Auckland Libraries must resist woke book purge


Ummmm. Come on, we aren’t going to have book purges here are we?

Auckland Libraries say there are no plans to get rid of ‘transphobic’ books

Auckland Council libraries have stated there is no plan to pull two “transphobic” books which describe being transgender as a mental illness, despite complaints.

The books in question are Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters by Abigail Shrier and When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment by Ryan T. Anderson.

The complaints came in the wake of Mighty Ape choosing to pull the books after a number of people who are transgender complained.

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A private book retailer is allowed to decide what it sells and doesn’t sell, but a public library has an obligation to provide the books, not ban them.

We aren’t really going to fight over not banning books in a library are we?

Come on?

We can’t be at the ‘banning books at the public library’ stage of schism can we?

I get the feeling that a Woke vetted library would be very sparse. Like a Taliban Art Museum.

Let’s all take a deep breath and agree banning books at the public library is a step any civil society should choose to avoid, not actively participate in.


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  1. Do libraries stock mein kampf? If so I guess we should at least be consistent. If not, why is some hate speech permitted but not others?

  2. …& thus were born the seeds of the new book burnings in the public square. Once the left opposed censorship, now they are practitioners?

  3. Agree totally, Martyn. And I’m very pleased to see that Auckland Libraries is resisting the demands for censorship by a very vocal and empowered minority.

    Auckland Libraries is part of Auckland Council, and answerable to the elected representatives.

    Auckland Council is one of several public organisations that have signed up to Rainbow Tick. Rainbow Tick is essentially a lobby group, run on business lines. In order to get the Rainbow Tick the organisation signs up to all Rainbow Tick’s lobbying demands, and pays for the ‘privilege’ to carry a Rainbow Tick.

    No public organisation should be beholden to such political lobby groups.

    These days, Rainbow organisations are dominated by genderism – hence the State Services Commission (now Public Service Commission) is demanding employees put pronouns in their bios and email signatures. Any LGBT and even some T people, who object to the sex and biological denialism of genderism, are excluded from most Rainbow organisations. They don’t accept any criticisms. It’s anti-democratic.

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