Ousting of Liz Cheney proves Republicans are now a Cult


Liz Cheney: Republican ousted from leadership for challenging Trump election claims

US Republicans have voted to oust a top lawmaker, Liz Cheney, from her leadership post over her criticism of former President Donald Trump.

The Wyoming lawmaker, daughter of ex-US Vice-President Dick Cheney, has held the third-ranking post in the House of Representatives since 2019.

On Tuesday she said her party could not stand for truth if it upheld Mr Trump’s false claims he won the 2020 election.

House Republicans will probably replace her this month with a Trump loyalist.

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The move is seen as a sign Mr Trump’s grip on the party is stronger than ever six months after he lost the election.


Liz Cheney, the daughter of Republican Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, has been ousted for daring to call Trump out on his shameful legacy and carnival of deceit.

When Republican Royalty are being disposed like this, it’s proof the GoP have become a Cult.

Look at how crazy the average Republican has become…

…the Trump dystopia has activated a wave of QAnon paranoia and hate that has transformed the GoP into the GoQ.

It feels like a prequel to the Handmaid’s Tale.

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  1. This is not new. Once upon a time …

    1. the Ottomon Sultan blamed Armenians for a battle loss to a Tsarist army – then came genocide.
    2. a corporal blamed Jews for German defeat in WW1 and thus inferred removing Jews would lead to a German reich ruling Europe.
    3. Trump’s claim that an election was stolen, is based on an intent to prevent fair and free elections from posing a democratoic threat to the white race nation manifest destiny to rule the new world (a God kingdom millenial come reich to end democracy itself).

    You have to go to US Christian media – Victory TV et al to appreciate how their end time religion prepared the way for this facism. They really want their God to exterminate ” liberals” from the new world (whites who want all Americans to have access to the vote and equal liberty and citizenship), which is just code they support Christian dominionism – based on lying and cheating to win and claim righteous cause while doing it.

  2. Who cares? America is already basket case, and will be pretty-much collapsed by the end of the year.

    We need to be urgently preparing for that collapse. But most people aren’t.

  3. I think the wholesale support of the religious right in the US is a little more than a cult. It is mind-numbing how low peoples level of critical analysis of information has become in the US. In fact, the efficacy of Trumpism is predicated on this ‘dumbness’. Gone is the need for verifiable evidence – replaced by mindless gingoism and blatant lies masquerading as ‘truth’. I am hopeful that democracy will triumph over Trump’s ‘White American Dream’ and her will not get another chance. Unfortunately Fox news and co are working hard for Trump

    • Bob have you considered that nearly all religions are cults who collect money.
      Of course those with power of numbers would deny that but their opinion is for those who might believe them and get entangled.
      I still can’t find any fairies at the bottom of the garden and If I did then I would need help.

      The Western form of Democracy is the heart of the problem.

  4. ‘This is not new. Once upon a time …’
    A colonial governor of New Zealand( Sir George Grey)claimed Kingite Maori were planning to attack Auckland and used this as an excuse to invade the Waikato.
    A colonial Minister of Native Affairs(Bryce) claimed that Maori passive resistance to land confiscation in Taranaki masked secret intent to launch an armed rebellion.
    The fact is the end result of these lies is to justify taking people’s land, possessions and oppressing them.
    Republicans in the USA must maintain White power and privilege ….and in New Zealand?

  5. Cheney is a RINO: Republican In Name Only.

    She is part of the DC Party – the Washington DC in crowd who stand for nothing and are there solely for the power.

    • Her voting record is 80% according to right wing Heritage, her proposed replacement is under 50%, but because the only standard these days is fear and obedience to the cult of Trump, that suffices.

      Trump is Republican in name only – they were once globalist not isolationist, free trade and not protectionist.

    • What party is not there for the power .?
      Unfortunately once in power they do not use the power for all and forget those that put them there.

    • Castro there is a stark difference. Neither of the yankee parties have pulled millions out of poverty in the last 40 years..
      The US unions forced FDR to increase taxes on corporates to 90% to meet the cost of necessary social legislation. If he last that move at congress then the USA would have seen a bloody revolution.

  6. Nup, see Chomsky’s description of the Republican Party as the most evil organisation in human history — their rejection of reality. Yankland has a fascist party, the logical conclusion of the engorging power of the rich from the 1980s freemarket coup.

    If the 1930s fascist growth appeared now we’d be similarly unawares. It creeps up. Only our post-judgment established the Nazis as the ultimate evil.

    None of my siblings agree with me! We’re disagreeable by principle. A niece, out of the blue, though the lone ginger like me, alone approves of my ideas.

    • SS
      Chomsky is deflecting the title of present day evil from a country who gives jail terms to young loving partners out side of the main racist clique and murders their neighbours with weapons bought with gifts from the USA.


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