MEDIAWATCH: Why 60 Minutes Australia attack on NZ is ridiculous but right


The anger from an Australian 60 Minutes hit job on whether or not Australia has been betrayed by NZ for a relationship with China is breath taking in its audacity.

The piece dares demand a loyalty from the ANZAC relationship that Australia abdicated some time ago!

Australia unleashed a crime tsunami in NZ with their brutal forced rendition 501 program.

Australia treats our citizens like scum by depriving them of welfare.

Australia are climate deniers and refugee abusers who are so far up America’s arse they are less a soverign nation and more a shared sphincter.

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Australia needs to look at their own deplorable behaviour towards NZ before they accuse us of disloyalty!

All that said, the Australians are rights to challenge NZ on its subservience towards our economic overlords.

Can National be trusted with China?

With so many allegations of corruption and personal business relationships between high ranking National Party members and claims of a $150 000 donation after a nudge nudge wink wink meeting alongside the attempt by a Chinese Businessmen to buy two Chinese candidates on the Party List, National are compromisd.

Look at how both major parties secretly plotted to remove two Chinese assets as MPs. Look at how our media don’t ask any questions like…

Were these two MPs spies for China?

If they were, why haven’t they been arrested?

What did they pass along to China?

Are their Intelligence assets still in the country?

Will there be any expulsions from the Chinese embassy?

Will we publicly denounce China for interfering in our domestic politics?  

…See, there are enormous questions this all asks and no one is asking them!

In NZ there is a funny political and cultural dynamic that allows China to exploit us. National are nothing more than a front for Chinese Business interests driven by Nationals dairy and property speculating supporters while the woke identity politics left denounce anyone criticizing China as xenophobic or racist.

There is a possibility that the Covid virus leaked from a Chinese Lab, with the geopolitical friction in the South China Sea, news that the two major political parties just quietly had two MPs who were suspected of being Chinese assets resign with no comment is a dereliction of journalism.

Australian 60 Minutes is right to question our relationship with China because we are incapable of doing it ourselves.

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  1. +1 In NZ there is a funny political and cultural dynamic that allows China to exploit us….

    also it not just the Natz, it’s Labour, Greens (free water bottling permits) and our local councils (those trips to China really worked!) and many businesses that all seem to have the same problem. Even our judiciary seems to give Chinese dual nationals a free ride in NZ with some surprisingly low sentences from 4 months home detention in your penthouse for millions of dollars of money laundering or even discharged without conviction for money laundering Russian drugs money if you are Chinese. Sometimes it seems to pay to commit crimes in NZ.

    The trips to China seems like some sort of brainwashing, too… even some our our doctors while in China were dismissing Covid just like the PRC.

    Totally right to say

    “Australian 60 Minutes is right to question our relationship with China because we are incapable of doing it ourselves.”

    It is also not just our relationship that needs questioning, but the information coming out of China often seems more like propaganda than facts. Especially related to Covid and the information about the outbreaks and human rights there.

  2. The commonly held view in Australia is that New Zealanders are defence bludgers. This began when NZ left the ANZUS alliance and this thinking was reinforced when Clark scrapped the fighter squadron without even informing the Australians beforehand. The ensuing tit-for-tat response was that Kiwis lost access to welfare in Aussie.

    • Wrong on so many counts Buddy,

      Actually NZ increase its Defence Funding & capabilities from 84 until the were booted from office, even the NZ Reserves Forces were still at 75% to 100% of their peacetime CE (Manning levels).

      The National Government effectively destroyed the NZDF with it Mother of Budgets, with a 25% cut of the Defence Budget, which is the equivalent of the Defence Capital Equipment/ upgrade Budget, deferred all Base Infrastructure Projects including preventative & essential maintenance the outstanding bill for this stupidity is now more than the entire yearly Defence Budget. Treasury then added its two bob’s worth which finally blew up in there stupid faces with Project Protector & the last round of Defence by the CR right Jerks. Treasury & Ruth the Bitch brought in the Value for Money on new equipment/ upgrades ie the cheapest bidder wins regardless of the Military’s advice as Treasury & Ruth the Bitch know better than the Military Professionals. Brought in the am accounting system that is only used for business that run for a profit/ lost regime which in long term destroy the NZDF stocks/ war Reserves & Maintenance Reserves. Thanks to National’s 91 ECA, Social Welfare Reforms aka the Stand down amongst other things like cutting members entitlements if one received a casual wage, for if one was in the TF/ Reserves Forces at the time. Destroyed the NZDF Reserves Forces for example the NZ Army TF went from over 10k effective Soldiers in 91 to barely 2.5k effective Soldiers by the time East Timor came around & those numbers have stayed the same level since.

      By the time Helen became PM, a large number Defence Capital Equipment decisions had to be made, because the last brunch of self serving ice cream lickers had run the NZDF into the ground & Who also had kicked the can down the rd IRT to the 3rd Frigate, 8 C130 J Models which were an option on the back of the RAAF order, new troop helicopters, the Armoured Vehicle Replacement & the F16’s etc. When the rest of the other NZ Government Dept’s that hadn’t been flogged off by the National Party, had also been run in the ground as well. Some very decisions had to be made with Defence which was made even worst be the Infantry Officers Coup of Dobson & Jerry show along with the dickheads from Treasury with their VfM bullshit & hated for the RNZAF & RNZN because of their large cost for Equipment etc compared to the Army.

      By the time Key into power, the those like my Uncle in the RNZAF, suddenly realised that the Nats & Treasury wanted to cut Defence yet again. Everyone in Defence including the NZ MoD said these cuts won’t work because there is nothing left to cut, but capability. The arrogant assholes thought they knew better until it blew up in their faces & tried to pin the blame back on the NZDF. But by then the NZ audit office step in & roasted the pricks for National & Treasury.

      At the end of the day, National has done so much damage to the NZDF over the last 30 odd yrs, that Oz is getting a tad piss and the low point really happened during INTERFET & the straw that finally broke the camels back was the F16 deal. As the Oz Government & the RANFAA at Nowra NSW, had just spent a cool 100- 200m AUD on rebuilding & upgrades to the RNZAF No2 SQN Facilitates with another 50- 100m AUD to go. Thence the 501’s, the lack of entitlements now for expat Kiwis in Oz compared to what my Australian dad & many others like him are entitled to NZ.

  3. End O/S land sales NOW!!
    Not only to China, but to ANY overseas entity or nation or non-citizen
    Just END it!!

    This land of Aotearoa is NOT FOR SALE!!
    It is not ours to carve up and give away.
    Those who have done so have committed treason, I believe. They HAD NO RIGHT to do that.

    And, the same with our water, of course.

  4. Labour said about a week ago, that they have invited some 200+ Overseas “Investors” to come on in and say what they could do for our economy etc, by way of their “Investments” into Aotearoa. However, the way it was said, …it was as if these entities would automatically be beneficial to AO/NZ, simply by being “investors”, – no deeper questions asked.

    Who are they, and where are they from? Are they truly investors, or are they would-be exploiters and profiteers. Whether they are from the US, Canada, Europe, China or elsewhere in Asia, or from Australia, they first need to be vetted themselves.

    Will their “investments” help us to become more environmentally sustainable?
    How will their “investments” affect Climate Change?
    Will their “investments” exploit Kiwis or anyone else?
    Will they cause harm to our environment?
    Do they have any connections whatsoever with oppressive regimes or with munitions and armament production. If so, what are the nature of those connections?
    Are they producing something that is any way toxic to the environment or to humans?
    How will they deal with any waste products, – or are they to be another Rio Tinto?
    Will they respect our land and environment laws to the nth degree?
    Will they improve our environment, and reduce our usage of fossil fuels?

    Such “investments” by any foreign entity cannot, CANNOT include the purchase/ right of ownership of large blocks of our land or water. Leasing only.

    • Some of the rich overseas investors are destroying business value in NZ while making a mockery of our judiciary. If you are a rich part time citizen you can drink and drive but delay the courts until your charges are finally dismissed. Meanwhile taxpayers pay for translators, lawyers and so forth for years.

      Just as bad is the damage done by Waiwera being bought and abandoned for years, driving other businesses in Waiwera into liquidation that used to get visitors from that facility, firing employees from Waiwera who now no longer have jobs there and taking away a formally well loved water park facility in Auckland.

      Whatever happened to our ‘billionaire’ Khimich?

  5. Nonsense Martyn. You are just falling for the US propaganda onslaught. We are sensible to keep relations with China calm, and not, as you say, subservient.

  6. To clarify my earlier comments:

    I am not trying to change the topic. I am saying that the way to prevent such unwanted entanglements with China or with any other country (or mega-corporation or agency, which could happen in the future if we are not prepared) — Is to have a much deeper appreciation of and respect for our own country, and for our own place in the world, and for our role in protecting AO/NZ for future generations beyond the almighty dollarz-god. Once we find that and adhere to it, the rest will follow.

    At the moment we seem to have this attitude of tiny children when it comes to looking up to Big Buznezz, and bowing and kowtowing and saying, “Yes, yes, yes sirree, take us, take us, anything you want…”

    For example, David Parker saying that Sure, Rio Tinto will clean up their mess and he knows that because they had a friggin hand shake deal!!!

    We need to grow up as a nation, urgently, and NEVER allow such crap to go down again, whether with Rio T or with China or anyone else at all.

  7. China?
    There’s a knock on the door….then there’s a foot in the door, then there’s a leg in the door, then there’s an arse in the door, then there’s a torso in the door, then there’s a head and shoulders in the door then we’re outside knocking on our door hoping we’ll be allowed back in.
    Before we go after China we should go after the scum who sold us out to them, and to the australians.
    CER? Have a close look at that one then follow the good ol money aye boys?

  8. “Debtors v Creditors’. Which one group is NZ beholding to the most?
    Which group are more likely to be more beneficial or should I say benevolent ‘owners’ on NZ Inc?

    What can NZ do about it?

    Maybe a Republic is an alternative?

    Or maybe heavy investment in a few battalions of S400 Missile launchers to keep the collectors at bay?

    We only have a short while until the world ends because of climate change in 2025/2026 so is it worth worrying about?

    • Sinophobia. It is well & right to be afraid of threats. The Pseudo Fascist China is tightening it’s grip on it’s own populace via “Social Credits/Demerits”, mass surveillance, death penalty, labour camps/”re-education” camps. Oppressing Tibetans, Ughurs, Mongolians …seeking to expand it’s power soft & hard via Belt & Road, Deep Water Ports in Pacific & Africa (they even tried it on with Darwin NT & Victoria) to enable naval ship visits …next they’ll be buying 99-Yr leases like in Djibouti & putting a permanent Naval Base. They’ve flooded Sth Africa with Chinese settlers/colonists since 1994 & are exercising a de facto extra-territoriality there with the Chinese there being policed by Chinese police paid from China. In Malaysia they ran the Chinese-dominated CCP to try & takeover in the “insurgency” beaten back by Brits/Aussies/NZ. They also backed the Chinese dominated CCP in Indonesia which was tolerated by Sukarno but then resisted & wiped out by Suharto, also in Philippines they support & have trained leadership of CPP/NLA. Everywhere the Chinese get a foothold in mass numbers they start trying to assert dominance or diminish/dilute local power. Many of the Left loves anti-Imperialism/anti-Imperialism politics in relation to US/UK/EU but have a really large blind spot when it comes to the imperialism & colonialism Of China, Russia. Russia is the Sick Old Grandfather, but still with strength to rain violence on it’s “family” members/neighbours. China is the New Kid On The Block, the teenage bully throwing it’s weight around, confident that the overweight soft in the middle middle-aged westerners won’t stand up to him & his gang. They’re the youngblood gangsters confident that they’ll oust the older mobsters like the Italian crims in NY once upon a time ousting the Jewish & Irish mobs there.

  9. “while the woke identity politics left denounce anyone criticizing China as xenophobic or racist.”

    Absolute bullshit. Indeed it is ‘wokes’ who are among the most anti-China/Chinese, as China does not give a fuck for woke bs.

    • I think China loves the Woke as they give them cover. Any critique/criticism/opposition to China denounced as sinophobia, racism, xenophobia just like any criticism/critique/opposition to Israel & its actions is denounced as anti-semitic. Only difference is new right decries the anti-semitism while the new new left are the the ones decrying racism etc. China loves “Useful idiots” It’ s why they supported CCP here, China-Friendship Society etc

  10. Well it’s 15:30 and ScoMo has just landed (albeit with a pilot that was either half cut, or giving ScoMo a grand tour of the environs circling the township).
    He’s about to set JA on the right path and try and knock her into shape – just you wait and see!
    Many an a***hole is about to be licked, all with good cheer.
    And all in time for the 6 o’clock news as well

  11. New Zealand appears to be a side line dish of stuck in middle , our western allies impinge on our sovereignty as much as the Chinese do, if we don’t fall in line with Australia and 5 eyes foreign policies we will be punished.Australia is one of NZ main export customers , China is I think 33% , however Australia’s spat with China will cause proplems for NZ., due to China reducing trade with Australia.
    Do we fall into line with Australia for the sake of avoiding loss of trade or do we exercise our sovereign right to determine our own foreign policies. Australia seems to think they are the great white Raj of the South Pacific and treats NZ as if we are a satellite state, we should do as we are told or else. New Zealand has been here before, the Boer war, WW1 and WW2, Korean war, the Malaya intervention and of course Vietnam, all of which had little to do with New Zealand, so we’ve paid our club fees in blood for trade . It’s time for the Aussies to stop behaving like a 19th century imperialist and drop their mightier than thou attitude, I for one am tied of Australian superior, arrogant attude and start behaving like a modern 1st world state.

    • David, your comment reminded me of part of

      “The first time Australians and New Zealanders fought together was against the Maoris in New Zealand in the 1850s and 1860s. The ANZAC connection was not forged at Gallipoli but half a century before in the Maori Wars. It’s best that we forget that too. It doesn’t do our self-respect much good to recall that we fought together with New Zealanders in a race war to quell the Maori people.”

      Although I would think few of those NZers were born here. A bigger proportion of the ozzies could have been Oz born (from that rarefied community of Oz’s first white fellas).

    • Agreed David, Australia likes to exercise its right to deport criminals back to New Zealand and so shall we exercise our right to do whatever we please. It would be highly hypocritical of ScoMo to think otherwise!

  12. Brilliant title ‘Ridiculous but right’.
    It was inevitable from the time of our early trade agreement with China that we were going to end up the ‘meat’ in the struggle for strategic domination. The hypocrisy of both sides is overwhelming and as a small pawn in this game for dominance all we can do is hold true to our values. If we decided not to trade with any country whose history and on-going human rights record we disagree with we wouldn’t even trade with ourselves!
    As for us free-loading on Australia’s defence forces, their forces are as underfunded and disorganised as ours. Like our health/education/fire/police services it is only the quality of the ‘staff’ that keep the whole thing functioning at all.

    • I wouldn’t say we (Ex RAAF Ground Defence for 20yrs until I was medically discharged recently)are under funded, yes from units are in a shit fight & that’s more to with Defence Politics & my former RAAF mustering the RAAF Ground Defence is one of them. The Disorganisation of the ADF is due to the stupidity of the Canberra itself in particular the stupidity of our elected drongo‘s & the muppets in Treasury who want Australia to maintain sovereign capabilities like Ship, Sub, Armoured Vehicle & Aircraft manufacturing etc. Which they all seem to completely bugged it up by buying kit that’s still on the drawing broad that has more whistles and bells than the Mr Whippy ice cream van or get a proven design like the Oz Built N90’s, ARH Tiger & the Seasriptes & stuff the whole bloody thing up from the get go and then wonder why it’s not work to the manufacturers spec’s.

      When they start building the gear, they delay delivery because some BS political decision from Canberra which then blows costings, timing & god knows what else.

  13. Pretty sure Australia’s Kulchril Ambassador SLez Patterson and Koiwoi Liason Officer Madge were on board as well in amongst a waft of various journalists and commentators from what we once called the 4th Estate.
    I think I even caught a glimpse of a Hosking hanging around like a bad smell hoping to hitch a ride on the way back. Could be wrong. I’m not sure wifey is yet ready to leave the comfort of daddy’s apron strings

  14. I can’t believe what I’m reading.
    A tsunami of economic refugee wage freezee first home wannabees escaping to auz but you’re heart bleeds for 501s that Aus understandabley wants rid of? How long till aussie cuts off kiwis altogether should be the concern

    • NZ has an answer to Australian bullshit & that’s to join/accede to the Austral(as)ian Federation/ Commonwealth. Per their constitution they can’t say no. Joining Australia would negate/ameliorate the 501 situation, would mean higher wages for Nzers here, give full rights to the 500, 000 or so NZers in Australia, shift political balance in Australia a bit more to the left & strengthen both Australia & NZ militarily, politically, economically to stand up to big players. We could go even further & push for a Union of Australia, NZ, UK & Canada …go Four Eyes LOL & give the finger to the USA …Let them do their own thing. Even further than that we could push for the Commonwealth to become an actual Federation with a Federal Parliament to create a new bloc as a further counterweight to USA, China, Russia, EU.

  15. Funny though just glimpsing Adern and her bureaucracy licking Morrisons boots and nose in Queenstown which is a perfect venue to entertain the Australian entourage reminds me that Adern has already capitulated away any authority we once had with this bunch of arrogant self serving bunch of arse holes.

    I wonder how much all this is costing the hard working NZ taxpayer ? just to be told in our own country to go and fuck ourselves , given the venue quite a lot.

    • I strongly disagree with that depiction of Morrison’s visit to NZ.
      Morrison is trying to repair and restore his own popularity ratings in Aus, for one thing. He’s been working on this for couple of months or so now, and his ‘hat in hand’ visit to the NZ PM is part of that.

      This from Reuters in March

      Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reshuffled his Cabinet on Monday as he sought to repair his standing following a series of damaging allegations about the mistreatment of female lawmakers and staff.

      Morrison has struggled to placate public anger amid allegations of sexual abuse, discrimination against women and misconduct in parliament.

      In a move designed to regain voter support, Morrison said he would now have a record seven female lawmakers in his Cabinet as he awarded promotions and additional remits to five women.

      “I have always wanted to ensure there is a strong voice of women in my government, and there has been.” More at the link.

  16. Funny though just glimpsing Adern and her bureaucracy licking Morrisons boots and nose in Queenstown which is a perfect venue to entertain the Australian entourage reminds me that Adern has already capitulated away any authority we once had with this bunch of arrogant self serving bunch of arse holes.

    I wonder how much all this is costing the hard working NZ taxpayer ? just to be told in our own country to go and fuck ourselves , given the venue quite a lot.

  17. Bennet the National MP said he supported Australias’ 501 policy as Australia can do what they like, so does that mean we can do what we like to when it comes to five eyes trying to bully us into signing a document regarding human rights and other issues.

  18. Are many Kiwis clearly aware that China now OWNS hundreds of thousands of hectares of our land here in AO/ NZ?

    Does this not bother anyone? Even a tad?
    To me, it is ..a kind of insanity to have allowed this!

    When Key sold those multi-farms in Waikato to China, a vast amount of arable, fertile land in the heart of AO/NZ, China was also allowed to put some kind of condition on it. I no longer have the details – never had all of them. But I remember that there were some to the effect that their buildings could be sealed off from us – from all Kiwi interference or inspections – something to that effect. Ostensibly this was to be for under-cover/ covered-in intensive “dairying”. …But how would we ever know? What would stop that being their security headquarters, eg? Or anywhere else could be, that is under their ownership.

    The govt needs to come clean on exactly how much of our land is now owned by China, with a clear MAP of AO/ NZ showing where, and how much. And, what conditions are attached to that ownership. Do we have any rights to visit? Do they have any requirements to respect our environmental laws eg?

    Why are we being kept in the dark over this?

    • A very good question. Why are we being kept in the dark.
      I’m pretty sure Winston’s campaigned in 2017 promising to set up a register of interests in NZ land. Never heard about that again. Presumably it was rejected in the Coalition agreement by Labour.
      It would be so easy to set up a register of beneficial ownership of land here. Just set up a database, which already exists, and require all beneficial owners to register their interest within 6 months. And then maintain it like the vehicle register.
      Nothing complicated about it, property boundaries change far less than the vehicle fleet and transfers are less frequent. The cost would be immaterial compared with the benefits.
      I guess there are powerful vested interests who just don’t want us to know.


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