MEDIAWATCH: Q+A REVIEW – Did Shane Reti know he was being interviewed ?


Hats off to Jack Tame, his interview with Shane Reti this morning was painfully insightful into the vacantness of National’s race baiting.

Reti actually 180’d several times as he struggled to explain why National are calling co-governance segregation.

Jack became increasingly confused at Shane’s position which was troubling, because we all were. 

Did Shane know he was being interviewed? Did he think he was doing the ZM Breakfast Show?

If anyone can find his career, tell it to have a lie down and a cup of tea.

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This was a trainwreck of an interview – Luxon-Bridges must be on the phone right now plotting.


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  1. ” Jack became increasingly confused ”
    LOL that can’t be difficult considering TVNZ is the usual mouthpiece for the National party and its free run on public media is not used to being questioned ” seriously ” if that is what you call Q and A ”
    TVNZ political correspondent Jessica Much and her response to Kelvin Davis and Jacinda Adern rightly criticising the then English led ACT, Maori National government and their nine years of neglect and corruption in 2017 that in Jessica’s words were ” unfair ” to the National party ” is so blatantly bias and my complaint at the time was not upheld just shows that the MSM should be go more easily on Mr Reti because his party and supporters have huge influence on this countries media.

  2. Reti showed in this simple interview with Jack Tame he is not suitable and the sooner the National party roll him and his boss hog Judeath the better it will be for all including those who don’t vote for them. In a democracy it is important to have a good credible opposition, one that can question and challenge, provide a rational for there challenge and one that can provide and alternative solution to try and fix the main pressing issues. At the moment the current opposition is divisive and destructive they have not offered tenable solutions to the main issues and problems facing NZers. And to make matters worse these are old issues that their policies when last in government exacerbated. In times like these we as a country need to work together for the benefit of all and National are unfortunately showing they still rule for one, not all. We either work together or we will died together and many will die we know this foreshore we have seen it.

    • Eventually rust corrodes what sits next to it. Collins the rust, Reti sat next to it.
      Collins has fallen dramatically from the pre election portrait of the “changed” Collins she portrayed in the media. Most new how fake she is. Her history is proof and mistrust is her middle name. Hell, even Key disliked her, so that says a lot.

  3. I know it is very unfashionable to criticise anything deemed to be “anti-maori” and the crushing type actions of anything National which should be taken into consideration, but give him a break…he’s saying need should take priority. Yes, he is probably in the wrong party, his private member’s bill to decriminalise cannabis was voted down and ignored by the media, this at least shows a practical streak and a hint of humanity. At least he has hair..

  4. Hard to believe you and I were watching the same interview, Martyn.

    I thought Dr Shane Reti acquitted himself well in the face of a young journalist with a very clear agenda – i.e. to goad National’s deputy-leader into criticising and/or contradicting his leader, Judith Collins, thereby handing young Jack Tame a lead story for TV One’s 6:00pm news bulletin.

    Your reaction and mine do, however, prove one thing: that “confirmation bias” is real!


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