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  1. Unbelievable. What is this LINO government thinking? Where did this public sector pay freeze come from? Are they also going to abolish all the committees and consultants they seem to rely on these days? I really hope this is a spur for all workers to join their unions and get involved in some real action. Deafening silence of any meaningful reporting or analysis the press this morning.

  2. ‘Sweet payouts’: Court interpreter shocked at peers’ huge pay rates

    New gravy train is translators who seem to be billing vastly different rates. You would think it would be standard rates for translators for government and all languages billed at the same rates.

    Also the growing amount of translators needed in NZ, is making social services much slower aka the amount of translators increasingly needed everywhere from justice to small claims to health care to welfare and because many now need a translator and there are more delays and costs to all areas of government and business.

    Time to re-introduce the language test where every person getting a NZ visa need to pass! Been a disaster to remove it.

    Not just being translators – this couple imported in drugs and now have Oranga Tamariki social workers flying around Thailand to check out their family situations

    Meanwhile the local kids are unaccounted for and being found murdered in abandoned state house bins. There seems to be a double standard for accountability for local kids welfare vs foreign nationals, which have become a gravy train in itself.

    Why wouldn’t you operate in NZ as a drugs smuggler, our jails keep you safe, you get free lawyers and translators, while your kids get NZ citizenship and the best care at every turn.

    The issue, why do the local kids, who seem to be falling through the cracks not get the same standard of care.

  3. Okay Marama Davidson has step down as leader of The Greens and give Chloe at least 1 year before the next election so she can craft a national image, do the media curcuits, let everyone see her leadership Style , let go of old local campaign slogans and adopt national slogans by restating Green Party principles and values Chloe Style. It will just make sense, it makes perfect sense.


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