So Covid might’ve leaked from a Lab after all? Trump & QAnon rejoice, is Samoa the start? 


When Trump said it – racist xenophobic!

When Biden says it – strong leadership!

TDB pointed out many times that the lab leak was a real possibility as the source of Covid.

This bombshell new info of Wuhan lab workers ill from a mystery illness 1 month before outbreak will horrifically empower Trump & Qanon…

Biden Joins the COVID Lab-Leak Debate

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Developments in the debate about the lab-leak theory regarding the origins of COVID-19 have accelerated rapidly, with President Biden saying on Wednesday he’s ordered U.S. intelligence to “redouble their efforts” to try and solve the mystery.

There continues to be no evidence at all for the conspiracy theory that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was developed as some kind of bioweapon, and most scientists believe that the majority of available evidence indicates the virus jumped from animal to human. But there is a growing consensus that the evidence does not completely rule out the possibility that the virus may have started in animals, was then studied in a lab, and somehow accidentally escaped and infected humans.

…Let’s be clear. I do not think there is any evidence that the virus was bioengineered as a weapon and was leaked on purpose. That’s such a dangerous game to play and I just don’t think the Chinese would be that stupid, but an accidental leak was always a strong possibility.

So while there was no grand conspiracy to bioengineer the Covid virus and the science tells us the virus originated in animals, there is a possibility that the virus leaked accidentally from a Chinese lab from infected animals.

We know from secret embassy cables leaked to the Washington Post that a virus leak from the Chinese labs was a main concern for American scientists when Trump first came to power before this pandemic even occurred…

The cables had been sent to Washington in 2018 after the officials had visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology—the first lab in China with a Biosafety Level 4 rating, meaning it has the security for working with the world’s most dangerous pathogens—and been told of safety concerns there. “During interactions with scientists at the WIV laboratory, they noted the new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory,” one of the cables said, urging the government to send additional support to the lab and stressing how important the WIV’s work was for “future emerging coronavirus outbreak prediction and prevention.”

…Trump didn’t end up actually doing anything to bolster funds for these labs and the rest is history. The reality is that there is a long list of accidental releases from these types of labs

The modern era of pathogen releases can be said to have begun in 1973 in England, when a lab assistant working with smallpox infected herself and spread it to three others, two of whom died. Four years later, smallpox was almost officially eradicated from the wild, yet the following year a medical photographer at Birmingham Medical School mysteriously died of the disease. It turned out that researchers in another part of the building were experimenting with smallpox, and the virus most likely reached the photographer through the ventilation system.

There’s already been one lab-caused mini-pandemic, in 1977, when a strain of influenza erupted in China and swept the globe. (Luckily, it was a mild one.) Flu strains are famous for constantly mutating, but this one was nearly identical to one last seen in the 1950s, meaning it had been held somewhere in suspended animation. Suspicion fell on the Soviet Union’s robust bioweapons program, but researchers concluded the pathogen had more likely been released during a vaccine trial gone wrong. Nobody fessed up.

The Soviets got their moment in 1979, when a cloud of anthrax spores escaped a secret bioweapons lab when an air filter wasn’t properly replaced after maintenance. The spores killed at least 66 people in the adjacent town of Sverdlovsk. The Soviets aggressively denied it, but American intelligence was suspicious. The incident was only confirmed in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union, when President Boris Yeltsin invited an independent team of scientists to investigate.

The best protocols in the world can’t eliminate human error, which is the cause of most accidents in high containment biolabs. Official incident reports read like something from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in The Simpsons. A wrench got caught in the lid of a centrifuge and kicked over a tray of pathogens. An animal cage containing bedding potentially contaminated with novel SARS coronavirus got knocked over by a freezer door and spilled its contents onto the floor. Liquids aerosolize. Lab mosquitoes can escape. Lab rats bite. Lab technicians attempting to inject lab animals accidentally hit their own fingers. Often, as the Laboratory-Acquired Infection Database reveals, there’s no smoking gun explaining how the researcher got infected. Nature finds a way.

This happens even in well-run labs. The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases estimates that, at their labs, a lab-acquired infection will occur once for every 600,000 hours of work. That’s really low, and if there were just a few scientists working with these pathogens, the odds of an accident would also stay low. But with hundreds, maybe even thousands of such labs proliferating around the world, even low-probability events can become relatively common.

…because of the prevalence of these types of labs and with human error factored in, there is an 80 percent chance of a a dangerous pathogen escape every 12.8 years.

So the possibility that Covid accidentally leaked from the lab that was studying this very virus in dead bats is actually not that impossible.

WHO’s report clearing China must now be considered utterly compromised.

The Wuhan wet market never added up as the start of this pandemic.

US Intelligence had picked up a spike in activity in November…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Intelligence shows US was warned in November – report

American intelligence officers knew a new contagion was sweeping Wuhan in November but they couldn’t get the message through to the top, according to ABC News.

…how is that possible if the the first case was in December?

Seeing as China are already on the hook for lying about the true extent of the pandemic, had secretly bought up all the global safety equipment while telling us it was ok and grossly under reported the deaths, any evidence that Covid accidentally came out of a lab will have Chinese citizens demanding angry answers and a planet demanding angry compensation.

This could be the real reason China have aggressively upped their rhetoric for war. A country desperately wanting to distract a planet away from their culpability in a global pandemic will want to lash out first.

With China’s influence being brought sharply into focus in Samoa and questions over their involvement in what looks like a bloodless coup, is that the start of a conflict distraction in the South Pacific?

The most dangerous part of this is that it empowers Trump and QAnon while damaging the liberal media’s credibility. Just because Trump was saying it didn’t make it untrue, that’s the power of a truly malicious leader.

The drums of war just got louder. Nanaia Mahuta is right, a storm is coming.

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  1. Bare in mind that Fausi took a a coronavirus research project to Wohan when the Ford Dietrich lab was closed for inadequate safety procedures in the US. The US has hundreds of bioweapons labs around the world.China has two; in China.
    I just watched a vid of Rand Paul in Congress stating that no animal has ever been found to have had Covid 2. No bat, no nothing. Except the odd pet that caught it from their owner.
    D J S

  2. Great…more craziness to add to the steaming pile of conspiracies…Trump was scapegoating China–and Asians generally–because white supremacists and plain racists typically cannot tell the difference between Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesians or anyone else! So Asians have been beaten and killed and generally terrorised in the USA–and other countries in the yankee orbit–as being to blame for COVID.

    In one sense what does it matter politically where the virus originated unless it was done on purpose, and targeted? In terms of global public health it certainly matters, and in terms of environmental meltdown it matters. But when the imperialist powers are jockeying for position in late stage capitalism during late stage climate disaster be highly suspicious of their motives I say, particularly when hundreds of thousands of Americans died unnecessarily of COVID.

    Biden has been hawkish over China, as have UK, Australia and Canada, but NZ so much. Mysteriously the Washington Post gets a timely leak just as the President cranks up this campaign. A US Imperialist power play on China.

  3. There’s pretty good evidence to suggest that Covid escaped from a lab in the US and then made its way to China.

  4. Steven Fry on Russell Brand.
    Russell Brand
    Covid Cover-Up: Did It Come From A Lab?
    I don’t believe corporates.
    I don’t believe the MSM.
    I don’t believe politicians.
    I DO believe in good people with the best intentions.
    They’ll admit they’re not always correct but then that’s why they usually are.
    Most humans KNOWINGLY shit in their own nests just to sate their narcissistic ego’s unlike other animals who simply know no better.
    Our only planet’s over heating at an alarming rate and the human population’s at plague level and a mysterious virus is running about all but unchecked and from unknown origins.
    So? C-19’s returned vital stats to those who’re in control? [They] now have information on our ability to stem its spread? So what’s next? Satellite delivered air-borns?
    Did you know? There are five mysterious domes not far from Tiwai Point which, I was told, were visited by musk himself. Again, so I was told, they’re satellite tracking units for SpaceX satellite’s ?
    Buy a house in the country or buy a piece of land and learn shack building 101.
    Humanity, as we know it, will come to an end and it’ll be by starvation and disease and it’ll be slow and inexorable and in broad day light and there’s one thing to blame.
    The Banks. The dullest yet most evil thing will bring about the end to all life on earth. ( And our farmers are still allowing the banksters unimpeded access to their inner most workings? WTF? Farmers? )
    Russell Brand on bitcoin.
    Bitcoin: Your Chance To Get Rich or Another Billionaire Scam?

  5. I certainly don’t think the virus was deliberately released but I certainly do suspect that a weapons grade virus was being developed in case it needed to be released and it made its untimely escape from a poorly regulated Lab.
    I think it’s called the ‘arms race’.
    “Arms race, a pattern of competitive acquisition of military capability between two or more countries. The term is often used quite loosely to refer to any military buildup or spending increases by a group of countries. The competitive nature of this buildup often reflects an adversarial relationship.”

  6. The Blairite knows that (little) Aotearoa’s toady relationship with China will be in the spotlight should this story play out and get wings. In regards to the MSM – this will just certify previous beliefs. You either trust them or you don’t.

  7. $30b of NZ’s Trade is up for sale! It’s a Fire Sale!

    This is the price of all NZ’s trade with China. Who’s going to replace China as NZ’s largest trading partner? Nobody!


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