Israeli Army attack – youngster shot dead

Said Odeh Israeli Army attack – youngster shot dead

Nablus – 5 May 2021:

Israeli Occupation forces, raiding and patrolling the village of Odala shot and killed a 16-year-old Palestinian youth, Said Odeh, in an olive grove at the entrance to the village. The youngster was shot twice in the back with live ammunition and died before the arrival of an ambulance that had been held up for 15 minutes by the Israeli Army. The Israeli forces shot another youth in the back, again with live ammunition, as he approached to try and give aid to Said. Two other people, Munther Samir Muhammad Abd al-Rahim and Hisham Faisal Khalili, were wounded in the Israeli Army assault.


  1. This is a beautiful young man. This was a beautiful young man. I am so sorry for his family. An inhuman act has been committed by shooting him in the back and preventing medical aid. I guess those IDF have the latest in BCI’s so the rules of combat in their programming must have a glitch. Our country being or wanting to be a tech leader has also the responsibility to adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all areas of trade, industry and technology development.

  2. The Israeli behavior is disgusting and continues to cement the obvious, that they think they are superior to others. The self proclaimed chosen people.
    I can understand why many will not trade with then or use their products BDS makes good sense but may not stop the stealing of land and slaughter by Israel. It will take a lot more.

      • Defence for Children International has confirmed (see link) that Said was “not involved in the confrontations at the time he was shot”. He was defenceless and no threat to anyone yet still he was shot in the back.

      • Gaby cherry picking is not the whole picture.
        Look at the death toll and the buildings destroyed and land stolen , if you can let your mind cover that.

  3. A fine handsome young man very sad! 🙁 It’s slow motion ethnic cleansing by pseudo legal means and failing that violent eviction. Since 1990 the Jewish population has increased another 3 million!
    Israehell gave up long ago and pretence of a two state solution.

    Israel’s assault on Gaza is an expression of the Dahiya Doctrine
    Opinion: The doctrine provides a basis for deploying massive force and showing reckless disregard for civilian life

  4. Israehell ramps up for a full scale massacre of civilians in open air prison camp Gaza. Fighter aircraft bombers, artillery, tank shells ,howitzers, you name it! The Dahiya doctrine in readiness. Gazans to be bombed back to the age of rubble.
    ” Israel today vowed to bring ‘total, long-term quiet’ to the Gaza Strip amid growing international alarm at the increasing civilian death toll from retaliatory air strikes targeting Hamas militants.

    ‘The army will continue to attack to bring a total, long-term quiet. Only when we reach that goal will we be able to speak about a truce,’ Defence Minister Benny Gantz said as the Palestinian death toll rose to 43, including 13 children. At least 230 Palestinians have been wounded. ”
    The Gazan Warsaw Ghetto that dared to fight back is to be taught a very serious lesson.

  5. A total tradgedy. Shot in the back by those brave IDF soldiers. Shot in the back generally means not an actual threat at the time of shooting. In other words, targeted for death coldly, precisely, with no compassion and again demonstrating the absolute inhumanity of the apartheid state of Israel.

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