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  1. Parliament to ‘debate’ genocide in China

    In a state-sanctioned bromance on TVNZ Breakfast this morning, John Campbell lovingly thanked Adrian Zenz (see Grayzone, 2019, 2021) for his opinion on all things genocide. Streamed live from the country with the world’s largest prison population, America, Zenz compared modern day China to Nazi Germany in the 1940s. He did not mention the genocide of global citizenry by Western powers (America and her allies) since WW2, committing actual mass murder in pursuit of wealth, land, resources and power. Zenz offered advice on genocide prevention. He did not once mention the twisted leadership behind Western atrocities, the Kissinger’s, Bush’s, Cheney’s and Blair’s of this world, and their sycophant lapdog enablers around the globe (with guidance from above). Zenz appealed for New Zealand to call ‘it’ for what ‘it’ is.
    NZ will do just that in Parliament today, but instead of fact finding and truth discovery on the ground in China, will probably just sit around in the chamber and cluck back and forth like gossiping adolescents, deciding whether to cancel a country based on the ramblings of people like Zenz. ‘It’ is either genocide (Mahuta’s definition, Rwanda and Cambodia, to which we can add Armenia and Iraq among others), the deliberate extermination of a race of people, or it is not. Or maybe it is just the intentional mass detention and subjugation of it’s own people and the mass murder of communities around the world i.e. United States of America. A definition that needs no debate.

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  2. How out of touch are our Labour Party politicians?
    This out of touch:
    The public servants that are actually serving a useful purpose (the worker bees and those actually at the coal face) are yet again the martyrs.
    While the masters of the universe, and those that gatekeep, lie, spin, mislead and grovel on at least double the $60k that’s now capped, carry on as normal.
    I could understand a cap on say anything over 80 or 90k, but fark! Labour have NFI at the moment.
    I’ve not yet one public servant (and I meet quite a few in both central and local gummint) that isn’t looking to transfer, or get the hell out.
    And just when Grunter gave me a reason to flick him an electorate vote with his “implementation” team).

    Labour are not even going to get my sympathy vote come ’23, much as I pity the pity JA is in – you could forgive her for a lot of things as a product of her age and background, but FUCK ME with a feather duster!!!
    Who the hell is providing advice?

  3. Re the opinion of Jehan Casinader (raised in a “woke war” post here) of male pale and stale:

    “The remarkable thing is, a fifth of our population fits the “stale, pale male” category. At the last Census, there were 1,026,870 European men over the age of 40.”

    Stale at 40? What?! That was the laugh I needed for today. I mean it’s true from a social prejudice point of view, seems the age for being “over the hill” is getting lower and lower, but it’s just fucking ridiculous. We’d have to empty out almost all of parliament, all our expereinced judges and lawyers, all our experienced… well shit… all of it! I’m not here to tell you that it’s only old people who have any idea about anything. People half of forty can be pretty smart, but sooner rather than later, gaps in their life experience show up in their manner and style. You wouldn’t send a twenty year old to go negotiate foreign policy.

  4. MSD workers elevated to God status

    Tonight’s TV3 news ran a story about the heroes in the NZ public service affected by their wage freeze. Featured was a boy who worked at MSD who said it was a kick in the guts that after all he had done for the country during lockdown that he wasn’t being valued for it. That having stable employment and income and lifestyle that his ‘clients’ could only dream about wasn’t enough, when his day consists of pushing a few buttons on a keyboard and dreaming up new ways to work people over, that the salary freeze was an insult. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Hey bro. Why don’t you quit, try your hand in the private sector like I did for twenty years. Then when you find yourself in financial insecurity go and apply for assistance from your heroes at WINZ like I did. You might get some institutionalised career hag of a case manager like I did, who denied me assistance, turned me away and told me to come back when I had spent my life savings (which I did, supporting myself for two years until I found a job, which was then abruptly terminated by the Canterbury earthquakes).

    Hey bro, big man, sage of public office. I subsequently found out that your hero mates at WINZ had done a number on me, that some people with assets and savings did qualify for assistance (they must have used that other formula) and were actually paying off mortgages and other loans with public money, doled out by your mates at MSD as benefits. But I was told no, support yourself, given a patronising lecture about how to job search this and improve myself that, and then sent on my way with your people chuckling as I left (like the hundreds of thousands in income tax I had generated as a worker meant nothing). Well here’s some advice for you – public service is a privilege and a civic duty you office god, not a position from which to exert power over others, work on your reputation or make money. So fuck you and your self centred whinging you worthless greedy cunt, and your PSA, and your bureaucratic pyramid scheme, and the rest of your public sector bludger class.


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