The horror of the NZ State & some of those 100k public servants the Greens were defending…  


Watching so many on the left rush to champion 100k gold plated public sector jobs was gasp inducing and a reminder of how Bougie the Wellington Twitteratti really are.

In the background of watching the middle class green woke attack a pay freeze for their public service mates is the the Historic State Abuse Inquiry.

Story after devestating story is told of those who were abused at the hands of the State. None of them have a twitter profile large enough to keep the media interested. At no point is the past abuse allowed to meet the present.

Here’s some of those 100k public servants working for you.

  • Matt Whineray, CEO NZ Super Fund: $929,000 (after COVID-19 reduction)
  • Scott Pickering, CEO ACC: $826,000
  • Ailsa Claire, CEO ADHB: $677,000
  • John Ryan, Auditor General: $670,000
  • Peter Hughes, Public Service Commissioner: $630,000
  • Rob Everett, CEO Financial Services Authority (just resigned): $623,000
  • Cherly de la Rey, VC University of Canterbury: $594,000
  • Tim Fowler, CEO Tertiary Education Commission: $560,000
  • Judge Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman: $456,000
  • Sid Miller, CEO Earthquake Commission: $437,000

A ‘Robin Hood’-style policy, redistributing the big salaries of public service chief executives to lower paid workers, would be more effective than the Government-ordered pay freeze, according to a leading business academic.

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As Leftists, we look to the State to insulate citizens from the self interest of capitalism, but what if the State itself becomes a defacto ruling class of bureaucrats who have zero intention  of allowing those lower down from them to share the fruits of society they so ruthlessly harvest for themselves.

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  1. Good question Martyn.
    The State abuse inquiry has made me cry,and at times quite nauseous. Thanks to Chris Trotter’s column on the inquiry just before Christmas I gained a perspective on NZ that had previously eluded me. As Trotter said the estimates for abuse average out at 5000 people a year for 50 years!Think about that. The state is our enemy they pay themselves from a trough filled with our hard earned dosh . That non transparent structure is designed for wholesale abuse. The recent action of Crown Law (pack of arseholes!) in pursuing Newsroom for exposing state abuse of young mothers( oh the temerity of making our government get off it’s backside and admit wrongdoing)merely rams the point home to any one with a single working brain cell. We live in a Kafkaesque country run by and for the monied and powerful. Our present government of Career pollies are the worst government I have seen in my lifetime. At least Key was obviously a sociopath and incapable of hiding his vileness.
    Starving the abuse inquiry of funds won’t change the enormity of the state funded crimes of abuse against the children of Aotearoa.

  2. Actually, TBH, and IMHO BOTH Labour and the Greens are fairly defensive about the faith-based neoliberal, managerialistic senior ranks of our PS (apart from one or two). Not sure what the reason for it is, but probably for a lot of them, they come from having served time in its ranks, and its the only thing that trickles down in the religion. And after a few decades, “ultimately” many know, or more importantly, experienced nothing else (“in that space, going forward”).
    “Story after devastating story is told of those who were abused at the hands of the State.” Indeed!
    AND story after devastating story is told by those abused, exploited, lied to and basically treated like shit by facile immigration policies administered by a bugger’s muddle of a Ministry that has a proven record of failures and stuff-ups that even in 3rd World countries would see a few lose their jobs.
    [Mandatory] “So” ……., let’s see how the new policies to be announced, after a decade or more of the facile policies that have been industrialised by a Ministry for Everything pan out.
    Foreign investment? yea well – could be good in theory, or it could be a load of Peter Thiels – especially if implemented and monitored by agencies in their current form.
    We could probably go through each of the major issues (such as social welfare, corrections and rehabilitation, health, education and so on), one by one and see how our responsible senior manager master-of-the-universe administrators have measured up. It wouldn’t look that pretty. (The PR and spin however could probably inspire a TV series from whoever is the next generation of a John Clarke or David McPhail – although Faafoi’s reforms will no doubt ensure nothing of the kind could ever get funded and made)
    Hopefully Labour (and the Greens) will wake up. No surprise when I find myself agreeing with Academics, and 4th Estate journalists experienced in actual research – there are a few left, and unionists at the coal face experiencing a reality on the ground. Sad state of affairs though when I find myself agreeing with right wing Ollies ( who to be fair has done a bit of research ) as they the situation with immigration as a “shambles”
    And if Labour, and Greens and MP for that matter only ‘aspire’ to be better and more appealing than the gNatz and Actoids, we’ll truly get what we deserve.

  3. BTW, now I understand why failed ex-cop INZ and Labour Inspectors wanted stab proof vests a while back – rather than getting off their chuffs and doing what we all thought they were there to do. It’s because they subscribe to incremental behaviour. The next ask was going to be for those bullet-proof muff covers the US Army has. Emperors with no clothes couldn’t possibly be expected to do their jobs and go into really dire situations, such as an exploited immigrant in breach of a visa without a prophylactic. Fear not though. The spin doctors are on to it and the only thing that could go wrong is when one of the party reluctantly involved in the bullshit, one day comes forward and lets rip.

  4. You’ve written “Here’s some of those 100k public servants working for you” then proceeded to list salaries over 437k! Why? You know there’s a difference between 100k and 437-939k, don’t you?

    Please do not lump 100-200k who have many years experience in their industry and earned every penny training and supervising others, with these 400k plus types

  5. “ but what if the State itself becomes a defacto ruling class of bureaucrats who have zero intention of allowing those lower down from them to share the fruits of society they so ruthlessly harvest for themselves.” This is what happened in the USSR don’t you think? NZ is not immune from human self-interest, no matter the colour of the politics employed…

  6. The state abuse also became abusive when they gave the lawyers more money than the victims.

    But $100k is not a lot of money because you still qualify for Kiwisave and fail to get all the top up benefits that other people have been rorting and it probably costs NZ taxpayers less! For example if you are on a temporary visa in NZ you can buy a failing business like a courier business, have a child and then get minimum working for families benefits up to nearly $600 p/w if your income is under $9,500. You probably get accomodation top up too! Bring grandma into NZ by buying the courier business and a mansion and then after 5 – 10 years grandma may qualify for free health care and a NZ pension! If she gets lonely, after a 11 day on line romance she can sponsor in, another near pensioner to marry! Yes this has happened!

    There should be a cap on $400k for government salaries and the rest redistributed on the salary bands.

    NZ needs to urgently try to raise wages to the standard of living, rather than suppress wages to keep inflation low and encourage poorly performing businesses into NZ, instead of highly performing businesses into NZ.

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