Political Caption Competition


I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, b-u-u-u-u-t…


  1. Perhaps we should give some money to New Zealand they’re 116th in the world in COVID vaccine roll out?

    • Okay I’ll play your game, 1500th and 100,000 dead under National and ACT. There happy now!

    • Speaking of language John, is that, “not too bad, or no too bad”? Your English leaves a lot to be desired. Were you taught at a Charter school?

  2. “Remember the obnoxious paper clip? It was based on someone.” Melinda
    “She’d switched to Linux. They never come back.” Bill

    • “Clippy” followed on from Microsoft Bob, a disaster of a project that treated people like children if they couldn’t understand Windows.

      Bob’s product manager was Melinda Gates

      Just a piece of geek history
      (PS I think you can still download Bob to see how utterly bad it actually was)

  3. Sorry Bert you are correct.
    Should have checked my comment before submitting it.
    I’m forever in your debt.

  4. Bill is going to spend his fortune helping the third world. He arrives in NZ mid June !!!

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