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  1. Hero cop given name suppression by hero judge

    A former police officer has received diversion and name suppression after stealing thousands of dollars handed into a station by a good Samaritan. Of course questions need to be asked: were their signs that this person would offend, something in their behaviour, background, appearance, skull shape, online activity or in their bank records; do we need to place increased surveillance on the surveillance state; what happens to New Zealand’s lost and found, stolen goods and evidence; was there an episode of Police Ten-7 I missed which showed this cop being target harassed and filmed by fellow officers prior to his arrest; will an upcoming episode show another cop getting blind drunk while on duty and attempt to serve the public and save the world? While blind drunk.

  2. Have you thought of getting in a computer expert so we can trace our comments and responses? Computer expertise seems to be the only recommendation of Lprent of The Standard. Sure there’s a social democrat computerist out there.


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