MEDIAWATCH: Wow – the Woke cancelled Ellen


Wow – the Woke cancelled Ellen…

Ellen DeGeneres quits show: How she went from the ‘Be Kind’ Queen to claims of bullying and toxic culture

…In the culture of woke micro aggression policing, everything is subjective. The ability to escalate an innocuous event into a hate crime is only ever one tweet away.

Maybe in a complex system of neoliberal economic hegemony, micro aggression policing is the only power individuals feel they have left, but the distortion of objective facts by personal emotion legitimised by the grim wheel of intersectionism victimhood has birthed an ocean of social media cacophony all proclaiming their scars as the worst wound.

Subjective micro aggression policing is warping the space time continuum.

I am astounded at the manner in which Ellen was on endless news repeat within our mainstream media.  On and on it went, as if Ellen was the single worst human being in Western Civilisation.

I remember Ellen as a crusader for Lesbian identity and her coming out was a really big deal. Her show seems to be loved by people and she tries to inject some smiles in a pretty depressed world.

In the post me too world where the evidential threshold is whatever anyone says on twitter, Ellen’s crimes against humanity has been not giving a make up artist their own toilet, she didn’t make a body guard feel welcome, she was mean spirited about some cracked nails on a waitress and a host of other bullshit events which if true amounts to nothing more than someone pushing past you at a shop and you deciding that amounts to genocide.

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So what if Ellen is at times rude, how does that take anything away from her legacy or the joy her shows had generated for millions? The grim wheel of intersectionism victimhood denotes that Ellen is a white cishet passing lesbian with enormous wealth so fuck her for making people smile when she is in fact grumpy behind the scenes.

The language of catastrophe that most of those throwing accusations against Ellen were truly hilarious and had that whiff of emotional support peacock safe space preciousness about them.

The phrase ‘Toxic workplace’ should be reserved for Chernobyl or Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room, not Ellen’s show.

Look at how quickly the micro aggression policing Twitter mobs jumped on a previous tweetby Ellen to prove that she’s secretly Hannibal Lecter…

…turns out Ellen had given the worker a huge cash donation and the staff member was crying because she was happy.

Based on the subjective micro aggression policing accusation, the behind the scenes work environment at the Ellen Show is sandwiched somewhere between the Chinese Uyghur Internment camps and Soviet Union era gulags.

There is something very ugly and lynch mob like about all of this and it’s a glimpse into a puritanical Woke future that makes The Handmaid’s Tale seem liberal.

You get the feeling people will wince when Ellen’s cancellation is a documentary on Netflix in 20 years time the way everyone did over Framing Britney.

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  1. Sorry. Ellen did well for years with her talk show. When you get mega wealthy you get cocky and your true nature shines through. It did and it wasn’t good. Don’t make her coming and going a big deal. If you followed her every word you’ll need a councillor. If not you’ll realise she’s had her use by date. She gets it. Her followers don’t. Next week there will be another privileged celebrity to follow ok. It will be ok. Don’t make this complicated. She came made her millions and she’s going. Cool.

  2. Nah. The ratings for her show have been diving for years now. Yes she’s been cancelled, but not by woke activists and rather by the economic reality of her (very expensive) show. There just isn’t an audience for this particular brand of fluff entertainment anymore.

  3. Firstly, DeGeneres quit, she wasn’t cancelled by the studio due to falling ratings. Though I didn’t particularly believe her when: “She said her reasoning for quitting was because it was “just not a challenge anymore””, 19 years is a pretty good run for a talk-show. Though these days, claiming DeGeneres as “a crusader for Lesbian identity”, is like Jenner claiming to be a; “role model” for trans-women – it avoids the past tense.
    But then, show business has never been fair. The only thing that people like more than seeing someone raised high, is watching them fall down again.
    Still, strange to see Bradbury championing someone who ducks out of their obligations to schmooze with war criminals:

    “DeGeneres’ woes slowly began in 2019 when an image of former US president George Bush and DeGeneres sitting side-by-side and laughing at an NFL game sparked fierce debate online after being labelled “irresponsible and dangerous”…
    Happy belated birthday,” DeGeneres said. “How was the party? I wasn’t invited.”

    As the audience laughed, Johnson replied sternly, “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen. You were invited.”…
    It later emerged that Ellen had skipped the party because it was the same weekend she was with Bush at the NFL game.

  4. I have no sympathy for Ellen Degenerate. Her show needs to be cancelled. It’s a cringe fest. I’ve never found her funny only repulsive.

    • I have never watched her show although the advertising for it has me thinking similar thoughts.
      Martyn makes valid points though about mainly social media having an undue influence in condemning people for actions that are not that serious. Compassion, forgiveness & grace are good values to use in the appropriate circumstances as they foster reconciliation which enables all those involved to have a better future.

  5. When the left woke have no one conservative to hunt, they prey on their own.
    To be honest her fate was sealed when she was photographed with GW Bush who she claimed is a friend. BIG MISTAKE as the leftie woke were outraged she could have an ex republican president as a friend….the sharks were circulating 5 mins after that.

  6. Personally I feel she is over it and wants to retire with her wife and dogs. I don’t blame her.

  7. While not a big fan of Ellen, the predatory hatefans are scary. Not just Ellen, hate fans seem all the rage (and a distraction from real injustice like Uyghur, Julian Assange, re-working of the middle class etc).

    Hate fans also went after the Harry Potter author about some trans comments which you hear about constantly in the media FFS.

    This is just fake social media, aka most people couldn’t care a less about Ellen, Harry Potter author and what their views are!

  8. I’m sorry but trotting out the word “woke” is frankly lazy…….it’s the sort of thing you expect to hear from trump republicans or Judith Collins…. Ellen’s time was up….happens to all shows… wasn’t because she’s a lesbian or that she is friend of Bush……not everything is a conspiracy theory.

  9. She fired her studio crew due to Covid (the studio crew were union), then she hired non union crew for her at home Covid specials…she refused to give back her union workers their jobs back once they get back into the studio.
    ..this was happening at the same time she was under fire…

  10. Ellen said that she was wanting to leave a few years ago but signed for a last four years as the networks wouldn’t take up her show for the one year she wanted (they wanted continuity). I can’t imagine doing such a public job for nineteen years and still enjoying it.

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