MEDIAWATCH: Hosking and the Right on moving to Australia 


New Zealanders react to Mike Hosking’s threat to move to Australia over Government’s ‘left-leaning progressive thinking’

Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking is threatening to move to Australia if New Zealand doesn’t reject the Government’s “left-leaning progressive thinking”, garnering mixed reactions on social media.

Hosking called the Government an “ideological outlier” in a column for the NZ Herald on Thursday morning, ahead of Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s Budget announcement at 2pm. 

“The world isn’t rejecting left-leaning progressive thinking for no reason, they’re rejecting it because it doesn’t work,” Hosking wrote for the Herald.

“We’ll get there, next year or at the next election. If we don’t, I’m off to Australia.”

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It’s not just Hosking who keeps threatening this. Th Right in NZ seem to think constantly threatening us with leaving for Australia will make us stop voting Left.

Like it’s a punishment.

What makes me laugh is hw vacant th that is.

Climate change is on track to hit Australia harder than anywhere else…

Climate change will hit Australia harder than rest of world, study shows

Science agency the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology predict temperature rises of up to 5.1c in Australia by 2090 in their most comprehensive forecast yet

…Hosking and his right wing mates are jumping out of the socialist frypan of Jacinda and jumping into the catastrophic climate crisis fire of Australia are they?

And we should care about this why?

It would be funny watching right wing people suffer from something they don’t believe is happening.

Could you imagine Mike doing his show from Australia?

“Good morning New Zealand, this is Mike Hosking Breakfast live from Sydney. For some reason bush fire season is all year now and the ocean is eating the coastlines. Back with the National Party after the break. Happy Days’.


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      • Don’t tell Frank that it was BECAUSE of neo liberalism that just a few years ago the number of ex pat Kiwis in aussie numbered 650,000 !

        And that’s a lot of angry ex pats who felt that they didn’t stand a chance of getting anywhere if they stayed in NZ. And if I was a right winger moving to aussie?… I wouldn’t talk too loud if I was you,…

        Maybe when you convince the aussie govt to not be such a pack of a-holes and make an easier path for Kiwi’s to become citizens there ( if they so choose) and let them have all the benefits of welfare esp while the aussie govt remains all too keen to hold their hands out for taxes from the Kiwis, you might get some credence,… until then ,… bon voyage and don’t let the door kick you in the arse when you leave.

        • The irony Wild Katipo is those ex pats are returning BECAUSE of how the Government is governing the country and managing the pandemic.

  1. Apart from the budget yesterday that is the best news I have heard for ages, Hoskings is moving to Australia. Yay! hooray!

    • Cant we pass the hat around and buy him a one way ticket to the Arctic where he can broadcast to the penguins about his neo liberal right wing views?

      I don’t think they’d be too interested, though…seems to be a universal phenomena.

  2. Oh yes Mike, please head off to Australia. I’ve no gripes about Australians, but they are welcome to have our Mike. Sadly for me it’s not that far enough away. I would have suggested Lapland, and I have no gripes about that place either. Whever he goes; whoever accepts him, thank you and good luck!

  3. Hooray, that negative dickhead Hoskings & his equally poisonous wife are free to get on the first plane out to OZ, don’t let the departure door hit your designer jeans ass, on the way out? Good riddance, you Gucci belt buckled, constipated looking Moron & take your miserable right wing nutcases with you? I’m sure Aussies will give you a warm welcome, like they welcomed Paul Henry, who was promptly dumped by OZ Media & sent packing because they hate fuckwits as much as kiwis do? Hoskings is the most hateful, blinkered & biased Radio personality ever, a ridiculous, posturing poser that should be removed from the airwaves for his false & misleading misinformation & right wing propagandising? Good riddance!

  4. If Aussie is so good why did everyone come back? Hosking would not relish the strong workers unions over there and the unrelenting heat that’s only going to get much worse. I feel sorry for the Aussies if he turns up, what a wanker.

  5. Aussies pay a higher top income tax rate, neoliberalism never fully took hold of everything like it did here, they still have a strong union movement and both labor and the coalition spend up big time. Their welfare system is better, their healthcare system is better, they earn more but they pay more tax. he’d hate it! They’d hate him. They have their own froth right wing lunatics who do a much better job and their right despises kiwis so … Good luck getting a job Mike.

    Everyone threatens to go to australia on the left and right and never does, unless it’s vakay melbs or gold coast dahhhhling.

  6. “We’ll get there, next year or at the next election. If we don’t, I’m off to Australia.”

    By we, I think he mean he, his wife and family, oh maybe Frank and John, possibly Pedro, as part of 28%.
    By the way he wouldn’t have a show because he’s a nobody and they already have Bob Jones, mind you he’s also archaic and due for retirement.
    He’d probably save Newstalk ZB hundreds of thousands in law suits so as you say Happy Days!

  7. Now if Mike Hosking wants to move to Australia may I say there is a flight to Aussie leaving sometime soon and so can he please be on it!
    But the thing with Hosking is he deems himself a big fish in a little pond here in NZ when all in all he is just a pathetic Mouthpiece of the NZ National Party.
    No-one will miss him and his current wife here in NZ. But I guess they are two troughers who have milked the NZ taxpayers for all they can get here in NZ and think they will be able to do the same in Australia!
    Good luck Australia. Just don’t make them Australian citizens because they will naturally bite the hands that feed them.
    All in all I think Hosking is a Wannabe National MP but he is too volatile and unpredictable mentally to become a National MP. But then listening to Judith Collins’s rantings yesterday on the radio news in regards to the Budget gives me the impression the NZ National Party, and Mike Hosking, are on a slope to oblivion and hence their rantings albeit in the tabloid NZ herald, on the radio or where-ever they think they come across as ‘achievable’.
    Maybe Mike Hosking just loves the sound of his voice on the radio and that is where he lives/resides in Cloud Cuckoo-land. Much like where Judith Collins is right now.

    • I’ll contribute to his fare: as long as he travels in a cage in the cargo compartment like any prize pooch.
      If he starts badmouthing Jacinda over the ditch he might get a reaction he wasn’t expecting.
      Most Australians think quite highly of Jacinda.

  8. What must it be like? To go on, and on, for years thinking you’re quite flash then you come to realise you’re not and never were?
    Poor wee man.

  9. Just need to remember Paul Henry’s short stint there early last decade and the unpopularity he garnered. Suspect this egomaniacal loud mouth would follow suit if he had the guts to honour his word.

    These types are here because if they were truly talented they would have far more lucrative careers overseas, instead of relying on some pathetic mafia in this small far-away place for a bloated sense of self importance.

  10. ” Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking is threatening to move to Australia ”

    Hooray fuck off and the sooner the better.

    He will want back in when he realises the Aussies don’t want him either.

    They will simply not put up with horrible Hosking.

    And when he goes it will raise the IQ of both countries.

  11. Mike might believe he’s cock of the wall on the mainstream airwaves of NZ but he’d be a very little cock in Aust. Much like Paul Henry – but…. I really, really want to encourage him to forefil that desire…

  12. That’s disappointing. Especially after I have nearly hit the necessary total for the Give A Little page to “Save Sad Mike” due to my concern for his wellbeing. Now it looks like a years worth of vouchers to Just Cuts, enough for a decent electric shaver, and for a new pair of jeans to replace those tatty ones he still has from the 90s, may now end up going to waste.
    I guess it is still transferable in Penrith

  13. Repeating my claim that you miss us too much. Let’s face it all you would be left with is the woke brigade. It would be like craccum in the mid 90s prior to Bomber returning.

  14. Personally, I hope he doesn’t go. I like to know what the “Captains of Industry”, and their lap dog lobbyists are saying to justify their agenda. Mike is like a bullhorn in the fog.

    • Don’t worry , Hosking and the NZ Institute can all rent a flat out in the cheaper side of Sydney. Right next to the rail yards, sandwiched in-between the airport and next door to a gang pad. Happy Days !

  15. Mike can follow in the proud footsteps of Southern Hemisphere radio’s loudest conservative hypocrite, Alan Jones. I hear the public toilets at Paddington can get quite lively on a Saturday night too. Perhaps they’ll bump into each other there.

  16. Hoskings will NEVER move to Australia.

    He is the quintessential narcissist who believes he’s a big fish in a small pond here. That dynamic would be the complete opposite in Australia and to Hoskings, that would be totally unacceptable. As a result, NZ is stuck with him and his vomit-inducing wife.

    He will say anything to at least appear relevant to his 22 supporters.

  17. Australian media organisations dont hire New Zealand on air talent because Ozzies cant stand the Kiwi accent.
    Hosking’s career would be over the moment he landed in Oz

  18. Piss off you cu … rmudgeon. You’re the same age as me and you didn’t notice a shit, despite doing a talkback programme after the ‘Mother of All Budgets’ when you were bombarded by the cries of the desperate. You have a ‘special’ gift.


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