    In comparison most countries struggle to reach 3%.
    The US since 1980 averaged below 3% and therein lies the problem for US hegemony.
    The threat of losing the mantle as the No1 economy in the world to China is inevitable.
    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) announced by Xi Jinping in 2013 launched a committed and strategic effort on the part of the US and it’s allies to destabilise China on as many fronts as possible.
    A compliant media that regurgitates propaganda is an enemy to peace and dialogue.
    By the way the starting point for BRI is Xinjiang.
    Always follow the money.



  13. That dementia ridden, geriatric POTUS, Joe Biden is giving his “Intelligence Agencies”, 90 days to determine the Covid 19 Outbreak source? These are the same US Intelligence Morons who dreamed up the bullshit & debunked Russiagate Conspiracy mindfuck delusion that droned on for 4 fucking years? American’s are bloody hypocrites, does the World hold America to task for infecting the World with the so called (Spanish) Influenza Epidemic of 1917 that killed millions & originated out of New York, which they blamed on Spain because of their WW1 neutrality? Or Limes disease that was made in a American Laboratory & got out, on the banks of the Lime river, created by Nazi germ warfare scientists that were repatriated to the US after WW2? Does anyone hold the US responsible for this? NO, so the irony of trying to blame China for purposely releasing a deadly pathogen like COVID to the World & infecting your biggest Trading partner on purpose is ludicrous! The Americans love to have someone else to blame except when they happen to be the ones who are blamed, then they start with their bullshit & denial!

  14. Remember. MSM are no longer employing journalists.
    They throw a bone to self-taught news influencers who’ve all done their training on social media as commentators and millennial, gen Z political organisers/campaign ‘who-to-vote-for’ gigs.

    Doing an internship as a news influencer from a cafe with a smartphone and a laptop is the gig these days. I mean, working ‘remotely’ in the ‘Gig-economy’ is sooo cool Gigi!


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