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  1. Does migration for skills really work or just masking poor pay and conditions?

    In this case ‘celebrated migrant’ Jenny McGee, the Kiwi nurse who cared for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care quits the NHS after citing poor pay and a lack of respect.

    “I’m excited to start a nursing contract in the Caribbean, before a holiday back home in New Zealand later in the year.”

    OK then, so you can lead a migrant to water, but you can’t make them stay. Of course migrants also get to return back to their countries without paying taxes to retire! In this case she can holiday and live in NZ or the UK whenever she wants (and let’s face it sounds like a person we want back, but nope, she is back for a holiday in NZ only and searching the world for better pay and working conditions. if she does need urgent medical care she can come back to NHS or NZ free health systems).

    Meanwhile NHS will probably get a new inexperienced nurse wanting UK citizenship to take her place. But the good nurses leave for better pay and conditions, continually driving a race to the bottom with less experienced people who are paid less and less for difficult work.

    Neoliberalism and immigration does not work if we want to retain a high quality free health system!

    It is not about racism but a slow race to the bottom, highly skilled people react the same no matter what race and country they live in!


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