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  1. POTUS Biden says that Israeli action (attacks on/in Gaza) is justified under its right to self defence.

    Hamas offers a cease-fire, but the PM of Israel says its use of force will only end when it has cut the grass (a slang term for depleting the operational capacity of Hamas to resist/violently protest ethnic cleansing operations in East Jerusalem and the West Bank by Israel).

    The ethnic cleansing is illegal under international law – and the USA barely notices it, unless there is violent resistance – then the USA supports the Israeli use of force to suppress that protest.

    The PA which has forces with the gun only uses that force to keep the West Bank Palestinian population under control – they are not allowed to prevent Jewish settler theft of West Bank Palestinian land – or they would be disarmed by the IDF occupation forces. They watch as the IDF arrests and imprisons any Palestinian protesting theft of their village land.

    The PA President tried to hold an election, then came a campaign by Jewish extremists for the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem – including a march on Jerusalem Day through the Arab areas of the city (a deliberate provocation akin to the Orange Day parades in Belfast).

    One suspects that one Benjamin Netanyahu (and the religious right on the payroll) was behind it, not just to block that PA election but also to renew fighting with Hamas. All because obstructing the formation of an alternative government to one led by Likud, so new elections are held – allows him to pose (over the top of the dead bodies of woman and children) as a great man and leader of his people (which is called being the sociopath in power rather than the man bending over to pick up soap in a prison shower survivalism).

    Speaking truth to power is what the fearless do. The powerful who remain silent are complicit in the crimes against humanity.

  2. Chrischurch has shown its racist side once again by supporting the ranting racist pommy who owns the brewery in Kaiapoi. Whilst he apologised it didn’t look very convincing to me, it looked more like he was trying to save his business. He is just lucky there is heaps of red necks down south if he lived up north his business might have been severely damaged as people are f… n sick of this bullshit and coming from a foreigner with a thick accent who is lucky to be in our country makes it even worse.

  3. What is going to happen when the announcements on broadcasting reforms are due?
    Will it be “The dog ate my homework” ?


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