IF NZF come back – maybe they can explain this incompetence


There’s some suggestion that NZ First are planning a come back, which would be great because maybe they could explain this colossal fuck up…

Provincial Growth Fund marae upgrade announcement massively fails to deliver on jobs

Newshub can reveal a major Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) announcement made just days out from the election has massively failed to deliver on jobs.

Almost $100 million was earmarked to upgrade marae across the country. It was meant to create more than 3000 jobs, but with half the money already spent, it’s managed just 5 percent of that: 158 full-time jobs.

…Jesus wept this is grim reading…

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The money was destined for 351 marae in dire need of repair, with the $96 million fund meant to create more than 3100 jobs.

All the money has been allocated but only half has been spent – and instead of creating thousands of jobs, Newshub can reveal only 266 people are employed. Of those, just 158 are in full-time jobs.

…to throw money around like this and get only 5% of the promised jobs is gasp inducing in its incompetence.

How can we get basic things like upgrading Marae so badly wrong???

If NZ First do make a come back – this is the first question they have to answer.

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  1. What is new .Nearly every promise made by this governmentover the last 4 years has been broken or under delivered. I would agree with those government supporters that say there was some slack to catch up on but that excuse is wearing thin

  2. Marty, you have stuffed up on this one. Are you joining the current anti-Maori movement and believe all that tory BS.

    The restoration of marae structures is the best initiative for use of funding. Firstly professional assessments are undertaken on the needs of each structure – wharenui, pouhaki, wharekai, wharekarakia and conservation of traditional components (ie carvings, poupou, tukutuku, heke, kowhaiwhai, whariki).
    Here is the best part – as these structures are away from the city, it provides work in the regions for local builders, electricians and best of all the hau kainga (local people). The locals will need to travel to remote areas to collect the conservation materials (kakaho, kiekie, raupo, harakeke, timber). Under the guidance from professional conservators, a local kaitiaki team will spend more than a year to prepare, fabricate, repair, clean, paint and install the conserved features. Marae Trustees may need to find some funding before the work can proceed which will be topped up from LGB or this fund. You can’t restore marae structures in 6 months-this is a 5 year project. So I don’t believe only 266 jobs have been or will be created.
    This marae traditional restoration/conservation work provides more much-needed hands on employment in remote and deprived regional areas than a multi-million/billion dollar highway project (eg Transmission Gulley??).

  3. Ah, but the consultants made a killing. And that’s what it’s all about thee days. And the facade of politicians looking as though they know what they are doing, of course.

    Quick, bury that story and let’s get on to the next happy-clappy rort. I’m sure TVNZ will oblige; they only know happy-clappy narratives

    By the way

    ‘Planet Ponzi is here’


    so we should expect a whole load more boondoggles, whoever is in power. That is anyone an afford the timber (up 340% in the US in one year, not quite as much in NZ, yet) and steel and copper, of course, all of which are at all-time highs and destined to go higher as supply dries up.

    Peak everything except stupidity and mayhem, methinks.


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