Soooooo Selena Gomez was right! 


If you really want to know who controls NZ, China or America, Selena Gomez has hysterically highlighted that we are owned completely by America.

Early this week, Selena Gomez asked Jacinda Ardern on twitter if she would help with a People’s Vaccine. Tribal Left went twitter crazy by screaming at Gomez that Jacinda was already supplying vaccine to the Pacific Islands and 800 000 others.

But that didn’t really answer Gomez’s concerns, because what she was asking for was pressure on the Pharmaceutical industry to lift patents on the vaccines so poor countries can manufacture them without the excssive cost.

India is showing us right now that there is no point in us being vaccinated if the poorest countries aren’t.

NZ has purchased enough vaccine to help our Pacific Neighbours, but what we have refused to do is demand the Pharmaceutical Industry lift its patents for poor countries…

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Advocates for a ‘people’s vaccine’ to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are disappointed New Zealand won’t be offering its support. 

Developing countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) and a number of NGOs like Oxfam and Amnesty International are calling on the World Trade Organization (WTO) to loosen intellectual property (IP) rules so production of vaccines can be ramped up.

They say rich nations are using their wealth to buy up all the available vaccines – Canada for example has purchased enough to vaccinate its population five times over. India and South Africa have asked the WTO to waive patent rights, allowing cheap generic versions of vaccines to be made without fear of breaking international trade agreements. 

Peter Crabtree, chair of New Zealand’s COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Taskforce, told Newshubsaid while New Zealand is “strongly committed to global equitable access of COVID-19 vaccines”, it won’t be supporting the motion.

…this despite the fact that 42 groups and respected experts have called on the PM to back the ‘Peoples’ Vaccine’.

So sure, we are looking after 800 000 others, but we were refusing to step up against the Pharmaceutical Industry and their IP laws.

I say we were because to everyones surprise, Biden called for the lifting of them as well this week and the second he said that, NZ immediately change its position…

…notice the moment our Political master says corporate profits matter less than global public health, we change our position on Pharmaceutical IP.

Selena was right and she helped highlight who really controls NZ – America.


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  1. Just another e.g to show what you say, American elites control us, UK, Aus etc.
    It amazes me how so many people are NOT aware that we do not live in a democracy.
    However maybe because our gilded cage is so pleasant and the meme in the ‘Matrix’ film re: taking the red or blue pill.

  2. Exactly right Martyn. Has Jacinda got the fortitude to stand up to America as Helen Clarke did over Iraq and David Lange did regarding Nuclear armed ship visits?

  3. ( ” Cough-cough…? ” )
    Normally I wouldn’t do this because normally I think I’m above most things but who was it who keeps writing that the [Americans] are here and now and have been for quite some time?
    And by Americans I mean corporate america, what ever the fuck that is? I have a sinking feeling we’er about to find out. ( Actual Americans are, by a huge margin, lovely people. I’ve worked with a number of Americans over the years and I’d found them to be charming, caring types who really do give fucks. )
    Have you stopped yourself and looked deep into the eyes of bezos, musk and zukerberg? What did you see? Humanness? A strong determination to cuddle a kitten or tousle up a dogs head fluff? Don’t those guys look like fucking aliens might ? I mean, I know aliens, I’ve been to Balclutha but really…? Bezos, with that one glazed black orb eye that seems to stare through one’s soul. What the fuck’s that about? And musk…? Jeeeeesus. South African and now American? Is that a script for an alien horror film? He talks without moving his top lip over his teeth! W The eF of a- u.c.k !? What other sinister thing does he do without moving it? And then there’s zuckerburg. He looks like a meth addict Irish window cleaner after having taken the mystery pills from that rave years ago out of desperation, because, like, fuck reality. That guy’s unearthly. He’s mega dollar rich, he’s kind of mean and mad but that’s ok because he’s young, hip and again rich but imagine him in his scary 60’s?
    If you might think I’m excelling in stupid dumbassery then you better read this?
    The Guradian.
    “Pentagon confirms leaked photos and video of UFOs are legitimate”

    • Careful @ CB. It’s just a small hop, skip and jump into the world of the bullshit artist and conspiracy theorist, and they’ve become expert in the arts of branding and marketing. It’s not always a good trip.
      If you do flip, should we send out a rescue party?

  4. So easy to dismiss a pop star, even when they happen to be right. Bad Liar is a good song by the way.

  5. Jacinda should appeal to big pharma to UNITE against Covid, the very message her medical army have been attempting to pound into society for the past year. Seems that public health isn’t really about our collective safety and doing the right thing, it is about making MONEY.

  6. Pharmaceutical companies should lift patents on medicines just like journalists should work for free….;-)

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