Political Caption Competition


JA: ‘What the hell is that smell?

JC: “Silent but violent”.


  1. In regards to the picture of Jacinda and Collins sitting together I think Jacinda would like to say “Goodness Judith has aged alot over the past years”.

  2. “Yep, yep, yep. Don’t you get bored of these mowrees dancing Cindy? Yeah! Fuck’n bores me to tears! But, I’ll do anything if I can pick up their vote!”

  3. P.M. Ardern left perplexed as to why werewolf has not changed back to human form after blood red moon?

  4. Is my wedding invitation in the mail?
    Mmm, I dont think so, wedding party full up with my media friends.

    • Don’t worry about your media friends Jacinda, they’re paid and bought for by myself and the National party.

  5. Good your supporters are more erudite than mine Jacinda says to Judith.
    Alot no such word easy to keep the uneducated ill informed on my side.

  6. Looking at Judith is like taking a nostalgic look back to the waning years of Rob Muldoon, only this time he’s in drag..

  7. My God! That Cod mouth? Judith Collins must never, ever be allowed to become Prime Minister. Her body language shouts all that’s needed to be known about that person. Think an English/Douglas/ Muldoon clone. A dumb, greedy, bully.

  8. Judith did you really get in to bed with Whailoil, not literally and why do you your supporters love dirty politics?

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