Lower Job Security Linked To Lower Life Satisfaction – Statistics New Zealand


People who feel their employment is insecure are more likely than other employed people to rate their overall life satisfaction poorly, Stats NZ said today.

New survey data from the March 2021 quarter shows that 26 percent of employed people who thought there was a high or almost certain chance of losing their job or business in the next 12 months, rated their life satisfaction poorly, at 0–6 on a scale from 0 to 10. This compares with just 9.3 percent of those who felt there was almost no chance of losing their job or business.

“Overall life satisfaction tended to increase along with job security,” wellbeing and housing statistics manager Dr Claire Bretherton said.

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  1. Real unemployment is 12.2%, up from the previous quarter which was at 11.8%.

    1 hour of work is considered employed.

  2. Wow… how much time and money was used to come to that stating-the-bloody-obvious conclusion? NEWSFLASH: The wealthy have better health outcomes than the underclass NEWSFLASH!!!


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