The culture war danger to Labour from Mallard’s abuse of Parliamentary Privilege 


Under privilege in Parliament, Mallard said the former staffer was someone “who the police investigation found sexually assaulted someone”.

But Police told Newshub no charges were filed.

In a statement police said: “The matter was referred to Police and fully investigated. Following a review of the evidence no formal charges were filed.”

Libertarian stuntman, baby horse killer and fireworks enthusiast, Damien Grant, has published a scathing and must read column on Mallard’s appalling behaviour in Parliament…

Trevor Mallard’s blunders have cost him the mana required of the Speaker

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We believe, or we should believe, in innocence until proven guilty. Trevor Mallard sits at the apex of Parliament, the guardian of citizens’ rights against tyranny. He sits in the chair and the office bequeathed by the courage of William Lenthall and others.

The view can be taken that, from that office, and with the privileges accorded to him as a member of Parliament, Mallard engaged in a considered, calculated, and deliberate act of malevolence against a person with no ability to respond.

In order to perform his unique constitutional role, as a representative of Parliament and not merely the executive, the Speaker cannot be seen to hold their office solely at the indulgence of the sovereign, or her representative as in our current arrangements.

Trevor Mallard has lost, and critically cannot regain, the mana that his office requires.

…Trev was channeling woke justice, and woke justice is a faith based religion where you must B-E-L-I-E-V-E the woman and if you dare challenge that, then you are a rape apologist – which is EXACTLY what Willow-Jean Prime tried to do to Bishop in the debating chamber

“It really sounds like she asked for it. Her skirt was too short. She was drunk. I didn’t like what I heard.”

…she really should lose her electorate seat for that.

Woke justice sees due process as a heteronormative white cis male privilege and has all the evidential threshold of the Salam Witch Trials. In this world it is far preferable for 10 innocent men to go to prison than 1 guilty man walking free, because you know, Patriarchy.

This becomes a political problem for Labour if it triggers the ‘Kavanaugh effect’.

Trump bewilderingly grew his Senate majority in 2016 off the back of the Kavanaugh show trial because mothers and fathers watching that fiasco stopped fearing their daughter would be sexually assaulted and started fearing their sons would be accused of sexual assault.

Luckily for Labour, ACT and National are too busy still trying to claim He Puapua is a secret plot to overthrow white power by segregationist Māori.

Most people under 45 see the Māori Health Authority as a real solution to poor Māori health outcomes, they aren’t envisaging Tame Iti or Hone Harawira wearing balaclavas shooting AK47s into the air.

National and ACTs continued attempts to paint He Puapua as separatism will hopefully blind them to the culture war opportunity Trev handed to them on a silver platter.


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  1. I am sure Mallard would be aware of some dirt that stops Jacinda from giving him the DCM that he deserves. What other reason can she have to stand by him. He is an expensive disgrace .

  2. Oh they know and Winston if he can be bothered getting out of bed knows it as well. He puapua can be gaslighted all the way to the election and if the economic conditions worsen (the state sector salary debacle is a sure sign it is) then the centre right combo can come in with a wet sail. The social experimentation stopped Clark and could do the same to the Blairite. All will depend how long the covid, housing inflation delusion party middle NZ is enjoying right now. All things come to an end and usually in an sudden jolt.


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