Waatea News Column: The Willie Jackson and Maori Labour Caucus Budget


The narrative from the Māori Party has been what is the point of having the biggest Māori Labour Caucus if you can’t get anything for Māori?

Why vote Labour if Māori interests can’t be progressed?

With the 2021 Budget, Willie Jackson and the Māori Labour Caucus just answered that.

$973 million in funding for Māori on top of last years $900 million. That’s $1.873billion in two years.

What did the Māori Party achieve in 9 years under Key? They introduced Whānau Ora and repealed the loathsome Foreshore and Seabed confiscation but aside from a $5000 a head fundraiser dinner with John Key, the Māori Party never delivered anything close to the Billions the Māori Labour Caucus has.

It didn’t matter that the Māori Party sat at John Key’s table when John Key owned the table.

The Māori Labour Caucus reminds Jacinda she owns the table BECAUSE of them.

That’s the difference and that’s the reason why Māori Labour Caucus MPs can hold their heads up high for choosing to work inside Labour rather than outside it.

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First published on Waatea News.


  1. Don’t these silly people realise it’s a global industrial-financial empire, and the so-called independence granted to people living on these islands just over 100 years ago was pure tokenism and geared to them having a little control over the way the islands are looted?

  2. Labour Party really the Willie party?
    Good on you Willie much too smart for the woke naive Ardern party.
    You are a star.

  3. Labour Party no Willie party yes.
    Well done Willie you’ve completely outwitted Jacinda Ardern.
    Well done Maori now fully in charge of New Zealand.
    Go Willie.

  4. I will always remember Willie Jackson as the radio talkback host who supported cannabis legalisation when a DJ but voted against it when a politician.

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