Political Caption Competition


The poll says what? Labour on 52.7% and we are on 27%?

But I bashed the Maaris real good!



  1. I’m trying as hard as I can…I’ve attacked Labour and the Greens, the maoris and the poor, the fat and the lazy, the MoH and the DoG of Health. I’ve supported Landlords and tourism operators, the wealthy and the almost wealthy, the banks and the loan sharks. My supporters are behind me calling for a race war so we can become one nation. I’ve shouted seperatism and racism to protect white people. I’ve claimed the govt is running a secret agenda to the detriment of white people. I’ve tried to undermine the NZ covid response at every opportunity. Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  2. “Please tell us what to do, we are utterly clueless and don’t understand why Maori and benefit bashing is no longer getting us support….please help”

  3. (sings)
    ‘imagine there’s no luxton
    .it’s easy if you try..
    no more simon bridges
    always asking why..?
    imagine all the tory MP’s ..prostrate before me..
    you may say I’m a dreamer..
    but ‘m not the only one..
    (there’s also young simeon here..)
    I hope you’ll come and join us..
    and we will be as one..

  4. I miss the man who could walk on the Waitemata without getting wet and could turn water into wine.

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