Congratulations to Damien Grant – why Corrections must tour him though prisons


It’s a victory for redemption of my MagicTalk co-panelist Damien Grant…

Controversial liquidator Damien Grant wins battle for career

Insolvency practitioner Damien Grant has won a year-long battle to be allowed to continue his career in liquidation.

…Ritanz is the self regulated glee club of the Insolvency Industry who saw Grant as a threat to their own price gouging oligopoly and as such were refusing his entrance into their membership based on trumped up assumptions of bad character for some white collar crime he committed nearly 3 decades ago.

In the perfect world of Ritanz, no one can ever redeem themselves and Old Testament amputations are the only acceptable justice.

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Since his crimes almost 3 decades ago, Grant has built a successful company, hires dozens of people and contributes to his society. To block him from joining a registered guild for his profession and thus banning him from working in that field directly himself is the pettiest of our angles and it highlights why self regulation in NZ is such a scam.

I gleefully point this out several times a day to Damien.

This country is mishmashed with self regulated oligopolies all milking their dominance and refusing entry on the most spurious of reasons. The heavy hand of Government regulation with checks and balances and oversight is the only true gravity for meritocracy.

Until then, the old boy networks and closed shops of the landed gentry who have always dominated NZs business landscape will continue to enjoy their privilege.

The Judge felt that the issue of redemption was so central to the entire justice system that he stepped into the bitter RITANZ glee club wrangle and awarded it to Damien.

What the judge was effectively saying was that redemption actually matters and Damien has not only paid his debt to society, he has gone onto be a successful member of society.

Corrections should immediately contact him and ask him to do a series of talks to prisoners  to inspire them into believing in change because Damien is a poster boy for redemption!

While as a Libertarian, he is wrong about politicks 95% of the time, he’s  proven that you can serve your time and go onto being a productive member of society and that such a journey to redemption is core to our value as a society.

At a time when cancel culture is so prevalent and toxic, winning the right to be redeemable is an important lesson in earnt mercy.

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