Is it acceptable for National and Labour to plot in secret to hide their infiltration by China? 


Wait, what?

Labour and National secretly plotted this?

The cooling of relations with China: Why two MPs retired last year

National and Labour quietly agreed last year that two Chinese MPs would retire at the same time because of growing security concerns about their relationship with the Chinese Government. National MP Jian Yang announced his retirement on July 10 and Labour MP Raymond Huo on July 21. POLITIK has learned from multiple official and political sources that the retirements followed intelligence briefings of both parties. The almost simultaneous announcements were orchestrated by the offices of Jacinda Ardern and Todd Muller working together.

Is it acceptable for National and Labour to plot in secret to hide their infiltration by China?

National Party voters NEVER mention that they had a Chinese spy inside their caucus, it’s silently ignored while the woke Labour activists consider any criticism of China is xenophobic and attack anyone as racist who brings it up.

The Government are so terrified of embarrassing China, they say very little about a Chinese spy inside Parliament either.

Shouldn’t Labour and National be held accountable for this slavish subservience to our economic overlords?

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Can National be trusted with China?

With so many allegations of corruption and personal business relationships between high ranking National Party members and claims of a $150 000 donation after a nudge nudge wink wink meeting alongside the attempt by a Chinese Businessmen to buy two Chinese candidates on the Party List, National are compromisd.

But what about Labour? Raymond Huo had deep ties with organisations linked to the Chinese Government and seemed to have been unchallenged inside Labour.

Flushing these MPs was the right thing to do, but shouldn’t Labour and National be held accountable for allowing it happen in the first place?


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  1. Yes, it smelled very funny at the time how both Chinese plants “retired” at the same time.
    I think there is a lot the security services know which we never will courtesy of 5 eyes partners -kind of surprising even this much is public.

    Some one (America?) has laid down a bottom line.

    The Chinese infiltration of both parties certainly explains Mike Smith and Clark’s “free” trade deal where China could buy land and strategic assets and we couldn’t, which laid the groundwork for Key and co to further sell our soul against the wishes of the kiwi population.

    Asians are to be 25% of nz population in 20 years.
    What does he puapua say about being colonized twice?

  2. It is quite likely the “resignations” of Raymond Huo and Jian Yang were the result of a Four Eyes ultimatum — either they go or NZ leaves the intelligence alliance forthwith.
    Among many scandalous aspects of the debacle is that National never ordered Jian Yang to front to English-speaking media — until apparently Todd Muller insisted that he did.
    It is also a feather in the cap of Prof Anne-Marie Brady who had exposed the actions of the CCP’s United Front in NZ — and fingered both MPs as part of it.

    • Except they never really totally flushed Chinese CCP operatives just replaced compromised “Old Guard” of Huo & Yang with younger versions. Labour has the woman who was President of Chinese Students Association, part of CCP UF activity in NZ, members of which involved in violent assault on Taiwanese student protesters at Auckland Uni. Nats had some young bloke too from similar CCP “Social Organisation”, but he didn’t get in coz of Nat vote crash.

  3. Excellent points. There should be a lot more transparency. Sadly this seems to be the first to go in NZ.

    A TDB comment from a while ago mentions that the Greens also have an issue (can’t remember who) but maybe the Greens are yet to address it.

    I don’t think it was any surprise that NZ First bit the dust, with their involvement in dodgy deals with Chinese developers and charter flights to Wuhan to rescue the Covid affected. It didn’t really seem like they were putting NZ First like their moniker.

    • Rose- The rose is a lovely flower, and all Rose names and Rose derivative names are lovely too. Please stop sullying it with misspelt, ungrammatical, meaningless, and illogical verbiage. No point in having a Cultural Revolution just to end up so uncultured.

    • Perhaps a holiday in one of those nice Chinese Criminal Party’s ‘Re-education Camps’.
      It will be very re-conditioning.

  4. Savenz – “ the Greens also have an issue”. In the aftermath of Marama Davidson’s self-pitying advocation of the cunt, a Green person appeared to comment here that Davidson was the GP person being ‘ targeted ‘ by Chinese interests; this was in response to somebody commenting tongue-in cheek using what appeared to be a Chinese pseudonym. I don’t recall any follow-on.

      • Party co-leader is pretty high up. China is a fascinating culture, and the wholesale demonising of Chinese on racial grounds for political machinations, mightn’t necessarily be the smartest way to go, but more and more New Zealand politicians are becoming lower than snakes; you’re right about transparency, but when belly’s hitting mud, it’s hard to see anything very much ; ‘authenticity’ might be a better buzz word – it’s magnificently meaningless now – but I guess that ‘ transparency ‘ is also meaningless now too, unless interpreted as seeing right through somebody. Yep.

  5. For Gods sake! You are so concerned about Chinese influence in NZ affairs while the real “wolf in sheep’s clothing” can do what it likes to “heavy” NZ to fall in to line and condemn China. Educate yourselves. Who has more than 800 military bases around the world, mostly ringing China and Russia. Who has had a hand in almost every conflict since WWII, most recently vetoing any action from the UN to stop Israel genociding Palestinians.
    Who has pulled out of the Nuclear Treaties designed to limit nuclear weapons, most recently the mutual open skies treaty where Russia and The USA could overfly each other to bring a small measure of mutual trust.
    Who has over 60 Bioweapons labs on the borders of Russia and over 200 world wide. (Statistically it is more likely that the Covid19 virus originated in one of these rather than the Wuhan Lab, a lab that was receiving US funding anyway.
    Who is funding Islamic terrorists in Syria while sanctioning Syria so its people suffer even more all the while they pretend Assad is the dictatorial monster.
    Who is funding Uighur terrorists in Xian Xiang while accusing China of genocide. Look at some of this guy’s videos. Here is his most recent.
    China invests in Africa and other countries and expects a return on investment but leaves the host country with an asset that generates wealth.. This is a far cry from the egregious policies of the IMF and the World Bank. They have stolen the resources and futures of countless third world countries. Look at Africa. Still a basket case after years of western “investment”
    Surely NZ has the common sense to keep control of its assets in its dealings with China.
    Wall Street and the City of London have mis-managed the financial affairs of the West, exporting real wealth creating industries to cheap labour countries while overseeing a “micky mouse” financialised economy at home, pursuing more and more debt as it goes exponential. This is no reason to go to war with China. This however is what is driving the demonisation of the most successful economy in the world.
    An economy that has pulled millions out of poverty
    Never mind China would have welcomed the USA into the “Belt and Road” initiative. No, everything has to be on the West’s terms. Never mind that Russia repeatedly made peaceful overtures to the USA and Europe . No, they wanted to rape the country and its huge resources just as they have done in the Middle East, Africa and South America.
    Oh and here is another reason not to go to war with China. China and Russia are joined at the hip. They wish to protect their way of life and their people from those that would threaten them. They have better weapons despite spending a fraction of the money the US does on defence and their militaries are motivated by patriotism and defending their homeland rather than fighting a war on the other side of the world to enrich some corporate fat cat banker.
    Sure, be careful before accepting money from strangers but also exercise some caution with those that take us for granted and pretend to have our interests at heart.

  6. Yes, USA is shit, but it seems we still have a few old CCP/CPA “the sun shines out Mao’s arse” …& all his successors LOL. For all it’s shitness I’d rather be in bed with the USA at least they’re somewhat democratic, speak the same langauge somewhat & share somewhat the same culture. Plus they’ve not (yet) ever gone to war with the UN LOL BTW I don’t think China & Russia are “joined at the hip”. Russia has it’s own interests. as much as it wants to contain west/expand influence, it also isn’t stupid to be blind to the threat of China. Russia has made some shortterm gains in eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Caucasus but the arc of history, population is against it. Russia intervening in east Ukraine, Crimea not a sign of strength but of desperation/weakness trying to stem the tide as it’s border nations grow closer to west. Ukraine will be in EU before too long. Belarussia will be next after the Old Man Putin puppet there shuffles off stage left. Russia itself, it’s young people, just like those in Iran, Syria prefer the west’s freedom/democracy/equality (Even though flawed) than the stale male authoritarian dictatorships. Another generation or so & the autocrats lose their grip. It’ll take longer in China but it will happen

    • I too prefer the culture and way of life of America. It is however America that is behaving aggressively and any war that starts will be because the USA/Nato decides they want a war or they cross some Chinese or Russian redline as they ceaselessly provoke. China and Russia act in defence of their homeland not because they want to spread “freedom and democracy”
      The threat you mention from China has been manufactured by western propaganda.
      I believe the “arc of history” will favour Russia and China. The west is a basket case financially. Let’s hope they don’t do something stupid in order to hide that fact. The more intelligent nations, like Korea, are declining to join America’s latest “Coalition of the Willing” or whatever catchy new name they have come up with.

  7. Ike, you’ve rejected the lies, corruption, imperialism, colonialism of USA only to roll over for a belly-rub by the corrupt liar imperialist/colonialist Russians & Chinese Lol. Assad’s a saint? ..Give me a break! A military dictatorship by a 10% minority placed in power by French/British and dominating Military/Police so that majority of those forces made up of their comrades by barring/limiting Sunni. The Uyghurs are terrorists for wanting freedom/liberty, to practice their religion, speak their own language, control their own land & resources & not be colonised by Chinese peasants?

    Development in Africa with assets that generate wealth? Where the construction is done by Chinese, using Chinese concrete, chinese vehicles, machines with only locals doing basic labouring? Where they’re run by Chinese corporations & staffed by Chines at top levels, where countries are generating a revenue stream going directly into hands of CCP/Chines Bigwigs? Think Big projects not really needed by countries but very useful for future Chinese action eg Deep Ports for big ships that they’re trying to get in Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Africa etc even trying to get a foothold in Darwin/NT & Victoria until knocked back by the federal Gov. China has a plan, it’s reaching out it’s tentacles. If a choice of bending the knee to USA or kowtowing to China I’ll choose USA every time thanks.

    Everything China & Russia does is for exact same reasons as USA …Power, Wealth, Control of resources. Like Tears For Fears sang “Everybody wants to rule the world!”.

  8. Russia has all the resources it needs. It acts to keep control of them. China needs lots of resources. It acts through trade rather than military conquest to get them. They both want a multipolar world rather than a unipolar world dominated by the USA. This will happen anyway unless the western powers do something stupid.
    As for the Uyghurs. Assad, China in Africa, Russian aggression. . Keep on reading the mainstream media. You can carry on living in your happy world where The West is good everyone else is bad. Here is a song just for you from Bob Dylan.

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