Dear Mongrel Mob – Stop making Simeon Brown politically relevant


Mongrel Mob launches petition to strip National’s Simeon Brown of portfolios over ‘racist rhetoric’

A petition has been launched to strip National MP Simeon Brown of his police, corrections, SFO and youth portfolios after what the Mongrel Mob claims was a “racist rhetoric” posted online following the death of a senior member in Hawke’s Bay.

Since when were the Mongrel Mob such easily triggered snowflakes?

Do they need an emotional support peacock and a safe space?

They do what any band of outlaws do when escorting  a dead comrade, intimidate the bejesus out of anyone who crosses their path as they pay their respects.

Masquerading criticism of that as offence dressed up in woke talk is beneath the Mob.

Don’t get me wrong, Simeon is a sanctimonious twat who would gleefully bring back public hangings. He is a slack jawed fascist who is the first to start burning books, but he has the right as a Politician to call it the way he sees it and his tweet is hardly the cross burning cry of white power that mob are attempting to manufacture this into!

The Mob’s worst crime is making Simeon politically relevant by engaging with him!

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  1. Stuart Nash commented recently on organised crime (Stuff, 2021): “Unless you’re a gang member, you have no reason to feel unsafe”, “unless you’re a rival member or tied up in the drug trade, you have nothing to fear”. From this we can extrapolate that our government ministers are quite happy to let our public spaces be treated like a race track and a meth lab, and if a member of the public does have the misfortune of crossing paths with organised crime (perhaps someone born into a gang family, or someone who can’t pay for their tinnie, or even a member of the public wearing the ‘wrong’ colour), tough, your safety is not guaranteed.

    Stuff. (2021). Noddy loses the plot. Retrieved from

  2. oh the murders, rapes, assaults and meth distribution crime I can enlighten you of.

    Now adding making a politician relevant to the top of that list…

    • I see National are still using the same false gang numbers data that has been debunked and as for Simeon Brown he is barking in up the wrong tree.

      • Debunk the false data then, provide it link it show us what misunderstood innocent functioning members of the community they are.
        Crime apologist.

    • The mind boggles, Peter. I wonder whether Bradbury lives in a gang pad or a nice house in a nice suburb

  3. One notices one thing when it comes to Simeon Brown and that is once his beloved Judith Collins makes her usual and typical nasty comments he(Brown)hastily jumps onto the bandwagon and within 24 hours makes equally nasty comments.
    In this instance it’s the typical NZ National Party habit of Maori bashing. And the Collins Echo(Brown)puts in his tuppence worth of Maori bashing.
    But lets look at Brown with the fact he is of course Maori Bashing because he is nothing short of a sycophantic and self-serving runt of a litter of amateurs and has-beens.
    National should no longer be considered or regarded as a major political party. What it has become over a period of many years – lets say the past 40 odd years – is a party of those arrogant wannabes who deem themselves as being important when in reality they are just a bunch of troughers and free-loaders on the NZ taxpayers.
    In short National should be considered the Has-been political party that often bit the hand that fed them. Meaning National loved being the recipients of the NZ taxpayers in pay packets and perks of the job. But they would disparage the very NZers that paid THEIR wages and perks of the job.
    In fact NZ taxpayers have been the Ambulance at the Bottom Of the Cliff for various NZ National Party governments of the past. And it’s something National took advantage of and abused eg the spending sprees of National between the period of 2008 through to 2017.
    What is amazing to note about Brown is his obvious reluctance to have a go at say the Triads in his electorate or even the Roast Busters gang(if they still exist). Is this reluctance by Brown towards say the Triads because they are Asiatic and we all know National loves say China and the rich Chinese who probably donated heavily to National over the years? And Brown’s reluctance to have a go at the Roast Busters is because Max Key has links to that gang????!!!
    National will by now have a well trodden record of Maori bashing especially because Maori are on the lower socio economic sector of society. And what better way for National to have a go at others that have a go at gangs???!!!
    So when National have finally run out of others to blame will they finally look in the mirror and admit they have mistakes? Or would by then Hell have needed to freeze over and naturally and true to National Party form they will blame others for THAT even????!!!!
    The truly sad thing is the mainstream NZ media has proven to us all time and again how deep they are into the NZ National Party pocket perhaps financially. And so we have an imbecile media service that makes a mockery of true journalism.

    • Nice rant.
      Gang numbers up 50% under this Labour green government.
      Gang gun crime exploding since the incumbent idiots drove a bus through nz gun laws.
      Wellington downtown becoming a no go zone at night with gang violence.

      But National is Maori bashing talking about gangs? Since when we’re all gang members Maori? And what if they were?
      Planet woke sure has a different atmosphere.

    • Mob are not dumb and know ‘rascist’ gets grest milage. More leeway to rape and pillage and if u complain that’s rascism

        • Have just read the story of Te Rauparaha written by his son . It seems there was a fair bit of pillaging going on pre colonisation. At Cloudy Bay 1000 women and children killed the rest were taken as slaves. This does not mean that the horrors carried out by the early settlers should not be hidden or glossed over but historical events cannot be used as an excuse for bad behaviour now.

        • What kind of pathetic argument is that?
          You can excuse rape and pillage because some colonials carried it out and it suits your hatred of who, all white people? How do you know what colour Rose is?
          Racism is racism you drop kick it doesnt matter what colour is handing it out or receiving it.
          You want to divide this country even further if that’s your goal, continue on that path, what a muppet.

        • Oh for goodness sake Covid, read your Old Testament and stop wailing “Colonisation“ every time the bus arrives late in Lower Hutt. It’s about as relevant as the mob barking like rabid dogs at a tangi, or shouting “Sieg Heil’ when they rape and kill a prostitute and throw her body into the Avon River.

  4. Maybe it’s the choir boy in him? He fantasises about been put on the ‘block’ by those big hairy bad, bad mowrees.

  5. The mobs worst crimes are being violent women beating, murdering, thieving, drug pushing rapists.

  6. Mongi mob?… yeah you’d do better to not try intimidate the general public, lads. You drove people off the road. They are not at war with you. Yet collectively they are a bigger ‘gang’ than all of you- or any other ‘gang’. Go easy dudes, if you want to live that lifestyle, no ones stopping you. But if you mess with those who mean you no harm, then you got a problem.

  7. Funny that MB mentions book burning. The only people burning books figuratively and literally are the woke mob and the left

  8. “if the mongrel mob is upset with me I must be doing something right”

    Ya know it kills me to agree with Simeon, but he’s right…. Hilarious to see twitter liberals siding with crack dealers and gangsters over him.

    The pr machine behind the mob is insane. I remember when everyone was praising gangs for making sandwiches for kids…
    Instead of saying if they stopped selling crack to their parents they could afford to make their own kids lunches

    Bugger the mob and anyone defending them.

  9. I don’t get this government, they want to cancel online meanies who misuse pronouns, or smear those who want to debate issues or report on the truth, but they put up with this domestic terrorism? Let’s get this straight, a nutcake who murdered dozens of people is locked away in his own filth for ever but a group of people who peddle misery every day are revered?

  10. First you get greed, then you get poverty, then you get abuse and dysfunction then you get gangs then you get a lineage of corporate criminals sucking off the gangs then you get the gangs themselves being used to justify the police state then you get private prisons, private security companies and all the while the insurers make huge profits from the ensuing societal chaos.
    Gangs aren’t the problem. They’re the symptom of a problem and that problem is greed and exploitation and who are greediest and most exploitative? Why, the awful fruits of neoliberalism, the natzo’s, of course.

  11. What impression is given by a party lead by someone with the nickname “Crusher”? Attempting to further her political relevance by concocting some hideous divisive campaign and now one can hear in the news a tirade on You Tube inciting violence. It is easy to see how such twisted characters are emboldened.

    I don’t deny there is a problem with gangs, but I don’t encounter such people/groups in my life. The greatest source of grief to me is from what often seems to be a gang headquarters in Wellington, especially when National are in charge. A far greater source of misery emanates from there than any criminal gang could ever hope to achieve.

  12. Simeon Brown is a little twerp. Just a turd floating in a pool of bigger fish. I don’t think the gangs can make him politically relevant if they tried harder. He’s a dead beat, a political nobody.

  13. My mental near relative acclaimed Sim-e-on as the greatest person for many decades after his speech against restrictions on large gatherings that imposed on churches. Hope to goodness chris-ti-ans will be weak weeds rather than strong weeds as they are in Oz, with the strength of mine profits influence.

  14. Where do the gangs come from?

    Our implicit decision to leave behind the poor in 1984? The desperation we decided on for the desperate in the Mother of all Budgets in ’91?

    The stealing of Maori lands 1860 on?

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