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  1. Given bets on the last name of a Henry and Meaghan child was said to be a choice between ARthur, CHarles and aLBert – and two letters of each name AR then CH and LB – and a play on the hairy Harry and the bald Willie – Archibal’die won

    What then can we make of a girls name.

    I’ll exclude Veronica (of the Archies) because Phillippa, Elizabeth and Diana are said to be favoured – so given form and this is important in a household of carriage drivers and race horse owners – there is Philizadina’h. (I got the extra letter H – from that well known two for one discount store Harrods, do not tell Leonie).

  2. Soon we will be bringing in hundreds of refugees, now this our small humanitarian contribution and it is small. However we have homeless families in Napier six months after the floods and thousands of other genuinely homeless NZers. So where are these refugees going to live? Is our government going to magic up a couple of hundred homes and is now really the bests time when we can’t even home our own.

  3. Nicole Mckees’ view, claiming the Maori party does not represent her and who exactly does she represent, very few if any Maori vote for her party and why is that. She needs to enjoy her three years experience cause that is all it will be.


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